Before We Were ‘Us’, We Were ‘Them’

US Constitution

US Constitution (Photo credit: kjd)

Finally. I have been waiting so many years to hear someone in U.S. authority say exactly that. I have always been baffled by any American mentality that didn’t take this FACT into consideration. It is the entire story, from inception. Thank you, President Obama.

Yes, there has to be a limit on how many the nation can ‘hold’ at any given time; we can understand that. And sure, there have to be entrance criteria to some degree.

And in your microcosm, think about how you are applying the ‘us’ and ‘them’ polarity…

 ‘I have the right to education, I have the right to play, I have the right to talk.’

Imagine if you felt the need to state that. Imagine living in a place where you could not state that. I am making this somewhat hopeful point on the assumption that 99.9% of readers here don’t have this worry…Malawa has been a welcome icon for equalty everywhere.

Jupiter rx in Gemini has been brain overload in so many ways, but it sure has delivered some wonderful thoughts, progressions and pronouncements. Today it begins its forward motion again and will continue to mentally wow us until the end of June.

I am currently working on a bi-weekly basis with 3 clients that have come to appreciate the rx period – it felt quite frustrating at first. But then, over time (as it should), we can get comfortable with the navel gazing and it can seem possible to stay in that place forever, new or clearer perspectives coming in day after day. Lots of ‘ah ha!’ moments. Now, however, will come the time to start implementing all the solid truths that have rooted and are expanding for them in their respective life sectors. The same goes for you, too. The key is to recognize that the individual sets the pace when there is conscious work being done. That’s what co-creating is all about. The energy comes from within, exactly when it should, because the stimulus is in synchronicity. The opportunity for application will appear like a massive banner on the journey’s road. So nice and well-deserved.

 Off the Grid

I am moving house! That’s the primary reason you haven’t seen me in your inbox or reader recently. Do I have to tell you how Exhausting it is? I am feeling shattered and sore but good. It’s going to be a long hard haul of a project but it is exactly where I am supposed to be now. And as I mentioned about co-creating above, I know I am ready.  Another few days and I will completely vacate my old home base and start pretty much camping rough. No matter how shiney my new kitchen sink is, it’s pretty useless ‘til it’s plumbed in. All in good time…

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Meanwhile, I want to recommend the following to you for your pleasure and edification:

For a really different approach to the structure of your brain, give this a whirl:

Maybe a lot of the neurons in our brains are not just capable but, if you like, motivated to be more adventurous, more exploratory or risky in the way they comport themselves, in the way they live their lives. They’re struggling amongst themselves with each other for influence, just for staying alive, and there’s competition going on between individual neurons. As soon as that happens, you have room for cooperation to create alliances, and I suspect that a more free-wheeling, anarchic organization is the secret of our greater capacities of creativity, imagination, thinking outside the box and all that…More by Daniel C. Dennet

And from one of my longtime fav astrologers, this is a brilliant and fresh overview of Aquarious energy. I really appreciated it.

Thoughts and questions welcome, of course…

Think outside the box... it's where the best i...

Think outside the box… it’s where the best ideas live. (Photo credit: ArtJonak)



Mutable Soul

Praise to the rituals that celebrate change,

Old robes worn for new beginnings,

Solemn protocol where the mutable soul,

Surrounded by ancient experience, grows

Young in the imagination’s white dress.

–          Dana Gioia


Off the Grid

So that’s the plan. A piece of land with a panoramic view above the middle of almost nowhere. A dirt road that doesn’t technically exist cut into the side of a mountain , in a place with no water or electricity, leads down to a small pre-fab house. Today’s chores: continue to weld pergola beams together, clean away all of the tree branches and thorn bushes protruding into the road so that you don’t feel pushed towards the cliff’s edge on your rickety way. Reward:



Democracy is not for the lazy or indifferent. All that urgent indignation we endured – and continue to – from every faction whirled up from complacent demographies. Most politicians are careerists. As they move from the local to somewhere in the glocal sphere, are we keeping them on their mark? Are we there to witness when they stray

Money and Magnifying Glass

Photo credit: Images_of_Money

from original ideals or goals? When we see a worrying partnership forming up, be it with big business, pharmaceuticals or exclusive ideology?

There has to be an understanding of and commitment to co-creation with politicians as they  attempt to be ‘our’ voice. The successful ones ARE our voice whether we can hear ourselves in it or not. They are only human, after all, and it’s obvious their staffers create a protective bubble for them. In other words, they eventually live in a vacuum: it’s not the real world.

Otherwise (and since we don’t want to BE the politicians), we must accept an atmosphere of extremism. Squeaky wheels are always getting the oil (dammit!). Maybe we could find a moment to look into who’s running/serving on the local council, or the state parliament, and what their agenda/long term vision is…


Straight talk about the importance of the spirit, the fable, the archetype of religion spanning humanity: Marilynne Robinson + Marcelo Gleiser on The Mystery We Are: What do a fiction writer and an astrophysicist have in common? Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Marilynne Robinson, together with physicist Marcelo Gleiser, connect dots between the cosmos, our minds, and all the ways we discover the story of where we came from.

Jumping Over the Garden Wall

An excerpt from an article by Paul Budde, Who is Going to Dominate the Internet? Old systems breaking down because new systems are flourishing.

  It was interesting to see how, a decade or so ago, some of those vested interests in the telecoms and media world tried to copy their traditional business models over to the online environment. They simply tried to create another walled garden business for their businesses, this time on the Net. ..However these walled gardens were not popular with their customers and most simply jumped over the wall onto the free and open internet.

 As predicted in the late 1990s, a more successful model would be to establish vertical portals, with very deep

I ♥ WordPress Logo

Photo credit: naokomc

content. Several of these highly specialised sites are still operating around the world, some based on language differences; others on niche markets, unique products and services, special interests, etc; and the number of such ‘long tail’ sites continue to grow.

The rules of social networking are mutable. Necessarily so.  – Natasha Lomas

Pluto in Capricorn

Simply put by daykeeper journal: Pluto’s impulse goads an organism, person or a culture to experience the style of an archetype in its purest, most raw form. No impediments. Zodiacal signs are strict differentiations of universal conditions — the archetypes or noetic forms of manifestation. Capricorn’s style is pragmatism. The Capricorn message is “Wake up! Get real.” Pluto in Capricorn says “Get real — or else.”

Spending your most precious commodity…Thoughts for serious reflection in this season from the Oxford Astrologer about where you are putting your energy:

And finally, a compelling work for your consideration. Something about this poem just arrested my mind in its tracks. It takes such a magical journey from its first line to its last. Wow.



They said something mean about me

and didn’t notice it was mean.

So my heart wandered

into the rainy night without them

and found a canopy

to hide under.

My eyes started

seeing through things.

Like gauze.

Old self through new self.

My flexible body

went backwards

and forwards

in time.

It’s hard to describe but true:

I grew another head with better ideas

inside my old head.

Naomi Shihab Nye

Reflections welcome…