New Moon: 26 Scorpio 19




If I were you, I would dare…

A new moon in Scorpio invites a do-you-dare wish and this moon is exponentially potent. You just need to start with a sober assessment. Transiting Pluto is in Capricorn; transiting Mars is in Libra and squaring Pluto. No matter which signature you follow for your interpretation, your intention-seed must show comprehensive respect for the current order of things.

Mars represents the span of an individual’s interest-driven abilities; Pluto has the means to super-infuse the circumstance. Your natal placements in relation to their square will offer a template for bringing forth your wish.

Some of us represent the Pluto archetype (within our own right or as the employee/representative of a Pluto entity). Many of us represent Mars in this scenario and it can be helpful to acknowledge that. If you are Mars (or just about any of the archetypes) in a square to Pluto, give up or get clever. The strategic diplomat has some good odds but in cases where that channel isn’t open, keep your wish to yourself for now, bide your time and put your efforts into getting along.

Strategic Diplomacy

Mars is novile the sun/moon and sextile the NN. Creative genius is on tap if you aim for an appreciation of Pluto’s stance. Below the bling or tech on display, are the machinations that force Pluto to…well, that force Pluto to force you into compliance. Pluto runs a complex show and that requires a tight ship – imagine the weight of his/her world. In cases where there is abuse of power, the point is not to excuse; the point is to ease your complying mind to some degree – effective strategy is all about seeing ways to climb the proverbial ladder, not set it alight.

Often, Pluto represents a protective force, a ‘no’ for your own best good. Either way, expect that your seed-wish will require you to dive a bit deeper or give more effort than you would typically exert but, oh, the places your little seed’s future will go! Brilliant Jupiter and magnetic Venus have set this often mysterious zone of life aglow. Reflect on how your perspective has been enhanced over the last month and hold on to resolutions made then. Long after this passing block, faith and equanimity remain on tap – bigtime! -for all of us.

Rooting more deeply, trusting more in your Self’s part of the equation, evaluating what you receive with greater wisdom, employing grace and poise: these are all facets of my new moon wish for you.

– weaver




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