Sunday Surfing 08/05/16

This edition of Sunday Surfing is a bit abbreviated due to the fact that I have been living the Taurus new moon and I sure hope that you have, too. While there will be hiccups in exchanges and potholes in the proverbial road, we might as well pause in whatever moments we can and just ground ourselves in the natural world and some creature comforts. I’ve been planting trees, trimming vines, weeding and putting Parmesan cheese on everything. 🙂



Gordon over at Rune Soup has recently reviewed a film I have yet to see. I am intrigued, to say the least:

 ‘I seemed to have missed just how much the film is not only typologically astrognostic, it is explicitly astrognostic. And it’s done in a hugely sophisticated way. The story is originally Scott’s, but it was also written by the creator of Lost. I abandoned that show fairly early on but people that stuck with it told me some parts of it approached High Strange excellence before it apparently shat the bed with its ending. So we’re dealing with competent creators here. Not a king of the world or a space smurf in sight.

There is something else, something a bit spookier, that I want to flag right up front. Prometheus’s origins are almost Tolkienesque. Tolkien -despite what he said subsequently- probably didn’t realise that the ring Bilbo won in a riddling match was anything more than a classic northern European mythological device very common in the sort of bildungsroman he was writing at the time… until he stopped and really considered it. For Scott, the same thing happened with Prometheus. The story emerged from a question he received very often. What the hell was that thing in the chair in the crashed spaceship in Alien?

Guess what I am watching tonight?


Warning: a political opinion…

Cory Pein has an essay in The Baffler that suggests the trickster god is afoot…I love this! He writes, ‘The election is nothing less than a psychogenic storm. As such it can only be discussed in metaphysical terms that sober, prudent, smartphone-having people are unwilling to countenance.’

Now I learned about this link whilst enjoying myself over at the blog, Stuff Jeff Reads, and it was a commenter who shared it. Off I went to find the post so as to give a proper shout out –  and lost another half hour of writing time! Something about science, magic and tech…and then I was muttering scoldings to self about getting back to work. Jeff, if you should pass by here, do let us know.

And I just want to note that there is no mention of Puerto Rico in this write up on the 2nd annual Caribbean Energy Security Summit (nor any other I could find). This strikes me as tragically ironic, considering that PR is a U.S. territory – in a hyper strategic location – and is in dire straits as hedge funds move in for the premeditated kill. Its not about who’s fault it is at this point; this seems like a win-win proposition to me.


“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth…

Let your bending in the archer’s hand be for gladness;

For even as He loves the arrow that flies,

so He loves also the bow that is stable.” — Kahlil Gibran

Be well

 – weaver

The Growing Edge

dancinghearts by Piotr Siedlecki

Today large parts of humankind mark one of the last of many celebrations about triumphant escape from the clutches of death. Over the last month or so, there have been ceremonies and festivals to mark the return of Spring, of Hope; the end of a long frightening journey through darkness, the beginning of the New; the constancy of the Cycle. Once again, we made it through the harsh storms, the lashing winds, the mudslides, snow falls, the Dark Night…rightly, we proclaim that there IS victory over death.

The Earth, the Air, the Water are bursting with the annual re-injection of Fire and who is immune to that? Whatever traditions your creed or culture employs, happy dancing and faith in future potentials are standard fare. And now comes the significant moment when the group and the individual, fired up with simple yet profound joy in Life, looks to the future, to the horizon, beyond survival; the batteries have been recharged and now to direct this amazing current. To direct the current is crucial. Nobody can do this for you.


I have been amazed, blessed and encouraged by the experiences of participants in the Aries New Moon Workshop. In the last few weeks, we have set down in image and word our unique personal ambitions and are actively co-creating with this Fire. From diverse walks of life, from various faiths, we are all plugged in to the Universal Flow. We are in it for the long haul. And, wow, are we being met! A much better home found, a new job that is much more aligned to personal passion, a lifting of depression by establishing a do-able daily structure, new and extremely helpful connections – and all of us experiencing a lot of spooky-cool synchronicities and affirmations. Lots of happy dancing!

Rock Steady

As the sun now moves into Taurus, the icon of the Steadfast and element Earth, we channel our energies from the fire of the imagination and desire to the Making and Solidifying of our Reality. We act upon and partake in the beautiful logic built into the Wheel. Now come the days of what will sometimes be thought of as the slog and the grind – but these are also the times when the Energy is abundant for perseverence and faithfulness. We ‘dig in’ with our conscious mind on the prize/s and we take measured strides onward. We intuitively understand the Long Haul and appreciate what it means. All in good Time, we will have opportunity to review, reflect and recalibrate, realign. We understand what it means to take responsibility for our part in making a genuine desire into reality.

Please feel most welcome to join us. There is no obligation (and there never is) to have a peek at which sectors of your life are meant to have your specific focus. Will you be ID-10010163surprised or have your thoughts confirmed? Many of us feel overwhelmed because it seems like a LOT of our life is in a knot…but there are just one or two strings we should be pulling to loose the mess and begin the restoration of order.<


Fodder for Reflection


We live in a world where we generally match like with like. Just look at any online suggestion engine! While this approach is great if you’re shopping for red shoes, if broadly applied, it has the potential to kill the creative innovation that comes from serendipitous encounter and unexpected remixes. – ecologist and network scientist Eric Berlow


Look well to the growing edge. All around us worlds are dying and new worlds are being born; all around us life is dying and life is being born. The fruit ripens on the tree, the roots are silently at work in the darkness of the earth against a time when there shall be new lives, fresh blossoms, green fruit. Such is the growing edge! It is the extra breath from the exhausted lung, the one more thing to try when all else has failed, the upward reach of life when weariness closes in upon all endeavor. This is the basis of hope in moments of despair, the incentive to carry on when times are out of joint and men have lost their reason, the source of confidence when worlds crash and dreams whiten into ash.  Howard Thurman


Myths are often about the inescapable, about the painful discovery of powerful constraints, they dont tend to be stories about people who get away with things, but rather stories about people who try to; people whose transgressions turn out to be a lesson for us all. Oedipus, Prometheus, Narcissus and Antigone all, in their different ways, suffer the most violent of all sentimental educations. That there must be some things that no creature can elude – whether they be laws (natural or moral), desires (variously deemed moral or immoral), or biological limits (the need to breathe, eat and die) – and that they must be discovered, recognised and observed are integral to our sense of ourselves, and the ways in which we question who we are. When a constraint can be described as something else – when the earth becomes round so we can’t fall off it, when the notion of sin is seen as a devious form of social control, and so on – we change our place in the world. When a constraint can be re-described, it can make the world – the way things are – despite our intentions seem more robust, more solid. – Houdini’s biographer, Source: The Idler, issue 32, p. 92. Emphasis mine.



The Traveler’s Essential Tool

…Evolution comes via the new which often means we must endure the unfamiliar. We have to try knowing we could well fail the first few times; we will not be graceful, cool, in control of the outcome. Our feelings could get hurt, we might look stupid; our imagination is certain there is a level of danger involved…


Photo credit: Roland Urbanek

The north node (NN) is a consistent beacon on your journey of growth. It travels your wheel of energy and can often be counted on to represent the area of your life that makes you squirm uncomfortably when you contemplate the need to make a change of some sort, be it with a relationship, mindset or material issue. The reason for this is simple: no one wants to give up the safe and the familiar…even the dear old ball and chain.

From day one of life, we adapt to a pattern and continue on to eventually become our own pattern maker (At least, that’s the plan). Our rising to start the day, the activities and responsibilities we carry out, the people we interact with, the goals we work towards, the morals and value system we develop dictate what we come to expect experientially. We make choices and decisions that favour the least disruption to routine, resemble most closely what we currently know as ‘normal’ and ‘acceptable’ and thus, we insure that we evolve at a somewhat controlled, incremental pace for the sake of keeping our proverbial boat as steady as possible. After all, slow and steady wins the race, right?

Right. Generally speaking. There could be all sorts of static and/or discomfort in some areas of your life that have nothing to do with you or your issues. We all know what it’s like to walk innocently into a situation and get blindsided by someone on a collision course with personal demons. But how can you know when this is the case and when it really is a message for you? And when you are repeatedly experiencing friction or a brick wall and your kneejerk reaction becomes just about identical every time but doesn’t solve the problem, can you step outside of yourself and get a refreshed perspective? Yes. Check out your NN.

The NN in astrological energy is all about your path of evolution; the essence of what you are to grasp and achieve in the life of your mind/ body/spirit. Philosophically speaking, one could say it’s your reason for being. Evolution comes via the new which often means we must endure the unfamiliar. We have to try knowing we could well fail the first few times; we will not be graceful, cool, in control of the outcome. Our feelings could get hurt, we might look stupid; our imagination feels certain there is a level of danger involved. The thing is, there is no other way forward.

Sidebar: Free Will says you don’t have to move forward. You can stay where you are – or move sideways. You can even eventually fall in love with your pins and needles, if you like. Or come, over time, to believe your will was overruled by someone or something else. These choices are all about atrophy – and that brick wall, on some level or another, is your self-fulfilling lot…

But, on the flip side (there is always a flip side), the new could be brilliant. You have an optional way of thinking and working that, like a gift, is presenting itself to you. It’s just that you don’t yet recognize it as yours. Think of it as your very own personal compass. The traveler’s essential tool.

Upside: If you will be open to your ‘true north’, as it’s also called, you will find that you get to move quite a few spaces forward on the board game of life. It’s like rolling double sixes.

Walk this Way

Walk this Way (Photo credit: haemengine)

With the NN transiting Scorpio, we can all apply the archeptype spectrum of Pluto to the subject as applies to our unique wheel. Pluto is dramatic and its spectrum of metaphors runs accordingly. It is known as the Destroyer and the Phoenix rising out of the ashes of the destroyed. It is the Gatekeeper of Secrets and the Relentless Seeker. It is the Predatory Yang and the Seducing Yin. The Healer and the Grim Reaper. Pluto is all about power-connections: in money, sex, valuables, information, access and the fruits of its manifestations are all about motive.

This archetype energy allows for no compassion in its divine mission to expose what a person is all about. The phrase, ‘Absolute power corrupts absolutely’, is a pure Scorpio saying. But then again, so is the saying, ‘Curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back.’

At the moment, the NN has just 4’ to go in my 2nd house. The 2nd house is about possession, both tangible and intangible. It describes the Self’s relationship to its possessions or lack thereof, what those possessions fulfill for Self-identity and the level of importance they carry. The central message for my life journey at this time can be found neatly encapsulated here.

There are a myriad of issues in my public and private life that vie for attention, tapping on various parts of my pattern and getting the responding tweaks. For some time now, my pattern has been feeling more and more constricted. I could easily tell myself that it’s because others are acting a little oddly or out of character. A lot could be blamed on power hungry municipal employees. I could tell myself that it’s down to loss of momentum in the local economy and that the buzz in the air is about everyone having to have a smaller -but still merry – christmas.  I could rationally deflect and it wouldn’t be a big deal. In fact, it wouldn’t be inaccurate. Like everybody, I’ve got lots going on to distract me. But that wouldn’t be the full truth; symptoms are not the root. And it wouldn’t be the optimal perspective I have the opportunity to focus on now. My neatly encapsulated message is presenting the chance to evolve towards my future via my possessions and the meaning I attach to them. If I can come to healthy terms with my real-life, actual, physical, beloved baggage, many of the side issue preoccupations would become either easily dealt with or, in the end, inconsequential.

I can be supportive and helpful as others deal with their issues but I am responsible for

The last rays of sunlight on Mount Everest on ...

The last rays of sunlight on Mount Everest. Photo credit: Wikipedia

my own. And right now I have an Everest mentality, as pertains to my material possessions, to climb (Pluto says, ‘Hell with climbing. Knock it down flat!’ Uh, no thanks, not just yet…). Scorpio is ‘fixed emotion’, by the way, so that’s how I view what I possess. I have a huge amount of sentiment and history attached to most of my things…it’s not about money-value for me at all…I can defend my position well. Of course, Pluto doesn’t give a flying hoot. Energy is energy is energy. What happens to all that sentiment and history if you don’t have the physical reminders? Does it just vanish, stop being? Well…Somehow it seems to be less validated…and my memory likes prompts…and all of these things are so functional, too…its not fair.

Intellectually, I understand that there are Truths here; that the sooner I get them integrated, the sooner I can leap forward somehow (even that isn’t quite true: it’s clear how I would move ‘forward’) – and I am sure I will get them… Some transits are harder than others, aren’t they?

In what area of your life is the same old – same old response from you just not cutting it anymore? Where do you see that growth needs to occur but you just don’t want to go there?

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