Direct and Simple

I started offering a variation on my services theme a couple of months ago that is working out really well in my little tribe and I think its time for me to offer it to you. Its somewhat old school but still the most direct and accommodating route for all types of schedules and devices: an email service.

You can receive an email written by me that covers the basic energy currents for all of us that I think are most important to note and some suggestions for how to work these into your real, live life in plain English on a monthly basis – at least. I say ‘at least’ because there are some months when we want to really zoom in on a potential opportunity and/or pitfall and I like you to be fully tooled-up.

Even more helpful is joining a 2nd tier email group wherein members receive a tailored note; alerting you, personally, to what I like to call ‘ping points’: you’ve got a special affinity built into your identity for this kind of energy weather and I can offer you concrete ways to THINK about it and USE it.

The general email subscription is eu5 per month.

The 2nd tier subscription, containing the general email content and personal content is eu10 per month.

I am also quite open to considering bartering suggestions.

I have spoken to many, here online and IRL, that like this format and the easy kind of practical access it allows. And yes, as time allows, I do reply to your follow-up questions. If you would like to join, send an email to with ‘subscription’ in the header and let me know the service you’d like. Welcome and enjoy!

Happy Note: the general response to this offer is already sufficient for me to offer 2 FREE spaces on tier 1 and 1 FREE space on tier 2 ‘for a limited time’*. How cool is that?! Send an email as noted above and state your application for FREE email membership.

*I am hoping that every 4 weeks, I will be able to repeat this offer – I will keep those of you who apply informed.


Is This You?

Sometimes a person will say that they would rather not know what is going on because they feel stressed out enough and this would add to it; they think it is yet more work piling on an already taxed brain. If this is what you are thinking, please consider these two points:

1.Each of us already experiences these currents by the simple fact that we exist. That’s why you experience moods, how you get delighted or sideswiped from left field sometimes by a person or event somewhere in your world, which sensations you experience and habits you employ when having to make a choice or deal with someone else’s choice, why you have your ‘lifestyle’ and how you work or don’t work to hold on to what you go after.

These energies are what make up how calm/stressed out or dedicated/overworked or fulfilled/dissatisfied you may be feeling, right now.

So, this logic that taking 2 minutes to contemplate an alternate view – sitting right there just as you are now – will increase your stress just does not fly.

There is no more or less energy ‘coming at you’. It’s still the exact same amount.


Shift the Weight to the Muscles That Can Handle It

You move into the proverbial driver’s seat on how your energy gets spent because you can authentically explain to yourself why you are doing what you are doing – and respect it for what it is. From the front seat, you can see more clearly where you are going – and why you stop at one fuel station and not another, let’s say – and consciously begin to understand why your ‘autopilot program’ is making adjustments. You can support that autopilot program or you can begin to cut that wire and free up more of you for some one or some thing else as you see best.


  1. if you have, or had in the past, any kind of life advisor, counselor, coach or reader that increases your anxiety and adds to the stress you are feeling already, I urge you to stop and ask yourself WHY. What is your value system and where do you place yourself within it? I mean, you know, when you have a minute… 🙂

Be well,

  • weaver

Goals, Resolutions…and Grace

Jupiter recently held hands with the North Node and then stepped back. Just a bit, mind you, and the NN isn’t shy; its following. This makes me think about the grace inherent in the universe. After all, you can either plug in to the power source or you can decline: it’s your call. And the source is demonstrating this now. Here’s what I mean…

The North Node symbolizes your way forward, upward, onward. It’s all about what you are capable of, ready for and so it’s often called the destiny marker in astrology. But how well the facts of matters match up to an individual’s sense of confidence is another matter indeed. The ‘Sky Calendar’ shows the way from a vantage point we simply don’t regularly have down here on the muddy or brambly path. We are often, consciously or not, asserting blind faith mixed with the haunt of guilt we would feel if we gave up as we move through our days, weeks and months.

Jupiter can be a tricky energy to grasp. Some of its archetypes are fabulous: the benevolent king, the party god, santa claus. And this is because we instinctively know that we should feed/give attention to perceived ‘good energy’ rather than ‘bad’. But before our collective mind knew about Neptune, we gave rulership of Pisces to Jupiter. As we have noted, Pisces has no bounds and while that is profoundly important in grasping that we are All One and applying the Golden Rule, it can be a bit tricky whilst navigating our microcosm.

Of course we are nearly broke, but the January sales are on! We’ve got so much left over scrumptious food and drink to still get through! Mercury doesn’t station direct ’til the 25th, so what’s the point! For a lot of readers here, it’s grey and cold and we want to hibernate. Perhaps we have health/work/career plans and resolutions but we (or the others) just cannot muster the will or the way to take the first steps to implement them. Even more unfair, some who are blessedly unaffected by the lack of sunlight have quite enthusiastically marched forth on their personal missions only to hit a brick wall of sorts.

So here’s the point I am trying to make: Roll with it. Flow with it. Tread the proverbial waters – yes, of course, we must – yet at every opportunity, roll over and float face up, inflating your lungs with fresh oxygen. Foster and nurture your goal/s by spending time thinking on it, scribbling notes and diagrams, imagining and planning around potential obstacles. Consider all the others you must or might choose to involve in making it real and assess the effectiveness of your message about WHY they should co-create with you. Check your motivations (this can be a biggie). See Time in its proper Space. Do not waste precious energy on fretting and pacing and complaining. Here is why…

We are in Saturn square Neptune season, where land meets sea and that makes mud. Did you know that mud is a natural cleansing agent?

Mars is in Scorpio, region of the deep and still. Your Being’s life-force put to the tasks in this arena will yield the most fruitful results. For more about Mars, click here.

Our first new moon of 2016 is in Capricorn…and in this zone of your life-themes we also have the Sun, Pluto and Mercury. Hello! Yes, yes: it IS time to lay the foundations for what we believe we want. The Sun represents our unique creative gifts and talents, the inner child at play, our desire to provide and protect; Pluto is all the about the process of transforming the ways we perceive our power (think caterpillar to butterfly…its a pretty tight squeeze at certain points from A to B, but we all want to see that butterfly! And the payoff is that now that caterpillar is going places it could only dream of before, verily that it could not even fathom before); Mercury represents our thinking, our acquisition and application of all sorts of data from the macro and the micro world – and in retrograde, we probably need to ruminate on what we have stockpiled and check in with others we respect for their feedback and input.

You know, you cannot see a new moon. It’s there, but not visible. Its REAL but only if you have faith in the science that tells you why you can’t see it. When a farmer plants a seed, he covers it up. Seeds have proven a gazillion times over that they must be given time to germinate or you can forget about a harvest. Saturn and Venus are telling us to respect what we have learned and what we are currently capable of learning and work with it. The times, they are a-changing but we can still count on certain truths.

And so to wrap it up… Jupiter recently held hands with the North Node and then stepped back. Just a bit, mind you and the NN isn’t shy; it’s following. This makes me think about the grace inherent in the universe. By this I mean that, even when you feel incapable of pro-action, unable to get up from the sofa, uncomfortable or unsure about how to form necessary partnerships, what the hell your first step should be or how long ‘til you’ll see a little green shoot in the dirt, you CAN know this: you are certainly on your way. You just need to remember that THE way is not necessarily your ego’s way. Ego is primal and for good reason but what separates us from less conscious beings is the ability to understand that things are happening at a pace we only have partial control over at certain stages for our own best good. We get that totally, we just need reminders from time to time and there is nothing wrong with that. And what might really blow your mind if you think about it is this: if it weren’t for Jupiter (and Mercury) taking a step back, can you imagine the havoc we might wreak in our journey? If it weren’t for Venus tempering the feel of Saturn, if not for Mars entering a time of boundaries and enforced focus…for myself and the individuals I work with, I just see Grace.


For some structure in the fog, get in touch! Let’s see where you should be working, where you are best off being patient, who is standing by waiting to hear from you and what mighty and marvelous new ventures are germinating even now. Let’s go!

– Weaver


        Please include your birth date, time and place when requesting a reading. For more information about readings, click here.

In Praise of a Retrograde


Sometimes we must remember to be grateful that a planet is in retrograde. For quite some time now, there have been a lot of planets in retrograde at the same time – and some facets of my life have been – are – in trying times to put it mildly. Its not as though the writing wasn’t on the wall, but still… If you know the feeling, then I hope these thoughts I share today will lift your spirits at least a degree or two.

I sit with my wheel every morning. I focus on the movements of the energies, in relation to my own and those within my micro-cosmos, and consider how I should channel them to live the best version of my story that I can. Like everyone, I have some placements that require a firm hand and others that I look to, to ‘rescue’ me from my Self’s lesser desires. I should also say that some of those so-called outlaw, rebellious energies are the very ones I call on in other scenarios on my journey to fight the good fight that’s sometimes needed. It’s how we wield it, after all: it’s a matter of a mixture of intuition and perceived practicalities as to which ones we let fly and which we don’t even allow near the starting gate, yes? We have expanded awareness, if we but employ it, and a host of tools at our disposal. With that in mind…

For the last few days I have been wondering what I would do when the fire trine in Aries/Leo/Sag began to activate. I have a very pronounced Mars all my own and the trine is sitting right on top of it. When your personal Mars has been feeling exceedingly squashed for a long time, this can lead to your finger hovering over the proverbial red button. Now sometimes you need to push that button. You need to find yourself in an international airport with nothing but your carry-on or standing firm and glowing incandescent in relation to an Other, choosing the riskier attack on a cancer, lodging your case with the highest court. And sometimes you need to step back and consider how much of your feelings and thoughts are being warped by this squashed fire, causing you to shift from centre.

Everyone’s story is different and your energies are unique. But the Self as channel for these energies is a universal given. You will channel these energies, one way or another, and thats a fact. We are humming along, channeling away. We do a brilliant job sometimes (yay!) and then there will be a shenpa here and there, moments of regressed behaviour and of course, a fiasco or two gets thrown in for good learning measure. Don’t you just love it?

So, today, for me personally, I am grateful that Uranus is retrograde. Uranus is in Aries, ruler of Mars. I have a feeling I could just go SO Mars in a big big way and I sense that I must SEE the retrograde, incorporate the brake for this moment in Time. Its not so important that I understand why – there are so many factors I cannot be aware of. W/hat’s important is that this thought comes to mind and I feel led to acknowledge it. Uranus is a pure, non-egocentric and, thus, much more powerful vibration up the scale from archetype Mercury (example: if Mercury is the oldtime switchboard operator connecting your call then Uranus is the world wide web). For mere mortals, it can feel quite explosive when it is whooshing around, no matter what house it is in. It is STELLAR: wild, forward-focused, breath-takingly enlightening – when the timing is right, we can channel or receive it divinely. With Uranus travelling through Aries, archetype of ‘I Exist, dammit, and I will not be denied’, urges are not necessarily given due thought.

You see, Mars is in Sagittareous and let’s think about this for a second: Sag is the Wanderer and the Explorer archetype. This is Mutible Fire energy that seeks knowledge and experiences from where ever they may call. Where we have Sag in our wheel is where we desire the next level of gnosis. Add Mars in the mix and you have primal proactive drive trying to bust a move in a highly flexible and willing the-yerres-rain byGustave Caillebotte _jpgenvironment. Advice: See your wheel and apply wisely to your story.

And not only is Uranus retrograde, Mercury (Thinking and Learning) and Saturn (The Teacher) are diving in Fixed Scorpio (Deep We-ness Empowerment Issues). The Sun is in Libra: Intellectually (a nod to Mercury) -based Relational Balance. Jupiter is in Leo: the drive to create, to make happen, to perform – and the craving for attention, appreciation, the leadership role – is being super-expanded. How are you channeling this Fixed Fire energy? Have you done the pre-work? Or is it FOR the pre-work…

This may very well be the moment for you to shine like the Sun. I hope it is – let me know if thats the case for you! For many, this trine provides a well-deserved and obvious breakthrough on a matter of passionate importance. Several people I consult with are rising from strength to strength and I am so impressed and thrilled! They did the pre-work. Another person I have just begun to work with is chomping at the bit in a business power struggle. He feels so constrained. But thats just tough because it is clearly not his moment to shine on the stage, but rather to shine a light on the interior Self and make some magic there. The trine is going to help us both. We are going to encourage one another to seek the higher ground, to shine where it matters most.

This trine says, ‘Be of strong heart!’ That’s really the gist of it, whether you make this manifest in the public square, at the kitchen sink, an office cubicle or the voice in your head. Is it’s purpose to fire a subtle boost or a jet propulsion? That’s up to the individual. I, for one, am just sending out a wave today to fellow travellors who are led to honour ‘the brake’ indicating less glamourous pre-work may well be advised and are trying to find positive ways to channel their restlessness. You are not the only one. Be of strong heart!   

– weaver,