She Who Will Not Be Denied

I had planned to post today more about the Uranus and the Aries archetypes and ways by which we could be healthy channels for this unstoppable energy. By my perception, this is THE energy point in our wheels where the action is building, rising, pressing. There may well be multiple ‘tries’ before the winning insight takes root.

It’s also Embolc today.

Embolc honours Bridgit, patron goddess of poets, visionaries, crafters and childbirth and is associated with flame. The theme here – creativity channeled via the Individual

Credit: Riaann Badenhorst

Credit: Riaann Badenhorst

as contribution to the Community – is on tap for all of us. From deep beneath the surface of the cares and heirarchies of life, our need to bring forth our gift continually rises. These characteristics all speak of the higher spectrum of Uranus in Aries energies, too. I will continue to work on that post but an article I happened upon today brings to mind the placement of Lilith just through the portal of Virgo – archetype of the Virgin/Whore – at 7′. The synchronicity of the U-in-A build-up, the full moon in Leo, the intense purity of Bridgit and this Virgo spectrum through which Lilith will express herself in the cosmos is a topic for our current contemplation – whether we identify our Self as male or female. So I guess that means we are in the midst of a mini-series here. 🙂

The following is an excerpt from a post on Modern Mythology by James Curcio:

Lilith, the first Eve, is first recognized by her defiant nature; she is another anti-patriarchal, anti-authoritative symbol. At least, this is the form we encounter her in as she left Babylon with the Jewish exile. So on the one hand we have Lilith as a spirit of the desert, a creature that could slip into your house and devour your children. This is how she would be presented to women, a bogeyman to keep them in place. Of course, this fear tactic isn’t often capitulated consciously; it is something that all the members of a cultural domain participate in unconsciously.

On the other, there is this idea of her as the seductress, luring men away from their societal commitment to the “good mother.” This is an element which some superficially similar symbols, such as Kali, lacks. Without needing to return to textual source, it’s easy enough to typify “this sort” of woman. She has the audacity to do what she wants, and it very well might not be what you or the society wants. There is something impetuous and child-like about her, which can manifest as a resolute defiance when placed within the context of a system of rules. So long as she’s cast in the role of villain, this arouses the suspicion and fear of the wives of men, and their shameful observance to whichever force is the stronger.

This is an important point: Lilith often appears in a different guise to men than women. Of course, there are personal and cultural factors. To women, especially within sexually restrictive cultures, we see more of the “devourer of children,” aspect. To men, she appears as the seductress, the dark anima. The kind of girl that you don’t take home to mother. But in either case she represents a direct threat to the established social order, especially the order of marriage and monogamy. She is an enemy of stasis, of duty and societal bonds. In modern contexts, the threat posed to women is re-enforced by the ad and fashion industries efforts to increases competition and insecurity, as well as the conflict of the myths of domesticity, “slut shaming,” and so on. In a softer, more romanticized form, it is not surprising that Lilith has re-appeared as a potent symbol in bi-, lesbian, and polyamorous communities, especially amongst those who might have some derision towards “breeders.” However, Lilith is not simply a symbol of liberation. She also represents a point of contention between personal senses of restriction and freedom.

 Yes, that’s her and she is a part of our communal subconscious energy, working to be heard and seen. The issue is whether her symptoms, felt by us consciously in our microcosm, are actually being given their due opportunity to lead us individually to a greater wholeness as both bowl and bell, sustainer/nurturer and creator. I am wishing us the courage of an open mind (it’s almost never as scary as we think it will be). Contact me via my email, below, to find out how she works in your life and how you can learn to ‘sit’ with her.

Transcript Available

The transcript for our recent workshop, ‘The Fifth House: My Creative Gifts’ is now available via email. This set of worksheets explains the meanings of the archetypes of Leo and the Sun and provides key words and phrases for your personal wheel to integrate as a whole, as well as question and discussion points for further introspection – and action! Next up will be the 11th House. Over the course of the year and at your own pace, you will end up with your very own reading and the knowledge to keep on growing.


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 – weaver

Archetype Shift

Aspects of Reality

Aspects of Reality (Photo credit: woodsman_dave)

Click on over to The Reality Show by Mike Jay for an essay that neatly sums up thoughts and reflections of mine over the last few years. Please check it out…

In the 21st century, the influencing machine has escaped from the shuttered wards of the mental hospital to become a distinctive myth for our times. It is compelling not because we all have schizophrenia, but because reality has become a grey scale between the external world and our imaginations. The world is now mediated in part by technologies that fabricate it and partly by our own minds, whose pattern-recognition routines work ceaselessly to stitch digital illusions into the private cinema of our consciousness. The classical myths of metamorphosis explored the boundaries between humanity and nature and our relationship to the animals and the gods. Likewise, the fantastical technologies that were once the hallmarks of insanity enable us to articulate the possibilities, threats and limits of the tools that are extending our minds into unfamiliar dimensions, both seductive and terrifying.   – Mike Jay

An excellent read, discovered  via Mindhacks blog.


The Psyche & the Machine

individual -v- group

individual -v- group (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

The Macro: We live in a world that celebrates science, logic and reasoning. We also live in a world full of proof that the effects of culture, belief systems and blended society will alter the perceptions, motivations and actions of the individual. These archetype energies present in forms acceptable to the authorities in power – indeed they are appropriated to guide the group; energies used in ways outside the acceptable range are constricted or forbidden. The permissible lines, of course, are continually shifting in degrees: Groups exist in necessary flux.

The Micro: Within the singular individual, the collision of logic and archetypes almost always results in archetype allegiance. The individual instinctively shapes his or her ‘happiness’ to the group creed. We have to survive and would like to do that rather well if we can. Our daily interactions involve others and each of them is coming from their own unique experience. Somehow, we have to integrate our own journey with so many others in a way that is useful and harmonious. This is no easy feat and it can even be exhausting: Individuals can be in a continual state of denial of those deeper parts of themselves that cannot plug into the creed of the majority, the black-and-white daily life of responsibilities and rules that run our world. We instinctively get why the hive mentality evolved to hold court but the wrongs inherent never really cease to pinch and jab the uniqueness of the soul.

English: Universal archetype expression of the...

English: Universal archetype expression of the ancient legend Green Man. One of many modern renditions of the Green Man. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Archetype creeds have existed as long as the species. The imprinted need for them is indisputable. Thus, even in the face of clear and obvious proof of false application, an archetype can float in solid control over the masses: Psychological safety trumps rational comfort every time. At any point in history, one can find multiple contradictions between verifiable science-truth or the relative truth of another group’s creed and the belief system of the majority. Other undeniable and obvious phenomena are simply rendered ‘not real’ to the majority. This is survival in its primal state and it’s been essential, to be sure. I was born in the mid20th century in a part of the world that spoke – and still speaks –  of abandoning the ‘wrong’ primal urges and gets excited about scientific discovery taking us into the stable realm of Fact. Yet still the majority simultaneously speak, hear, live and judge from within the same archetype energies!

Fascinating and even luxurious stuff. Do ‘they’ know they are doing this? Are ‘they’ so busy trying to survive well that they don’t have time to think about it? Is it as basic as the imprint to stay within the sheep fold? I think so. My own primal conclusion is that the individual must find their own archetype creed, know why it is right for them and practice it as harmoniously as possible within the group archetypes. This is not the first time in our history that the plate tectonics of large people-groups are grinding and shoving but it’s the first time it’s happened on a global awareness scale, and by extension, the first time it seems that there will be no denying the urgency of the individual to genuinely seek stability and peace within the self in order to then find the right place to plug in. ‘The old jobs are gone and they are not coming back.’ This statement has been made all over the developed world and it’s a brilliant metaphor for the state of primal gnosis and personal comfort.

I happen to be one of those people that appreciate the need for the black-and-white. Most of the time, I need to get from point A to point B and I don’t want a lot of someone’s baggage blocking my way. The thing is that I have also found that my process of getting from point to point has a lot to do with baggage. We’ve all got it, whether we are aware of it or not, and it isn’t going to just go away. It will affect how we get through our day, our relationships with family, friends, coworkers and authority. Baggage is what determines how we feel about ourselves and it can seem anything but logical and rational. The impulse is to quickly slam that closet door and make every effort to get back to robotic civility at any cost.

World, Peace, and Universal Flag representing ...

World, Peace, and Universal Flag representing all life on earth. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Best of Times, The Worst of Times

And wow, what a cost. Life is hard, so hard. People are having to dig deep within to find hope, courage and determination. To do that, they are simultaneously coming face to face with their baggage and it’s all tangled and moldy from years – sometimes generations – of being locked up tight. We have not been doing something ‘wrong’; we have simply been part of a group on a journey. And now the various groups are merging on a superhighway. Gone is the mental image of the meandering path or the road towards the horizon. Now the movie scenes depicting space settlements with all sorts of ships docking and taking off, moving at various altitudes on invisible tracks -but never colliding!- seems the appropriate imagery for where we are now. Technology steps up to take its place as an archetype energy venue with full rights to a larger and larger chunk of the cloud controlling the masses. It is a god to many: it can be so refreshing to know that there are no shades of grey. The machine operates as it was programmed by software genius gods to work. If it’s not working, then there is a problem with input commands or some such. There is a logical reason why the curser just keeps blinking away at you. You just have to suss it or find someone who can. No airie fairie stuff here. Whew!


But in what appears to be a world coming to embrace the human-machine marriage, comes news from the arenas of physics, engineering, mental and social sciences. Members of these fields are stepping into the media spotlight with discoveries and research that clearly support those out-of- fashion ideas about knowing oneself and our interconnectivity to the planet, literally all living things and the many types of the human species. Enough ‘important’ people have come out and spoken about the healing that needs to happen in the personal psyche for healthy physical bodies, communities and countries. It is now cool to talk about our baggage. Instinctively, the whole listening world is both thrilled and not just a little frightened…which gets us back to the efficient movement from point A to point B.

Celebrating and Evolving Your Identity

The main message running through all of this 21st century news is this: You are a unique and valid individual – a blend of logic and feeling. Get to know this individual well and in the process, your awareness of everyone and everything else will increase exponentially. Meet yourself right where you are and start up a conversation.

That sounds great, doesn’t it? But what the hell does it mean?! Well, I am going to be honest with you: It means that you might have moments when you feel a lot worse than better during the first few chats. The goal of getting up and out often takes you in and down first. Here at this blog, we use the universal method of astrology as our main tool in the box. For some very basic and simple reasons, this system can be used by anyone, anywhere regardless of race, colour, religious God/s, political persuasion or sexual preferences. If you are interested but not sure how to begin, welcome to a great place for first steps. If you have experience to share with us, it is most welcome. In the coming months we will get to read about the stories of others in their ongoing merger of personal path with the superhighway.

Self-Conversation for Dummies

Conversation by Patrick Bohnen

Conversation by Patrick Bohnen (Photo credit: Kraemer Family Library)

Humanity really is infinite complexity in simplified packaging. No two packages are the same but there are laws which govern each package’s existence in the finite space – even as there are laws at work that we know we haven’t yet got a handle on. I have spent years reading religions, mythologies, philosophies and psychology to varying depths. I also enjoy sciences and history. Out of the stacks have come some basic distillations that I treasure. And that’s really it. Self-conversation is the ongoing thoughtful examination of subjects that attract you: Determining the ‘why’ of the attraction is a great start.

This is not rocket science; this is I AM science and you are the lead researcher. There is no time table but here and now. What do you think? How do you feel? Where are those thoughts and feelings coming from? Knowing this reveals the motivations behind your actions. Awareness begets healthy motivation begets healthy action begets success in your life on genuine terms. And this works even as you interact with others who are not aware on multiple levels. Go ahead and realize you are living in an amazing time where self-gnosis and million dollar holidays spent zooming through the stratosphere are simultaneously celebrated and DIG IN!

Everybody loved Steve Jobs because he was a Buddhist designer in the glam-tech world. The minute I type that, I start to break the magic of it but I can’t help myself from stating: The masses adored the energy he projected and created; we did not need or even want to know why, but now he is celebrated for his ability to be simultaneously in self-dialogue and others-dialogue. That doesnt have to be a reality only for superstars who have ‘arrived’. There were many times he felt completely lost, many times his ego blocked his way, but he kept up his dialogue and honoured his personal truths.

You, too, are co-creating your universe/the universe, second by second by second. That’s a fact. Make it a conscious work.