Sunday Surfing: 19/06/16

bellerophon on pegasus_GBTiepolo

Bellerophon on Pegasus, Tiepolo

“We challenge what’s masculine and what’s feminine, and we really have nowhere else to do that. We weren’t able to express ourselves before. Some of us are coming from oppressive places that are very homophobic. So we made our own world.”

– Twiggy Pucci Garcon  (via Vice)


FT Magazine has an interview with the wise and practical Nassim Taleb. Excerpt:

Ambition or talent: which matters more to success?

Both concepts are modernist nonsense. Success is about honour, feeling morally calibrated, absence of shame, not what some newspaper defines from an external metric.


Astrophysics professor, Brian Koberlein, on the costs of accurate science reporting:

The thing is, the journalist actually tried to do the right thing. Seeing some sensational article they tracked down someone who might understand it as a reality check, and that’s why I took the time to reply. But if they write a more accurate article as a result it will cost them money. That’s where we are at this point. In the pay per view economy science writers lose money by taking the time to get it right.


Re: Addiction

A revolution to get excited about is hospital management and staff putting genuine long-term effort into alternative healing methods. “So much of pain is tied up with fear. We can do more than we think, if we can just take the time to sit with patients and let them know we’re present for them.” – Dr. LaPietra in the NY Times


Bridging the Square 

Debra Borchardt has an opinion piece in Forbes for marijuana merchants to take note of. She reports that ‘Kind has built a software system called Agrisoft to collect and monitor data that is needed in order to maintain compliance with state rules and laws (for marijuana). Under their partnership, Microsoft will market Agrisoft to state agencies for use through its Azure cloud service. To date, KIND has no state contracts and they submitted a proposal to Puerto Rico along with Microsoft two weeks ago.’ I tried googling for this proposal to Puerto Rico because, you know, I am watching this little island, and came up empty. To be fair, my internet connection keeps cutting out. I’ll keep trying.


Turning up the Amplitude

We understand other people by projecting ourselves onto them. But we also understand ourselves by considering the way other people might see us. Data from my own lab suggests that the cortical networks in the human brain that allow us to attribute consciousness to others overlap extensively with the networks that construct our own sense of consciousness….

Evolution turned up the amplitude on our tendency to model others and now we’re supremely attuned to each other’s mind states. It gives us our adaptive edge. The inevitable side effect is the detection of false positives, or ghosts…And so the evolutionary story brings us up to date, to human consciousness—something we ascribe to ourselves, to others, and to a rich spirit world of ghosts and gods in the empty spaces around us. 

  • Michael Graziano, Associate Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at Princeton University via the Atlantic.




Mission Creep


Neptune stationing (and its 2nd squaring off with Saturn) is my thought-vibe of the moment. For myself, it’s been feeling like a hall of mirrors looks – ha. Can you imagine that?

It’s ok, I am natally familiar with various blendings of these two archetypes and have spent years contemplating and practicing with these themes. But, you know, it’s still always going to take your breath away …these past ten to fifteen days were a doozy for me. My ability to compartmentalize was challenged. There was a period of about three days when my awareness of the square’s effects on those I came into contact with was staggering. When not with others, I was permeated with collective vibes impossible to articulate with language.

I chose to sit with it; I chose to witness the experience in my self and not to block it out. (It is important to note that, in this instance, containing it would have used up a lot more energy best used elsewhere.) I learned a lot; some re-learning from a new vantage point might be more accurate: you can never step into the same river twice. Yes, some of it felt awful…but the fear-idea, that if you sit with it you may not be able to move on, is simply not true 99% of the time. In fact, sometimes, you must sit with it or you will never move on.

But here is The Thing I want to suggest to you in your experiences with Neptune: what you have been learning, what has been merging, seeping, dissolving over this nearly year long struggle with who you are in your Reality is not box-able. It will not be defined in a singular moment, though you may well have some very good mantras and guiding philosophies establishing themselves within you and you may succeed wonderfully at bringing some bliss into your daily work. This is brilliant! but there is more on tap…yet more to come from this season in Time in the time hereafter. It’s like a when you aren’t looking kind of phenomenon.

Neptune, aka Poseidon, is a collective, generational vibe whose influence is often easier quantified or realized in retrospect, both in the macro- and the microcosm. Our personal and collective experiences are definitely giving us ah-ha moments, but the full depth and breadth of Neptune magic reveals itself over years rather than days or months. It keeps on unfolding and exposing long after your personal energy point/s has been pinged. I see this as Grace because genuinely ‘seeing’ the All-Oneness that we exist within – or alternately drowning in delusions and dis-eases – can overwhelm the psyche. We need Time to process, to correct course, to align the ego, to participate in healthy co-creation.

So when I say that I sat with those relentless waves and came away with some insights, it is equally important to say that my conscious mind is aware of only a fraction of the content. Like the tide continually bringing new bits and pieces to the beach line, we can all look forward to a purification process occurring across this slow-motion spectrum of awareness to manifestation. What’s foggy now will gain clarity. Some of us might say that ‘nothing is happening like you describe in my Reality.’ I say, ‘Give it Time, give it Time. And when you do catch sight of a bit of Neptune’s mission creep, I hope you are sitting down!’

  • weaver



Saturn squares Neptune three times in 2015/16. Read a more thorough explanation of an astrological square and its application to the Saturn/Neptune transit here: Wonder-Works.  Also, use the word cloud on the home page for more essays on Saturn and on Neptune principles.

*Wishing you an expansive Full Moon in Sagittarius*



Sunday Surfing 05/06/16



‘I think If you’re going  to choose a place to die, then Mars is probably, you know,  not a bad choice.’  – Elon Musk at the Code Conference.


Building Rapport

This is the article that sparked my last post as it inspired hope for an evolved Martian response in the individual as we all redress unfinished business in our Scorpio-house matters. Perhaps our methods earlier this year could be called, ‘How Not to Interrogate Suspects’.  Read it from an applied personal perspective (loosely speaking, of course!) and see what you come up with…

Reporter and author, Robert Kolker, in the magazine section of

Police veterans aren’t exactly eager to be told they’ve been doing their job wrong for 30 years. “I think we can overcome that pushback by focusing on the younger guys in our division,” [Tim] Marcia [LAPD] says. There’s an entrenched culture behind that blue wall—and a new, labor-intensive technique based on “rapport-building” might not be the most likely thing to breach it. “Interrogation and interview is a very egocentric thing,” Stearns says. For some police departments, and for some interrogators, it may be a nonstarter to do anything other than treat a suspect with suspicion.


Sensory Experience

Lotje’s story was a timely find because one of my clients experienced a stroke this past April at the age of forty-four. While his was far less debilitating, it helped us and enhanced our conversations. Life becomes more meaningful for everyone close to the person experiencing a transit as metamorphic as this.

I still can’t read for more than a few minutes at a time (these words are brought to you courtesy of Siri), but I see more of the world; a world that may not always have left-to-right linear patterns, but is intuited instead through subtle sensory experience. I see my stroke as a kind of rebirth; unexpected and painful, but also more vivid, filled with purpose, meaning and potential. – Lotje Sodderland

Lotje includes a fascinating sketch she made of one of her visions and I immediately thought of the phoenix in its newly hatched and uncomely state…


Aligning Mental Models featured educator Howard Gardner says, ‘When I was working on The App Generation with Katie Davis, we realized that most kids nowadays growing up in the developed society have never gotten lost. If they don’t have some kind of a device, their parents do, and they can find them. Getting lost for all of human history was part of life. Nobody ever got lost permanently; you got found or, more probably, you found yourself. That simple thing is very profound…                .’

‘What questions am I asking?  Here’s one: Are the pre-conceptions I have about education at all being borne out by what we find out from the people on these campuses? I’m asking what are their mental models. How do the students think about higher education? How do their parents think, etc.? Another bit of social science terminology: we are interested in alignment and misalignment.

When everybody says the same thing, it’s not very interesting to us. But if all the heads of schools talk about the importance of training good citizens, while parents and students never mention that, that’s a misalignment. If parents talk a lot about getting jobs but faculty say, “It’s not our business to get people jobs”—that’s a misalignment.’


One for the Knuckle Draggers

This one just has baffled and frustrated and excited me all at the same time. This sounds so…I want to say precious… I want to know more but I also realize that what we will be able to confirm will barely scratch the surface.

Ed Yong reports in The Atlantic about a meeting place in a cave, 336 meters inside the earth, last used ‘176,500 years ago, give or take a few millennia’. Wow!

‘The discovery suggested that Neanderthals were more sophisticated than anyone had given them credit for. They wielded fire, ventured deep underground, and shaped the subterranean rock into complex constructions. Perhaps they even carried out rituals; after all, there was no evidence that anyone actually lived in the cave, so what else were the rings and mounds for?’  This is one unfolding story to keep track of.


Your Choice: Seeing Oppositions as Rooted in One and the Same

Spiritual realization does not consist in escaping the world but in seeing it as it is.

Of the metaphysical transparency of phenomena we can say this: Every phenomenon has a metaphysical root whose universal form is reflected in the phenomenon itself, so that the outward form is only an image or reflection of the inward meaning or essence. The manifest part of a tree, i.e. its trunk and branches, has the same form as the unmanifest part of the tree, its root. Thus, the soil, or that which separates earth from heaven, is really the plane of reflection through which the unmanifest essence projects itself into the manifest form. This portrays the universal architectonic of Reality which regenerates itself, much like a fractal, beginning from the Godhead and repeating itself all the way up to the most mundane aspect of any phenomenon. This universal form, i.e. the polarity of principle and projection, is the origin of all dualities: Essence and form, mind and matter, subject and object, ego and world, lord and the servant, heaven and the earth, creator and creature, up and down, north and south, wave and particle, the I and the other, happiness and misery, profit and loss, friend and enemy, union and separation, good and evil, with and without, inward and outward, light and darkness, life and death, mortality and immortality, here and there, now and then, right and left, me and you, etc. Now you get to make only two moves, either toward your root and principle, i.e. your first cause, or away from it, to become whole or remain a hole. To perceive in all these pairs the presence of one and the same principle, one and the same meaning; this is the metaphysical transparency of phenomena, that is, to see the painter in the painting.  

 Tomaj Javidtash, metaphysicist


Last but certainly not least, I am wishing you a notable Gemini New Moon!

– weaver