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As Saturn pulls away from such an intense channel of Neptune fogginess, here’s to hoping this becomes less of a problem! I am so happy to report that I am increasingly seeing concrete advances against the various tides that individuals face. This is no easy time for any of us – but we’ll take it versus stasis. Stay focused, press on…in measured, thoughtful mode.

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“Those who do not have power over the story that dominates their lives, the power to retell it, rethink it, deconstruct it, joke about it, and change it as times change, truly are powerless.” — Salman Rushdie



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Pre-Launch Jitters

I wrote the following post a couple of days ago, but its all still quite pertinent. So, I am posting it anyway – updated. (yes, it’s been jittery around here!)

Today Friday the 7th, the Sun squared Pluto. For me, this time around conjures up images of what happens on the tarmac and in the command center during the last few days before a rocket launch. Check this. Check that. All systems blinking on and off. Check it all again. Teams bustling in and out of vehicles, lugging hoses and hovering over valves and gauges, zooming here and there…Some people just standing around with their hands on their hips…The pressure is on, the clock is ticking…

Capricorn, a generally somber, industrious and status-oriented energy has Pluto at center stage, at the apex of both the climbing sea-goat and the Reaper’s agenda. Pluto’s energy appears stationary but it’s drilled down long ago and tapped into a multitude of underground streams. It looks like nothing is moving and yet Pluto has been continually feeding on a slow, rich stream of nutrients in the bowels of Capricorn earth. Pluto transforms this into fuel and the crew is filling the tanks.

Marching on its way into alignment with Pluto is Mars, trying not to appear more psyched than convention will permit (this can be difficult!). We can think of this as our personal energy being drawn relentlessly towards the Work that must get done. This work of keeping the drills in good order, of attempting to rationalise those emotional feeds into data for strategy, to maintain (that’ll have to do for most of us in these times) our rung on the wobbly ladder of life. At what point are you in the Great Transformation of your Capricorn career?

Feeling a bit icky but committed is Venus in Scorpio as she eyes Mars approaching a sextile. After all, sewer systems and shady relationships are fair game as the Sun and Jupiter light up The Scales of Justice, Equality, and Righteousness – and soon inform megaphone announcements and revelations. Have you lived a traditionally acceptable life? Do you have some explaining to do or are you up on your soap box? He or she who digs deepest wins. And that starts with the Self.

You can find the discipline to learn or engage with something new and perhaps intimidating and discover you can do it, easypeasy. Confidence will soar if you give it even half a chance.Capricorns and those with strong Saturn can work wondrous feats. Those of us who grasp that this energy is there to be used in this life sector will, too. As an added bonus, you become even more attractive..!

Also sailing through Capricorn territory is the Moon. The emotional channel of the moon here is driven, blinkered and linked to experiential triggers that warn against recklessness and risk: Gotta stay safe. There is a sense of needing to cling to the devil you know. Is your focus forward or rear view?

As the moon squares Uranus in Aries, you may find yourself in a tug of war between keeping the status quo peace and striking out on your own. Best case scenarios include finding truly clever ways to impress and win over the powers that be; you discover a way to make real that which you want. Otherwise, burn up frustrated energy in whatever (ideally, physical) mode you like best.

If you are feeling small in the great big cog, wait another day and you’ll find your attitude (certainly, your attention) has shifted all by itself.


If you could just be a bit more polite, less aggressive; if you could just make up your mind already; if you could just empathise more; if you could just face reality more; you’re such a control freak; you need to grow a spine. Screw you.

This is the reality; deal with it.

Yea, ok, but what, actually, is the reality? Which ‘thing’ should I really invest my time in? Not all nutrient-dense streams are the same, you know. My kool-aid may not be your flavor. This playing field feels riddled with risk.


A lot of the people I know are currently bogged down in what feels like ‘bureaucratic sludge’, the weight of The System; a lot of us are fired up on the inside but physically lethargic or unable to find the ‘starting point’ to real-world production. The effects of life over the past few weeks has caused an undertow of sorts for people with pingey cardinal points and those that have to live with them. But this will lift or shift, soon. In the meantime, I see it as a kind two-fold blessing: we are going to need our strength for something progressively important and we get to avoid spewing stuff we later regret.

Over the next week, we have a steadily, exponentially increasing stream of shazam! on tap so, look out, world – and look out, Self!

Pay attention to your physical being and respect it’s limitations to the greatest degree your obligations will allow.

Pay attention to moments that show you how your ideas, abilities and skills will have to morph a bit or where it’s time to stand your ground about what you are worth because of those skills. You will just know.

Pay attention to where and how your relationships grow and shift. Who has your back or the time to listen? Who should you be listening to even if you don’t like what they are saying? Who has earned your patience and/or the right to your attention? You will just know.

For those who don’t like what they see and hear, know that you are not alone. But you are not off the hook! We can use this energy, still, in our own best interests. We can work at the practice of accepting the reality of the moment. We can free up fear-based planning by focusing on the facts presented without reacting to the whingey voice in our head.

We can tell ourselves right now: I am just going to be open to whatever happens. Reality today is not guaranteed to be reality tomorrow – and this is just as logical to see as a positive truth as a negative one.  I am going to do my best work where I am expected to do it. I will watch out for too much pride on my part and not enough respect on the other’s part. I will continually grade my actions by my code of ethics/belief system…

This way leads straight to the shazam! stream. Think: rocket fuel    🙂

Be well and be kind,

– weaver

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Of (Miraculous) Principles and (Unproven) Laws

The only painting in the caves showing, "...

(Above: Ice Age art depicting a man being hunted by a beast)

Archetype energies are as ancient as the first humans. They have shifted and morphed through the eras, reflecting the hierarchies of people-groups as they struggle to maintain and elevate their existence and celebrate their identities. The Individual carries their own interpretation of these ‘templates’, linked to the group by geological, cultural and genetic ties.

Symbolism and symbolic language express these archetypes via the systems en vogue;

ndian paintings in Fountein Cave 1

Indian paintings in Fountein Cave 1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

they are a part of all cultures through all times, aiding the one and the many to make order and sense of perceived circumstance and instilling lessons for creative living. It is through this universal language of stories, songs and art that we communicate essence, separate hypotheticals and grasp our bottom line.

We are familiar with folk tales, proverbs, mantras and parables. These stories and sayings are specifically created to prompt the mind’s eye to seeing beyond the immediate experience, to elevate our mental view in spite of ‘the clutter’. The terms may sound archaic these days but their genre continues to be ever-present.

In a big and highly effective way over the last two decades, I think that rap music has been a venue for sharing archetype energies as experienced through modern city and urban-dwelling people. It will always be the poets and musicians, artists and philosophers that naturally distill the current energy experience and I feel I saw that so clearly within this musical culture. The themes in rap first ‘exploded’ with the violence, anger and pain of everyday living conditions, a sense of helplessness in the System. Then the Ego regrouped and survival became the formation of a few groups sharing tales of gang against gang. Some musicians had multiple scuffles in clubs, some iconic personalities ended up dead, others went to court; paparazzi made sure we heard all about it. The scene appeared to simply tread water, so to speak, for a while and then I began to hear about a few musicians writing lyrics and producing rap that spoke about not accepting a broken system – and rebuilding a better reality because we have the right to a better reality.  Iconic personalities began subtly but steadily changing the projected lifestyle and agenda of the culture-set. It was a micro-journey of the perpetual macro-archetype interplay.

Energy never dies, it just changes form 

I took it presonally. I get it from the disk o...

Photo credit: Wikipedia

Sure, positive and negative energy exists in every culture-set – but it’s crucial to your human experience to make sure you catch the shift when better channels open up in your world. By stepping into that shift, you make a free-will choice: you change the form of energy in reality. After all, you are a unit of energy; you have antennae and you know what you like and don’t like.

An underlying truth about humanities’ ability – and desire – to recognise, categorise and show due respect to archetype energies speaks to a universally imbedded spirituality. No matter what culture and country you live in, you are in a continual state of gauging your Self in relation to others where you live, work, and play and in relation to the physical world of Nature. Your agenda determines how you will use the data you glean. It could well be that spirituality is, in fact, an intrinsic part of the will to survive. It’s looking like the studies of physics, neurology and medicine are creeping towards that idea.

It stands to reason, then, that humanity has created systems specifically designed to read and express these energies as they ebb, flow and surge. A usable system for the 21st century allows the Individual opportunity to expand without sacrificing personal/group belief systems or constraining free will. We have such a system that was in disciplined use long before this or that major religion or political/economic doctrine was influencing large geo-linked groups. It’s purpose is never to compete or judge, but rather to reflect.

A Working Space

Time passes, bringing in and sweeping away trends. Astrology scholars and students just keep taking notes through it all and how cool is this?: There is a consistent pattern in the location of planetary bodies that speaks to the quality of energy in play. As above, so below and vice versa. It would appear that our inspired tales of morality, our interpretation of the struggle between ‘good’ and ‘evil’ and wherein we stand, are somehow, some way, linked to a pre-existing set of spinning bodies in our universe.

I have no answers as to how this came to be any more than scholars of any of the major religions can tell you how certain miraculous principles form the foundation of their salvation-belief system. I have no theory, even, as some scientists have for unproven laws that somehow work and underpin research. All I can say is that I see it every day at work and you can, too. Studied by the individual, genuine Astrology provides a working space for awareness, reflection and focused action.


I am aware of how some readers will react to this post. That’s a part of the energy at play in our era. You can scroll down and constructively engage or you can click off. If you made it this far, you’re clearly invited to investigate!


Thoughts & Questions Welcome 

Please SHARE your favorite story, parable, mantra, song, proverb, etc. I’d like to collect them in a dedicated section of this site. 🙂

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