Full Moon: 17 Capricorn 9′

That the outer space is dark, as opposed to our sky, is because there is no air or matter to reflect the light. In fact, the empty space is filled with visible light. We cannot see it because light, Intelligible or worldly, is the dark revealer: It only manifests the face of the Other and not Its own.  – Tomajj (source)


Full Moon: 17 Capricorn 9′

A full moon is a welling up to the brim. How deep the well source is from life’s surface events will determine how easy it is to connect the dots between what’s happening in your reality and what’s causing it. This is particularly of concern with a full moon in Capricorn; this sign prefers to curb its focus towards production and on-time delivery according to contract. Still, there’s cause to believe root issues may be maintaining their link to surface ruptures…

The recent new moon in Cancer had our strength of will marching forth for a greater sense of security. We soon experienced an episode involving someone or something far more entrenched and immovable than our will could conquer. Acting on the sense to just step a few paces to the right or left, in deference or support, was clearly the most pro-active thing to do. And we will not forget what we’ve become conscious of since that steamy parade of feelings passed through us. Our thoughts and mindset are still on these matters. We have a better lock on some facet of our needs – and now hold an upgraded edition of the map of the near-terrain. Score.


There’s also the fact that Pluto has been in Capricorn for years now and crested the half-way point. Deep mining, earthquakes, breaches of structural integrity in the mind/body/spirit, lessons in heavy equipment operation, the floor falling away from underneath, alone-ness in promotion/the top corner office/retirement are a few descriptors. Now we know what’s Real and what is fluff. Now we are getting serious. There’s very little left circling the drain. Another score.
Soon Now its time to find the plug, put it back in and start to refill our tub. The warmth of Generous Spirit and the Creative Muse beckon us to insist that we can BE even amidst and even in spite of the rubble.
cap FM cyp 9jul17The ruler of the full moon is Saturn, retrograde at 22 50’ Sagittarius: The Teacher is trining, off and on in a longer cycle, the archetype of the Sky is the Limit in Aries, the Individual. Stay open to the effortless flow of affirmations on tap from your Inner Mindscape; cognition generally lags but the download is in progress. The Teacher is also holding a few supplementary new term classes, open to everyone, in rooms currently held by the north node in Leo: strive this way! Sit up and take note of where and how you are learning about your strengths, your skills. Who are your trustworthy critics? Who wants to see you succeed? A support system is prime for forming if you don’t skip class.

As with all full moons intimately held within Pluto’s grip, we know we need to take some caution in our daily life. Avoid haste in all things. You may have your baggage sorted or at least well-latched but others may not. Just about every one of us can be triggered. Be ready to breathe through urges, save your fire for your own productive use.

Capricorn strives for permanence, Pluto is transformational: expect events to explain/define the state of affairs within one of your power-bonds with Others that directly affects your abilities to gain sustenance. If you have natal markers within range, you will feel Power moving into delicious alignment with your success – or – you can expect these affairs will now undergo a process of transformation that must occur in order for your feet to find solid ground again.

For some, this will be a rough patch with genuine fears and concerns – please, try to remember to practice only giving your attention to Now: the needs and issues of this moment only. In no way does soaking in anxiety about future moments aid you in meeting those moments when they arrive. I do realize that this is easier said than done. And relief…I believe there is a sliver, at least, of relief. Try to articulate and celebrate each and every positive truth you carry with you. Know that you are not alone in your experiences.

There will be very few who can say they really didn’t see this coming. Its Time…time to discover a whole new world of realities you didn’t have space for before.
The blessings of true wealth to you,
– weaver

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In Appreciation and Respect

Dear President Obama,

I write to respectfully but urgently request your intervention in the very troubling situation unfolding at and around the Standing Rock Sioux reservation in North Dakota. As you know, over the past day, scores of law enforcement officers dressed in riot gear and supported by military style vehicles forcibly removed hundreds of peaceful protesters who had gathered to oppose the Dakota Access Pipeline. There are disturbing reports of officers using sound cannons, pepper spray and rubber bullets. The authorities have already arrested at least 140 people.

The first priority must be protecting the safety of the peaceful protesters. That is why I urge you to direct the Department of Justice to send observers to protect the protestors’ First Amendment rights to protest the pipeline. I also urge you to request that North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple remove the National Guard from the camp, as the military presence only threatens to inflame an already tense situation even more. Lastly, I urge you to direct the Army Corps of Engineers to stop construction within a mile between Highway 1806 and the Missouri River to help reduce tension.

The second priority is suspending all federal permits for this project until the Army Corps of Engineers completes a full cultural and environmental review. To my mind, the Corps should have never approved this project on an expedited basis in the first place. If Completed, the pipeline will transport nearly 20 million gallons of crude oil every day, potentially threatening dozens of bodies of water, including Lake Oahe on the Missouri River. Since the Missouri River provides drinking water for 10 states and 28 tribes, a major spill from this pipeline cold threaten the drinking water of million of people. That is a risk we simply cannot afford to take.

The Dakota Access Pipeline would also be a huge blow to our fight against climate change. According to one report, burning the oil transported through the pipeline would produce carbon emissions equivalent to 21 million cars or 30 coal plants. If we have any hope of avoiding the worst consequences of climate change, we should not be building new oil pipelines that lock us into burning fossil fuels for generations to come. Rather, we should be building clean energy infrastructure to transform our energy system away from climate change causing fossil fuels and toward renewable sources of energy.
Moreover, it is deeply distressing to me that the federal government is putting the profits of the oil industry ahead of the treaty and sovereign rights of Native American communities. I understand the Standing Rock Sioux have sued to stop the pipeline, citing the very serious environmental concerns, encroachment on culturally sensitive lands, and violations of tribal treaty rights to a meaningful consultative role in the federal permitting process. To my mind, it is simply unacceptable to build a project like this, in one of the poorest counties in the nation, without the approval of the Native American residents who live there.

Mr. President, you took a bold and principled stand against the Keystone pipeline – I ask you to take a similar stand against the Dakota Access Pipeline. In the meantime, I urge you to take all appropriate measures to protect the safety of the Native American protesters and their supporters who have gathered peacefully to oppose the construction of the pipeline.


Bernard Sanders, United States Senator


The Light, The Dark and the Line Between

English: The average distance between Saturn a...

For millennia, Saturn’s placement in space has indicated the archetype energy concerned with structure. Structures that range from bones to buildings to institutions and organisations as well as hierarchy, responsibilities and rewards in relationships are all included in this yang/creative/male provenance. Learning to live according to the universal ideal of ‘sound structure’ is a key part of personal evolution. On October 5th, Saturn moved from the influence of Libran issues to the influence of Scorpion issues.

Some of us will have sensed the shift more than others but the overall energy will permeate parts of all of us over the course of these next few years. Throughout this phase, each of us will experience situations where the opportunity to learn more about ourselves and others will be either offered or insisted upon within this specific range of focus.  This will probably be uncomfortable at times but a determined attitude to want the very best for ourselves can be the guide that sees us through. After all, that’s the

Wishing Bridge

Wishing Bridge (Photo credit: binarydreams)

whole point: you are given a chance to harness, to utilize this energy in living your life. Each of us has a wheel of energy that is uniquely our own and, like a map, we can read this wheel for maximum benefit in creating our reality. Regardless of your sun sign, a facet of your life will be particularly affected.

Saturn is an action-oriented energy, concerned with building up and maintaining workable structure/s in our daily life. Likewise, any structures that are not healthy or beneficial will be fair game for demolition. Scorpio is a fixated energy concerned with getting to the heart of a matter – think Sherlock Holmes on a case. It also has no problem getting filthy dirty, both literally and metaphorically, in its quest. Combined, we have a sometimes difficult, sometimes exhilarating path. Together, these two energies work with strength and perseverance and the truly best approach is to roll with the flow, conscious of your wheel, as your life unfolds. I would personally encourage you to actually invite the process: the faster end result will place you on a more solid footing. For more on what to expect, see some highlights and links below from master astrologers.

The daily global news will also reflect this team at work. Check out these topics and see if you can also find the Saturn in Scorpio indicators in your daily reading.

*Legal empowerment for Saturn in Scorpio activities. President Obama yesterday issued Presidential Policy Directive 19 on “Protecting Whistleblowers with Access to Classified Information.”


* Pro Life, Pro Choice: are these terms themselves a part of the problem? Space is created for this entrenched confrontation to take a deeper look from a new and different approach to the structures of ethics, religion and holistic health for women.


*Secrets out in the spotlight in the world of sports – where to from here if it’s not going to stop?


*New finding to potentially edit and inform religious reflection. Harvard researcher Karen King today unveiled an ancient papyrus fragment with the phrase, “Jesus said to them, ‘My wife.’”


I will update this list as I hear of more stories that reflect this range of focus. Please share your findings, too.

Updates October 29th:

“Music for me is like a spiritual journey down into the depths of my soul. And I like to think we’re all on a journey into our souls. What’s down there? That’s why I do what I do.”  Bobby McFerrin  (interview)

A Scorpio as truth-shielder song, currently enjoying popularity.

The Tax Policy Center, U.S., was formed a decade ago when Saturn was in Virgo, the sign of acute analysis. Two years ago, it began building a computerized system to analyse budget programs and in August, they released a report concerning the Romney budget plan – all when Saturn was in the sign of Libra, fairness and balance. This week, we learn that ‘The detailed paper proved kindling for a political firestorm.’ The Center’s director: Donald Marron, a former Bush administration economist: “That was unanticipated,” he added dryly.   (Hmmm. Really?!)

The following tasters come from some of the astrologers I read regularly. They are listed in no particular order. For more of a grasp on Saturn in Scorpio energy, check them out.

As always, you are welcome to contact me for personal insight or clarification. This is an excellent time to learn the area/s of your life that will be affected by this long term transit.

*(under the influence of Saturn, one) must understand the psyche, of himself and others, in order to recognize how true power works.  It is not being able to control a situation that matters; it is the ability to navigate the uncontrollable.  Kimberly Maxwell at http://www.sherastrology.com/2012/10/astrocast-october-5-21-2012

*We can’t just talk the talk any more, people are beginning to see through it and we are being tested to see if that outer maturity comes from the inside, or if it is just a veneer…We can’t fake it till we make it any more: it’s time to grow up on the inside. – The Chirotic Journal at http://chirotic.wordpress.com/2012/10/02/saturn-in-scorpio-time-to-get-real/

*Diamonds, rubies, emeralds – all require mining beneath the surface of the earth.  The same is true of our psyche and our soul, and Saturn will hold our feet to the fire to ensure that we do the work required in order to enjoy the fruits of our labor.  More than any other sign, Saturn does reward our hard work with material gifts.  Lynn Hayes at http://astrodynamics.net/astrologicalmusings/2012/10/06/saturn-in-scorpio-2012-2015

*In Scorpio, Saturn becomes Self-reflective; we look at the reality that surrounds us and see ourselves in it–and that sends us on an emotional (Scorpio is a Water sign) journey, one that plumbs the very depths of the intimate ties between psyche and emotional perception. Julie Dembowsky at http://juliedemboski.com/2012/10/02/saturn-into-scorpio/

Enchanting Saturn