Where the Rubber Hits the Road

Cool Bit of Trivia you may not have known…

There is an orbit-path that the Earth takes around the Sun – but as we are standing on Earth, our perspective is of the Sun orbiting us. We refer to this as the ecliptic and yes, that’s the zone in which solar and lunar eclipses occur. We watch them from here.

There is an orbit-path that the moon takes around the Earth. From our perspective, the moon appears to grow and then diminish in a cycle.

Within this ecliptic zone, there are two points in space that the apparent orbits of the Sun and Moon intersect and for as long as humans have known of them, it has been considered a very powerful point. It is considered such because they are the points where the archetypes for spirit (Sun), body (Earth) and soul (Moon) are conjoined.


Got Your Tool Box Open?

Just like your Sun sign is determined by wherein it ‘resides’ in the zodiac at the moment of your birth, these two points in space (called the Moon’s Nodes) also have their distinct place in your wheel. The south point will be about where you feel wholly comfortable in activities and work that naturally utilise your mind, body and spirit and the north point will be about where you are invited to discover even greater and more fulfilling wholeness.

When we talk here about our journey, in essence we are talking about the road to the north node. When we talk about co-creating with energy, we are ultimately talking about

Tools for Kids

Photo credit: MTSOfan

becoming proficient with a divinely appointed/custom made/individually unique set of tools. Working with these tools regularly, in concert with universal energy and with respect to the energy of other individuals/groups/units, we can travel, grow, evolve along our Path.

Saturn represents the archetype of The Teacher and The Taskmaster when directed or received as it is intended. When directed or received by a warped person, entity or institution the energy flows as Backwards Focused and as Fear.

Saturn conjunct the North Node

The Teacher/Taskmaster works tirelessly with you, helping you grasp and hold on to important truths and lessons that aide you on your way – if you are in a position of willingness to see reality with your blinders removed. Archetype Saturn is all about Reality here on Earth. No flights of fancy in the classroom, please. And there will be no cliffnotes or hackable exam answers here. Not ever. But there are rewards; real, tangible, see-hear-taste-touch rewards for every lesson learned, guaranteed.

If you are experiencing Fear or if you can, just for a moment, check to see if a blinder here or there might be blocking all possible focus points, this season in Time is for you especially.  The Teacher’s current syllabus is, even more specifically, all about Ultimate Tooling. We each have our own classroom right where we are so no worries there: we have the environment we need to learn the lessons necessary for our Journey. You are welcome to contact me for help in getting you started: elemental.living@yahoo.com


Photo credit: PRINCESS THEATER – Raising the Curtain

And for those of you who have already owned your lessons thus far, I applaud you as you work, play and rest with ‘a peace that passes understanding’. You Earned It!

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