New Moon: 0’Leo 44″

And here we are, all of us, at a new moon (desire-seed planting time!) in Leo, that department of Self that feels like Soul Purpose.

A Purpose- Full Play Date

There are very few stories as potent and personal as those born from the dazzling Force of Leo. Every single one of us knows what it feels like to emphatically decide to engage, to pursue and to capture a ‘flag’ because our heart has been captured, pure and simple.

I do know that some haven’t felt that impulse for so long they may doubt there is anything for them in this offering. But you’re here and part of this pride, so perhaps some sunlight is glowing through sealed edges, inviting you to notice it once again.

Leo and the 5th house are all about Authentic Play, Generosity, Individual Fertility and Virility. But these characteristics don’t just appear within a person one fine day. It is important to note that this spectrum of delicious experience succeeds and works to sustain the actions of Cancer and the 4th house of Home/Sanctuary for the Inner Child: we develop leonine characteristics via the nourishment and encouragement of our family/tribe/group and so the wheel turns.

It can take decades for the right recipe of nourishment and encouragement to form up in an Individual’s life and produce the blooming lily. Many of us would say we’ve had several seasons of bloom and recession over the years. Millennials generally believe that all of their adult life will have to be about blooming whilst navigating the sluices, dams and rushes of skill-set currents. Certainly their formative years have felt like a tool box tidal wave. It’s all relative.

So, whether your 25 or 55 or 85, you’ve got some department of Self that knows how to utilise what you’ve got that someone wants/needs/appreciates; you know because you’ve experienced Affirmation. And here we are, all of us, at a new moon (desire-seed planting time!) in Leo, that department of Self that feels like Soul Purpose.

And still in lockstep with the sun, as it joins in short retreat with the moon, is Mars. Yep, the universal symbol for mortal life force (that has been chugging along in unison withNMleo23jul17Cyp our thoughts and intentions all summer) is still our foreguard and cheer leader as we consider stepping into our proverbial work shop/improv class/social playground/meat that’s difficult but so delicious to chew on. The message for all of us is: If you want to emphatically decide, just do it! While your mind and your heart consult on the articulation of your desire-seed, Mars can assist in calling forth an assemblage of partners-in-arms. In order to capture that flag, what have you got and what do you need? Realistically. Genuinely. Sustainably.

I know, I know, those three qualifiers will be show-stoppers for a lot of dreams. Gosh, they darken our ideal-scape in these surreal times and yet, we must tether ourselves to a fixed arena or we work in vain and that can only feel even worse in short order. Let’s not go there…instead, let’s delight in the amazing, if rather left-brained, comfort written in the stars.

A quick look at our map shows us that two big signs will be coming into view very soon. Within 15 days from today, a neon-lit billboard from your current Co-workers and Audience will come into view. This will be an opportunity to gauge the strength and position of your tether (exact on August 7th). At that point, you will want to take some time for patient reflection and adept adaptation.

And just 28 days from now, we will be armed with what we couldn’t know now and who we couldn’t have met yet as a much chattered-about Solar Eclipse new moon, in the same spectrum of Soul Purpose that we are pondering and perhaps fretting about right now, will have brought happenings and environmental changes rumbling through our arena. For some, it will be a matter of rearranging props and backdrops, titles and assignments. For others, the entire theatre will change. (exact on august 21st)

Now, that may sound scary but hey, that’s frankly par for the course this decade – and we are still here. We can do this. We are not responsible for everything and everyone when forming and deciding on our wish-seed. We are in charge of keeping rested and pure in motivation. We must exercise our gifts and skills and keep them up-to-date by regularly checking in with those we strive to serve and the requirements of the (rightful) powers that be. That’s it. (And that’s enough!)

If we can, starting today, look at the next month and a half as an overt invitation from the universe to play around with rough drafts, let the chips fall where they may and regroup for round two, we have the best chance for highest returns on our passion-work investment.

wishing a sparkling and delight-filled new moon to all,



Just a Few of the 7 Billion Unique Ways that Leo Shines 

Now this is my personal journey and I am happy as heck about it.  What’s for me is for me.  My journey can’t be like the chick next door because we are two different people. My success may not be as great as someone else’s but I am  happy with what I have accomplished.  Because the truth be told I could still be that overweight, depressed in pain lady with very low self esteem.  I use to worry all the time that people was talking about me because of my weight.  Now I walk through a crowd like I am parting the sea shouting “the queen is here.”  I love the new me!!  – Mrs. Tracy (source)


A dissociated body/mind cannot meaningfully take care of itself…. healing is the process of becoming, once again, embodied. Learning to hear the body and the way it communicates is another way of understanding the process of embodiment and ultimately the healing process as well. – Monica Cassani (source)


The 2017 Climate Camp was a unique occasion in Czech Republic and Central Eastern European region (CEE) because it brought together the veterans of the Czech environmental movement from the 1980s with the new generation of activists to discuss the future of the movement. The diversity of participants was notable during the program…Among other activities, the involvement of various other social movements gave the Climate Camp a broader social justice-turn, connecting ecological issues to anti-racism, eco-feminism, queer rights and squatting…

Keeping the camp functional itself meant a lot of work on the part of all participants: collective (vegan) cooking or cleaning, security guarding against police, corporate or some authoritarian-oriented people, building the awareness to create safe space for any participant, horizontal decision-making, all these meant self-organized life and work which kept us busy day and night. One important part of the camp activity focused on direct-action training: to give people a brief introduction about how to behave during non-violent civil disobedience action to be effective and to avoid chaos and possible injuries. – Irina Velicu and Mikuláš Černík

(It was a success! To see the dramatic red line they embodied and read about some interesting twists in the plot, click here. I’m impressed and inspired.)


Chastity is tragic. So utterly unspectacular. I want collisions and sparks and flames. – from The Galaxy Song, Vidisha Kaushik  (source)


Things are intense. Life comes at you fast. A lot of things won’t go your way for a lot of reasons that are well out of your control. And then much sooner than you know it, you will die. At some point, repeatedly highlighting the reality of the injustice of the world needs to give way to personal action within it -which does not deny the continued reality of injustice- in a way that ties inclusiveness, agency, expression and landscape together. – Gordon White (source)


No charge! Subscribers are welcome to contact me concerning their 5th house placement and some pointers on how to articulate a new moon wish. – weaver



Personalised Energy Coaching







Scene X, Take 2

We are all living with some pretty intense energy this week. Below are two possible scenarios.

Keep in mind: 1. energy is neutral until you direct it; check your motivations. 2. if you have no personal wheel markers within range, you may see this around you but not experience it first-hand; you can learn a lot from this!  3. energy unfolds: if you are newer to conscious co-creative living, your path will need time to de-clutter from the baggage you have accumulated (translation: aim high but don’t expect the effects of your past actions/words to just evaporate; consistent trustworthiness takes time to build).

Scenario A:

You’ve got a plan, you’re on a mission, you’ve probably been thinking about this for a while. But this plan involves other people or resources and herein lies the potential glitch in the works. Its becoming clear that you may not be on the same page as the other/s; the ‘stuff’ you thought you had to work with simply isn’t all there. There’s an undertow dragging on the flow of movement and in some cases, there is an outright mudslide blocking your road. You may feel that you can see how your plan has become stuck but there is more going on than meets the eye. That ‘more going on’ has its source in a sector of your life that has always shown itself to be vague, elusive, lacking concrete characteristics. Your first thoughts are probably to keep ploughing on, maybe even scream and yell. What might be a wiser, long-range plan of action?

Scenario B:

You’ve got a plan, you’re on a mission, you’ve probably been thinking about this for a while. You’ve been trying to use your abilities and resources to build bridges and network through service, compromise and teamwork and now your moment to shine appears to be near. You are aware that others, just like you, have needs and concerns that fluctuate and you are prepared to accommodate this. You realise the difference between ‘no’ and ‘not now’ and understand that time/space is on your side. It’s fairly easy for you to think through possible variations of plan execution that in no way hinder your core concept/purpose. Come what may, you are as ready as one can be.


This pings my wheel, specifically my moon (emotional center) and venus (relational values). How are you experiencing this?

– weaver.


stillness[1]  creative commons



Unwiring and Rewiring


Some time ago, I stumbled upon this little gem in my internet wanderings, as you do, and thought how comforting – and humbling – it is to see synchronicity between 21st century neuroscience and one of the Ancient Ways. Now I’m sharing it with you:

Pema Chödrön is a bhiksuni (Tibetan Buddhist nun), teacher and author. A central theme of her teachings is the belief in shenpa, the Tibetan word for “attachment”, which she interprets as the moment one is hooked into a cycle of habitual negative or self-destructive actions and thought. Shenpa, or getting “hooked,” according to Chödrön, occurs as a response to a comment, situation or other stimulus that is similar or related to past experiences. She asserts that often, the past experiences are negative, leading to a pattern of self-destructive thoughts and behaviors….

Somebody says a mean word to you and then something in you tightens — that’s the shenpa. Then it starts to spiral into low self-esteem, or blaming them, or anger at them, denigrating yourself. And maybe if you have strong addictions, you just go right for your addiction to cover over the bad feeling that arose when that person said that mean word to you. This is a mean word that gets you, hooks you. Another mean word may not affect you but we’re talking about where it touches that sore place — that’s a shenpa. Someone criticizes you — they criticize your work, they criticize your appearance, they criticize your child — and, shenpa: almost co-arising.



Long simmering issues are now burning the bottom of the pan and it stinks…we think about how we might try to fix and save the situation but it’s either beyond the point of our having any say-so or we know in our knower that it is just plain not the right thing to do for anyone’s sake – certainly not for our own. Or both. And we don’t like it one bit.

It’s such a shame because I/we will simultaneously lose ‘this’ and ‘that’…

If only they could have tried more, given it a sincere chance…I thought everything was fine…well, fine enough. Everybody knows there’s no such thing as perfect.

If only I had understood what I was dealing with in the first place…before the surprise foreclosure notice/having the 2nd child/moving house/major project came along.

If only I had been a stronger person and put my foot down from the start…I should have trusted my gut.

I explained it a million times…I tried to compromise…I was straight up from day one.

Its true, I let so many little yellow flags slide into the shadows.

So much good will be lost!

Any of those sentiments hitting home for you? I am hearing a lot of them in the last two weeks. Actually, I’ve been hearing similar lines for the past few years in a cyclic fashion but those who didn’t feel the crush up ’til now are soundly reeling. Please be kind to everyone you interact with, especially if you have managed to recover, to truly realign. I know quite a few of you have managed this; I am thinking particularly of two brave individuals who I am so proud to know. (Applause!)   Please take note: when you have this hurricane kind of energy channeling with you, it’s more than enough to ‘pass it on’ in kindness as well as fuel your own life.

With Neptune and Chiron in Pisces and a sizeable generation of individuals having Chiron in Pisces, there is overwhelm, fogginess, indecisiveness, retreat and tune-out. I know all about it, myself, and I can put on one hell of a pity party. Because ‘I’m worth it’! And its natural to mourn some parts of the passing chapter. Its normal to feel suspended in limbo.

When you’re ready – or when life insists that you are ready – see if you can locate your shenpa. I should say that I think of this term in the broadest possible meaning that Chödrön might allow. While that’s the negative hurtful hooks, I think its also the seemingly positive ones, too. Ego plays such an integral and central part in our dealings here in the material world. That’s why so many feel the baby is going out with the bath water. Ask yourself to be open to any hook/s you have. Check your memory for chronic patterns. No point in walking around blindly anymore now, is there.

Mercury is moving through territory that it will reverse back through from early trickster_zpse1d6d78d[1]October. In these next weeks, as you talk and communicate, collaborate and exchange, try to really pay attention. The crisis issues, the quagmire, loud declarations…any small voice in pity party moments…may well hold a key to your first steps in understanding how to proceed. Because they will be revisited; you’ll get take two – and probably take three on a scene, clarity in the coming months. This is Shenpa Relationships 101 in the School of Life.

The higher vibrations of Neptune and Chiron are acceptance, peace that passes intellectual understanding, healing through experiential review and wisdom; vibes specifically magnified in Pisces. A perfect recipe for the wounded psyche. And you know what that means: like we always say around here, ‘As above, so below’. That means you can choose to gravitate in these directions. All you have to do is ASK yourself to be open to these qualities. That’s it. And always affirm yourself, warts and all – because that’s the secret ingredient.