Full Moon: 11 Cancer 37

True Foundations

(So how’s your bounce going? Read this for a better grasp on cycles within cycles.)

This full moon in Cancer activates a grand trine in water – a spontaneous series of course adjustments to be made as we coast onto the shores at the foot of Life Mountain. With Mars conjoining Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune pulsing incessantly in Pisces, the conditions lit up by the perigee moon will find those with natal placements in range experiencing a choppy stretch and a bumpy landing…

Does this sound exhilarating or treacherous? What are you fighting for/what are you challenging? What obstacles do you see as between you and your deepest desires? Your agenda and focus are fueling the atmosphere around you. Revelations, completions (and here we must factor in the already present general sense of emotional exhaustion) coupled with your inner child’s response to becoming conscious of the impact can churn this water current.

If empathy and balance weren’t baked into the scenario culminating now, this is your moment to make fundamental edits for the good of your family or tribe/to right any passive-aggressive wrongs/to honor and re-consecrate your Rest and Fortification space. The integrity of what we wish to build can only be as sturdy as our proverbial kitchen table or as purposeful as our favorite chill-out space. As within, so with-out; as below, so above.

Thoughts for All of Us

plumb line: noun  A line with a plumb attached to it, used for finding the depth of water or determining the vertical on an upright surface. (source)

Spelunkers often unroll rope as they tunnel and builders never nail down until they have checked their plumb line. As Saturn, the Teacher, acclimates and flexes in his homecoming, we’ll also be fully responsible for acting upon lessons incorporated over the last few years. This applies just as much to anyone who decides to ‘start from scratch’. We may very well experience the feeling-roots of this first half of January again in early summer. Will that be ok with you?

As a macrosystem, humanity is beginning to move from theory to clinical trials; new works and wonders still forming from the depths of our ancient tool box. We are flowing into a ‘new old-fashioned way’, to borrow a phrase from a christmas song, and as a collective, we intuit this: we’ll all have to make adjustments to our plumb line. We’ll comply, of course. It’s just that we’ll also keep certain lines, tethers and bonds maintained and in play, even if they cost us dearly.  Any drama arising in these days is meant to prompt a reality check. What do you really need and where is that best sourced? As within, so with-out; as below, so above.

Cancer and Capricorn both know well in their highest forms that Sufficiency and Time are not enemy concepts. It is our relationship to them that can stir up angst. As Saturn subtracts, Cancer spontaneously fills. You can count on this fact. Breathe through any panic twinges with your own recitation of the facts in your world. See this first month of 2018 as emotional inventory space-time no matter how busy you get in the concrete jungle. Take a moment to say to your Self, ‘keep the back burners simmering on who and how I love in the coming weeks, please.’ and you’re sure to get feedback. How’s that for a hi-tech hack?

You need to know how strong and purpose-built your Home and Besties are and you’ve got opportunites in 2018 to plumb your heart depths on these matters. We’ll add further layers of data as eclipse season arrives across the axis of the Leo/Aquarious (the Performer/the Audience)…and then we’ll see just what kind of a fan club we need.

May your cup overflow with faith in your very capable Self,
– weaver  a.k.a. another member of your fan club 🙂


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In The News Now…

Sally Kohn at TED@NCY, Bill Gates and Bill Clinton in a Wired interview, the U.S. Department of Defense, Delaine Moore and a new Edge Series on Big Data.

Within these diverse topics, there are common themes. In fact, these are quite BIG themes that are morphing day by day. See if you can discern them. Below find excerpts and tasters (yes, lets call them clues :)) from around the web followed by some closing commentary.


Sally Kohn says, “To me, emotional correctness is about how to preserve political correctness while also scratching a layer deeper and trying to find real compassion and connection with each other. I think we’ve always needed that, but damn do we need it right now. The insults getting hurled back and forth from both sides of the political aisle are insane and it boils down to an incredibly divided country. We forget we’re actually all on the same team. That’s what a nation is! It’s one big team, for crying out loud!

Wired journalist, Steven Levy, shares excerpts on a Clinton/Gates interview that relate…how the U.S. might see itself in the global arena… ‘…The foundations are at the forefront of a new era in philanthropy, in which decisions—often referred to as investments—are made with the strategic precision demanded of business and government, then painstakingly tracked to gauge their success…Gates demands metrics to show that his investments are getting results. “I have been struck again and again by how important measurement is to improving the human condition,” he wrote in this year’s annual progress report.”

‘Clinton stated: “We have laboratories of innovation all over the world: How much do we spend on health care compared to what the two highest-rated systems—Germany and France—spend? What are the Chinese really good at? .. What’s their weakness? …What are the Indians really good at? ..Is there a way we can help each do the other? …If you believe we’re living in an interdependent world, then we should be trying to build a future of shared success and responsibility.”

And one more quote from Gates: “Historically, privacy was almost implicit, because it was hard to find and gather information. But in the digital world, whether it’s digital cameras or satellites or just what you click on, we need to have more explicit rules—not just for governments but for private companies. There are legitimate reasons for the government to watch what’s going on, particularly with nuclear and biological weapons. So it’d be nice if there was a way that some part of the government that we really trusted was looking at that information. Right now, people are going, “Oh my gosh!” and you wonder—did they not think anything was going on? But it’s probably good there is now an explicit conversation.”

Steven Aftergood reports from FAS: Pentagon Drone Programs Taper Off (and New Military Doctrine). ‘The FY 2014 budget request included $2.3 billion for research, development, and procurement of unmanned aerial systems, a decrease of $1.1 billion from the request for the fiscal year 2013… “Annual procurement of UAS has gone from 1,211 in fiscal 2012 to 288 last year to just 54 in the proposed FY14 budget,” according to a recently published congressional hearing volume.

For a bit of ‘wow!’,  read about how Delaine Moore ‘just flew back from Ottawa where I was on the set of a movie being made about my life.    That’s right – a movie.   And it’s about me, little ol’ me — a former stay-at-home mom, whose entire world was so pulverized by divorce and infidelity six years ago she could barely even drag herself out of bed.’

Edge.org has just launched a new series, Whats New in social science. I will be trying to keep up with it, for sure. Sendhil Mullainathan, Professor of Economics, Harvard, starts us off: “The observation is that data sets are getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger in a fundamental way. As the size of data grows, what does this imply for social science? For how we conduct the business of science? “We’ve known big data has had big impacts in business, and in lots of prediction tasks. I want to understand, what does big data mean for what we do for science? Specifically, I want to think about the following context:  You have a scientist who has a hypothesis that they would like to test, and I want to think about how the testing of that hypothesis might change as data gets bigger and bigger. So that’s going to be the rule of the game. Scientists start with a hypothesis and they want to test it; what’s going to happen? …”


So…Catching a pattern or two here? Key themes are popping up all over the place in the macro news if we look for them and guess what? Their essence indicates where energy can flow in our micro environment.

There was much discussion and sharing over the last few weeks leading up to an astral conjunction – and each contributor had a somewhat different take. And that was a good thing: the ways in which energy can manifest via an archetype through a specific spectrum are numerous. In the case of a conjunction, we needed to imagine the blending of two.

Archetype Venus (relationships based on a currency valued by all parties involved) and archetype Pluto (relationships based necessarily on empowering drives) merged, mingled and separated within the parameters of spectrum Capricorn (building/sustaining structures for exchange, particularly in the public domain).

But it’s not over now. The initial ‘ping’ of contact gave launch to actions that will continue to utilize this combo. Whether in the macro or our micro-world, that ping could have come like a rude alarm clock going off or as the surprising easiness of a supposedly difficult conversation.

Its good to take a look around the world for examples of this ping, to identify the energy at work and consider its quality. Its good because the exercise expands your mind’s eye as to possibilities that could be applicable in your own journey. How did ‘they’ out there – and how did you right here – handle it? What’s the next wise move? Lessons abound when our agility with symbolism is limber.

Try reading, listening and watching with your archetype ears and eyes to enhance your co-creating fields of work and play.


I received this post this morning and thought it so appropriate to the energies moving at the moment. And so I share it with you. If you think metaphorically, symbolically, this is a brilliant analogy for co-creating wisely now.
Air (thoughts), water (emotions), and fire (action) need grounding (earth) to complete a meaningful circuit. Pursuits that have no structure will fail. Relational perceptions that don’t bear fruit will have to be admitted as false.
It sounds so obvious when you read it like that…but it’s possible to be in a situation like this, to feel an injury of some sort, and not remember that you can slip into neutral and have a private chat with yourself. You can carve out a few minutes of your day to ground.
If you are physical, work out hard and then re-think. Also, and if you aren’t so physical, use paper and pen and take notes/draw objects such as ladders or graphs while you think in structural terms and fill in the images.

Purposefully channel your sensitive issues into a structured representation and visualize the circuit closing.