New Moon: 8 Aquarius 15




It’s been gratifying to read a lot of articles lately that emphasise the importance of cycles and of remembering that we are always in the midst of several of them at any given time. Even as some parts or persons in life may have us in standby or hibernate mode, this new moon initiates and empowers a cycle of This is Me Taking Progressive Action and here is why:

Mars will triumphantly bound into his home sector of Aries, shaking off an immense amount of heavy debilitating drench just hours after the exact Sun/Moon conjunction. The effect of this move alone cannot be overstated when it comes to how so many of us are feeling. Lethargy , disillusionment, a dispersed and incoherent mentality and even timidity, shame and victimhood will be hard-pressed to maintain a grip on the Self no matter where Aries operates in the mosaic of personhood.

The Sun and Moon are united in Aquarius, associated with both Make-it-Real Saturn and Genius Forerunner Uranus. We can plant the seeds for taking a Giant Leap and land firm footed!

All the planets are moving forward. With just a few exceptions, this is a time for applying these energies to/upon/in tandem with our cosm. Just make a note to keep in mind that virtually ALL of us will be feeling Fired Up and remember the lessons gleaned over the last year concerning how we use our autonomy, knowing the wisdom of limits and the necessity of the co- in co-creative work.

Uranus and Jupiter are in opposition. Gotta be you but you are not an island. Become more diplomatic even as you measure twice and cut once. Also, I note that legalities and endowments/gifts with a string or two attached of one sort or another are coming up a lot. Oppositions are opportunities to integrate via common denominators. If you can’t find any of those (and you checked that twice)…release that space so it’s available. Nature abhors a void so don’t fret about it for even half a minute.

Saturn is enforcing accountability, offering growth through and in spite of pain and a reckoning is due for those who have forgotten why they offered to serve.

Mercury is stepping into Pluto’s parlour. The powers that be have a proclamation, a fabulous upgrade or a termination notice. But first things first: are you the Pluto archetype in any of your various associations? I ask this because a great many people that I speak with have blind spots concerning their power. I sometimes wonder if subconsciously they don’t feel up to the responsibility that comes with it. Either way, if you’ve been feeling any of those descriptors listed in paragraph 2, watch that you don’t unwittingly become the dark side of the Eliminator and miss a brilliant opportunity for a holistic upgrade. ‘Impotent rage wears on you.’ – Jon Stewart

There is grace abounding for those with a will to be aware. First off and most obvious with a new moon is the Space to unify our thoughts and feelings. This is not the general state of affairs for the great majority of us and I am celebrating that union of frequencies particularly. There is grace in Venus in Pisces: she is exalted here and we can choose what we attract to us which automatically edits our mindset and behaviour. Which wolf are you feeding? There is grace in maintaining the status quo in terms of our approach: the marker for our best growth forward remains in flexible yet grounded, wheat from chaff sorted, know-it-by-its-fruits Virgo. As we rise daily to the Challenge – even as we acknowledge there is no map of the terrain – we can use these qualities to advance with as much confidence as is possible in these bizarre times.

Can you hear that rooster crowing? I sure can. 🙂

 – weaver

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Full Moon: 22 Cancer 27′



Wouldn’t it be nice if there were rules for living as simple as the rules for driving. I am thinking of the 4-way stop. Should two cars meet at the same time, the rule is that the driver to the right has the right-of-way. Should four cars meet at once, then somebody eventually takes the lead and the scene clears in an orderly fashion. This full moon energy, however, might feel a little more like ‘playing chicken’ at that intersection but we can avoid collision – or at least high speed collision – if we consciously decide to survey the elemental terrain beyond the hype that the first month of a new year can bring.

Breaking it Down

A ‘grand square configuration’ is made up of two oppositions. It may be tricky to pick it all apart now, but it is. Bear with me on this somewhat wobbly analogy…

Lets say these drivers have been aware of one another and their pending meet-up, even if only in some abstract sort of way. There’s unavoidable magnetism, welcome or not.

So, one of these two sets of drivers at the 4-way has been been heading towards this junction for some weeks now and in car 1, we have your ego and how freely it can move and stretch in relation to car 2: all the other people and institutions/groups you interact with, from the obligatory to the recreational.

Car 1 has that really cool flip switch that turns on the rocket fuel and we all (should) know by now how hard it is to think (or drive well, for that matter) when the g-forces have your head pinned to the neck support in a frightful glory. It is extremely important for us to know just how powerful our car really is: this is a year where you will have to find times and places to let it rip. Note that the pros go out to a desolate strip and put themselves through time trials and/or stunt work in prep for the real thing. Find your comparable outlet.

Car 2 is full of …well, its big and full! Think: a packed double decker. Not necessarily everyone/every theme that got on the bus in 2016 will still be a riding by end of 2017. At this moment in Time, you are called to allow your instincts to be tempered and channeled by your highest beliefs. As the abstract morphs into a clear target: If it hurt none, do. And keep this in mind: these 2 cars (which i think by now, we have determined are a fabulous set of your kind of wheels and a double decker bus) are scheduled to repeat this confrontation over the coming months. This is a primary axis of action for 2017.

The second set of cars (Mac trucks, more likely) are coming to the 4-way from very specific points; they are, or are an important part of, your ongoing Emotional Security/Practical Real-world Security axis and right now, the polarity of this spectrum hits you from within and without – and this is upsetting to both the Capricorn and the Cancer archetypes.

These two generally work very well together; they’ve been meeting up continuously since ancient times and know well the wisdom of compromise or, at least, truce. You, too, must find a way to cradle the child whilst plowing the field. Or to continue with our wobbly analogy, light staccato horn blows, flashing hazard lights and an endearing grin (as you swerve and dodge best you can around and through that 1st set of cars) directed straight through your windshield to that other Mac truck driver. Priorities are exactly that. Some thing or some relationship reaches a culmination point and both Lights will make clear your options for a continued secure course.

So…its a packed 4-way intersection and yet its component parts are not of the same frequency or duration. If you are feeling bombarded or overwhelmed, breaking it down can be so helpful. What is meaningful sound and what is static? What is clearly intrinsic to you and what is passing through?

– weaver



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Notes on the Annual State-of-my-Person Exposé.


Sun Pluto Conjunction
This annual divine OM beam carries a most-potent charge; there is great suffering and great joy at the ends of this spectrum’s reach (and I can think of very little out of the reach of either of these archetypes). This blend has the potential to channel ego and identity energy into a face-off with one’s definition of power over Self and Others. The results can bring searing pain or boundless bliss…and I vote we all try to see how the experiences in between hold the potential to distill an essence of universal truth.
A lot of people believe that they never want to ‘have power over’ another…yet that often ends up being less than accurate. The road to hell is paved with good intentions comes to mind. There are subtle power plays in every exchange we experience and over the course of our life, we are adjusting the spectrum of what is ok (or even great!) with us and what is not and whether we can practically afford to slice and dice that which offends.
On that note, it would be a good idea to check and double check the calibration of your personal power scales at frequent intervals in 2017. If we are out of balance in our estimations by even a degree, that could be a sorely felt degree for an Other. And I don’t suggest this because it would mean, by some kind of default, that you are wrong on the issue, but simply to be conscious of how our actions and attitudes affect others. You cannot determine the validity or correctness of something you are not aware of.
Our physical bodies are continuously in the pursuit of homeostasis – balance – and it is continuous because elements both within and outside the body’s boundaries never stop changing. We are rarely conscious of this work. I think it is the same for the mind and since reality is conceived of and, by extension, unfolds from the mind, it makes good sense for the symbolic Sun to meet with the symbolic Pluto – slime and gems, all – in an annual private state-of-my-person exposé.
In just a few days, the sun (and fractals of Pluto) will form an exact square to Uranus in Aries – which means that now the energy is building, now is the time to evaluate how to bust a move without being your very own wrecking ball in hindsight.  There IS a progressive empowering move to make but it may not seem the most attractive at first glance. And it has to be deemed risk-worthy by your best inner judge.
As Above, So Below
Pluto in Capricorn expresses in concrete terms which means that in its purest channels, it will not conceal its structural reformations. Its motivations in many of us will feel quite obvious and even what’s best for all involved, whether others can or want to realize it. Pluto in Capricorn leverages changes with authority and proves it is real. Conversely, it demonstrates one’s lack of authority for change in a situation or theme set of life. The sun’s conjunction is the terawatt spotlight on these ongoing matters and in its purest channels as Creative Learning Child is the most potent truth teller we could hope for. Me, personally, what have I got to leverage here in order to feel firm-footed?
As Out There, So In Here
World reality is on a metamorphic trajectory but the actual terrain remains a mystery. Where do I best fit my skill set and tool box if my everyday reality is impacted in (insert your descriptors here) ways? What incoming criteria should I consider when setting priorities? How can I reduce the size of the Wish List, a.k.a. what I really need and what is that information worth to an Other?  What parts of my reality are crumbling in order that other parts can come into existence? (And for an interesting side dish of thought: how long has this been going on, even if I am only seeing it now?)
How are others in my microcosm being impacted by this same trajectory – and how are they handling it? How will their place in my life be altered and who/what decides this?  Who can I network with for mutually beneficial progress and tangible security?
Bar none, I am seeing this play out most intensely in family, home place, goal setting dynamics.The full moon at 22′ Cancer on January 12th will emphasize how important it is to build and maintain sanctuary that isn’t reliant solely on bricks and mortar, to grasp that we are a composite of our ancestry and thus responsible for honoring and using some traits and discarding others, and to include some play in our definition of resting.
in the meantime, I am wishing us all a peace of universal truth.
 – weaver
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