In Appreciation and Respect

Dear President Obama,

I write to respectfully but urgently request your intervention in the very troubling situation unfolding at and around the Standing Rock Sioux reservation in North Dakota. As you know, over the past day, scores of law enforcement officers dressed in riot gear and supported by military style vehicles forcibly removed hundreds of peaceful protesters who had gathered to oppose the Dakota Access Pipeline. There are disturbing reports of officers using sound cannons, pepper spray and rubber bullets. The authorities have already arrested at least 140 people.

The first priority must be protecting the safety of the peaceful protesters. That is why I urge you to direct the Department of Justice to send observers to protect the protestors’ First Amendment rights to protest the pipeline. I also urge you to request that North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple remove the National Guard from the camp, as the military presence only threatens to inflame an already tense situation even more. Lastly, I urge you to direct the Army Corps of Engineers to stop construction within a mile between Highway 1806 and the Missouri River to help reduce tension.

The second priority is suspending all federal permits for this project until the Army Corps of Engineers completes a full cultural and environmental review. To my mind, the Corps should have never approved this project on an expedited basis in the first place. If Completed, the pipeline will transport nearly 20 million gallons of crude oil every day, potentially threatening dozens of bodies of water, including Lake Oahe on the Missouri River. Since the Missouri River provides drinking water for 10 states and 28 tribes, a major spill from this pipeline cold threaten the drinking water of million of people. That is a risk we simply cannot afford to take.

The Dakota Access Pipeline would also be a huge blow to our fight against climate change. According to one report, burning the oil transported through the pipeline would produce carbon emissions equivalent to 21 million cars or 30 coal plants. If we have any hope of avoiding the worst consequences of climate change, we should not be building new oil pipelines that lock us into burning fossil fuels for generations to come. Rather, we should be building clean energy infrastructure to transform our energy system away from climate change causing fossil fuels and toward renewable sources of energy.
Moreover, it is deeply distressing to me that the federal government is putting the profits of the oil industry ahead of the treaty and sovereign rights of Native American communities. I understand the Standing Rock Sioux have sued to stop the pipeline, citing the very serious environmental concerns, encroachment on culturally sensitive lands, and violations of tribal treaty rights to a meaningful consultative role in the federal permitting process. To my mind, it is simply unacceptable to build a project like this, in one of the poorest counties in the nation, without the approval of the Native American residents who live there.

Mr. President, you took a bold and principled stand against the Keystone pipeline – I ask you to take a similar stand against the Dakota Access Pipeline. In the meantime, I urge you to take all appropriate measures to protect the safety of the Native American protesters and their supporters who have gathered peacefully to oppose the construction of the pipeline.


Bernard Sanders, United States Senator


Mission Creep


Neptune stationing (and its 2nd squaring off with Saturn) is my thought-vibe of the moment. For myself, it’s been feeling like a hall of mirrors looks – ha. Can you imagine that?

It’s ok, I am natally familiar with various blendings of these two archetypes and have spent years contemplating and practicing with these themes. But, you know, it’s still always going to take your breath away …these past ten to fifteen days were a doozy for me. My ability to compartmentalize was challenged. There was a period of about three days when my awareness of the square’s effects on those I came into contact with was staggering. When not with others, I was permeated with collective vibes impossible to articulate with language.

I chose to sit with it; I chose to witness the experience in my self and not to block it out. (It is important to note that, in this instance, containing it would have used up a lot more energy best used elsewhere.) I learned a lot; some re-learning from a new vantage point might be more accurate: you can never step into the same river twice. Yes, some of it felt awful…but the fear-idea, that if you sit with it you may not be able to move on, is simply not true 99% of the time. In fact, sometimes, you must sit with it or you will never move on.

But here is The Thing I want to suggest to you in your experiences with Neptune: what you have been learning, what has been merging, seeping, dissolving over this nearly year long struggle with who you are in your Reality is not box-able. It will not be defined in a singular moment, though you may well have some very good mantras and guiding philosophies establishing themselves within you and you may succeed wonderfully at bringing some bliss into your daily work. This is brilliant! but there is more on tap…yet more to come from this season in Time in the time hereafter. It’s like a when you aren’t looking kind of phenomenon.

Neptune, aka Poseidon, is a collective, generational vibe whose influence is often easier quantified or realized in retrospect, both in the macro- and the microcosm. Our personal and collective experiences are definitely giving us ah-ha moments, but the full depth and breadth of Neptune magic reveals itself over years rather than days or months. It keeps on unfolding and exposing long after your personal energy point/s has been pinged. I see this as Grace because genuinely ‘seeing’ the All-Oneness that we exist within – or alternately drowning in delusions and dis-eases – can overwhelm the psyche. We need Time to process, to correct course, to align the ego, to participate in healthy co-creation.

So when I say that I sat with those relentless waves and came away with some insights, it is equally important to say that my conscious mind is aware of only a fraction of the content. Like the tide continually bringing new bits and pieces to the beach line, we can all look forward to a purification process occurring across this slow-motion spectrum of awareness to manifestation. What’s foggy now will gain clarity. Some of us might say that ‘nothing is happening like you describe in my Reality.’ I say, ‘Give it Time, give it Time. And when you do catch sight of a bit of Neptune’s mission creep, I hope you are sitting down!’

  • weaver



Saturn squares Neptune three times in 2015/16. Read a more thorough explanation of an astrological square and its application to the Saturn/Neptune transit here: Wonder-Works.  Also, use the word cloud on the home page for more essays on Saturn and on Neptune principles.

*Wishing you an expansive Full Moon in Sagittarius*