Tectonics and Timing

I just did a reading for a client whose current story is one I think many of us can resonate with. She’s caught up in a situation that she has no control over. She’s caught up because her partner is – he’s just on the edge of the matter and also has very little control over how things will proceed.

She and her partner had just (finally) set in stone some dates to take care of important business that had been on the margins of to-do lists for months. Progress! Within 24 hours, the aforementioned situation evolved into a sizable drama and she learned that those dates – and much more – are in jeopardy. Her first reaction was to feel very alone, in a solitary state of crisis…

Objectively speaking, everyone close is feeling the suction of this drama to varying degrees. It’s a re-run. The scenes are starring the same characters in the same play with slightly different props. Again, it becomes apparent that the waters have gone rushing out; everyone’s feet have sunk into sand they wanted to believe – to swear –  was (now) rock.

Each one wobbles for balance on their little strip of mucky scratchy sand. Will the waves come back to slam us or will we recognize our moment to kick off and bob above whatever measure of surf returns?

Even a Master is Every Day a Student

Nearly everyone I consult with is experiencing some version of ‘the situation’ – me, too! This is textbook for Saturn stationing and once again pressing on within vicinity of Driller and Fracker Supreme, Pluto, in Capricorn. We tend to speak in water-themed imagery with Pluto but while he plows up Capricorn Systems, we must swap in some earth imagery, too…

Should we keep trying to build/make/form/grow during these times? Do we dare to invest pieces of our mind/body/soul in testing the craggy, rubble ridden range before us whilst trying to keep an eye on that sea? Each individual stands in a unique space; for some, a form of waiting is best.  The general answer is a resounding Yes – slowly navigating what remains in the wake of Pluto is the only way we can daily gauge and imagine potential aftermaths. Even the master is every day a student.

Everyone has skin in the game,

like it or not. As we approach this next decade, it can be really helpful to visualize yourself as one taking a very long hike on often inhospitable terrain. You need to expect that the ground beneath your feet is unstable due to ongoing seismic activity. With best possible shoes, scan and step forth knowing that you just can’t know enough – but with each step you will know that little bit more. More about self, more about the strength of bonds, more about the System integrity in your microcosm, more about what’s missing or wrong and what’s still solid or usable – at least for one more day.

Most odd for us humans to manage, I think, will be the bizarre tempo conducting the various zones of our life. Every day holds the potential to morph our pace between absolutely glacial to Formula E and back again. As Saturn conjoins and then pushes ahead of Pluto, each unique circumstance will reflect and allow for personifying this archetypal blend. 

Some of us will tread right on a fault line. All of us will feel aftershocks and tremors to some degree…in the example of my client, she is 3 steps out from center, dealing with someone 1 step out from center and is actually in full support of best outcomes of those at The Vortex even though that may mean a metaphoric sprained ankle for her partner as he treads his path and some bruises or blisters for her. Grasping these truths changes everything.

She was on the verge of blowing up in the moment. Instead, she stepped back and schooled up. She went from feeling victimized to feeling well perched on the edge of her life-boulder, all things considered. She has renewed empathy and patience for that which binds her partner. In responding to the bigger picture, she can re-lease and re-direct her allotted energy and find there is spare to share when it comes to that which binds all humanity. That’s key to Saturn and Pluto.

Do you feel you hold the power to release and re-channel some part of your daily affairs or does it seem that an other or group of others plays the warden? For your ‘hiking trek into the 2020s’, are you wearing the right shoes? Perhaps you can swap something in your pack for a more appropriate pair…

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On the Art of: Living in the Now




If you have come to help me, you are wasting your time. But if you’ve come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.  – ancient aboringinal saying






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Are We Talking the Same Language Here?

Lately, I am finding myself a bit fixated on the fact that when people are in dialogue, they are often facing an invisible handicap. The clues aren’t usually obvious anymore. You might expect it to exist between strangers but it can occasionally show up between long-time friends, too.  Exposing it, say, as part of introductions, isn’t the norm for any culture I am aware of. I am talking about the so-called denotation and the selective connotation of words.

Dictionary of Confusing Words and Meanings

Do you feel me?

I was having a chat with a friend at her kitchen table about the state of the world economy and how it translated to our everyday life over the coming year. It wasn’t such a cheery subject but we are both optimistic people and we ended up talking about the love vs. fear attitude spectrum and telling ourselves we would try to consciously focus on the love end.  Other subjects came up but after a while, I found myself back like a dog with a new bone…I mean, how corny is that to say? If you were a fly on the wall, would you know what we meant? We will focus on the ‘love’ end of the spectrum. Ok then.

I don’t really like the word; it feels like it has long come to have the same strength and usage as the word, ‘nice’. So when we jump from the material to the philosophical, I can’t automatically assume that when you speak to me about ‘love’, you are on the same page.

The decision my friend and I made could only make comforting sense if we both had the same understanding of the word as it was being used in context. I have known her for years: we have very different characters that often arrive at similar conclusions but ah, those degrees in between our two positions are so often the good stuff! Because that’s where the expansion comes in. Our very different approaches enrich the other’s thinking. Because we are so different, I wanted to hear her version of it. Did we think someone listening would have understood otherwise? Not really. They might have gone straight to a mental Hallmark greeting card image.

Same goes for ‘freedom’ and democracy’. In fact, my new bone had started to waft a few days earlier. It was good to read an article* mentioning the definition of freedom not


Freedom (Photo credit: robynejay)

necessarily meaning the same thing from one geo-region to another. ‘…the problem is that 21st century Muslims don’t necessarily buy America’s 21st-century definition of the term…Instead, the varied inhabitants of a dauntingly complex Islamic world want to decide for themselves what the exercise of freedom should entail…much as Christians once reacted to the heresies propounded by those who dared to question the doctrines and prerogatives of the Holy Roman Church.’

For the people of any particular culture, the desire for and pursuit of ‘democracy’ has to start where they are in actuality and move towards the ideal at a pace and interpretation that suits: there are countless factors shaping reality, most not directly controllable and many bringing about consequences not expected or hoped for by the majority. Recall those nations that have espoused democracy for centuries have grown up (and some might say regressed, too) tinkering and tooling around with the concept. Can we keep this in mind when we use geo, and even local, political terminology?

Another hot topic is the pro-choice/pro-life debate. For a long time, it seemed that one had to choose to stand within one of these camps. You are with us or you are against us. And then the light dawned: you can be both. Or you can be in one camp but still have dialogue and relationship with those in the other camp.  How many decades did it take for a movement to come along and speak out about the real wrench in the works: our language, our words have deep emotional and visual triggers that, if not shared, will sabotage the great potential in exchanging and expanding thought. My experiential triggers are not necessarily yours – even if I am just one time zone away from you. Stands to reason that if your triggers are valid then mine must be, too.

Going Glocal

Before we can even begin to think, we form allegiances. This is our primal nature and is the root of why a cultural trend can trump compromise time and again. Alliances, bonds,

i am

i am (Photo credit: Will Lion)

shared beliefs are what differentiate one tribe from another. Think self-soothing, large scale. As Gordon, at runesoup, says: ‘We all have an annoying and ultimately unavoidable habit of normalising our own worldview… which abnormalises other ones. We may be doing the exact same thing but the words attached are worlds apart.’ And that’s ok in the neighborhood.

But when we venture out of our own orbit, it is wise to remember that just about everyone carries their own set of influences. It feels like precious cargo. It has its own vocabulary and if you sense it is different to your own, ask about it. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Is multiculturalism a part of your everyday environment?
Do you find that people generally make space for another’s world view in conversation?

*How it Happened: The death of a U.S. ambassador raises questions about America’s foreign-policy assumptions, Andrew J. Bacevich; Newsweek International, Sept 24th, p.25
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