Psyched…under an Aquarian Moon

Street Art in Pano Paphos

Street Art in Pano Paphos

I am awfully glad the moon has moved into Aquarius…I mean, really: this simple elemental shift has been like a millstone lifted. What a whopping time it has been. The lovely Venus Jupiter conjunction has happened in my 10th house of career/reputation/public square. This means that for weeks, the spotlight has been growing exponentially on me, my ‘public square’ has expanded and filled with positive, fruitful and impressive interactions and one would think that would be great. And it was for a while. But then, as soon as I became conscious of it, it wasn’t…! I feel like I am in the middle of a physics experiment that I still grapple to comprehend: the viewer of a phenomenon alters the phenomenon.

This is strange behaviour for a 10th house Leo but I have always been like this. When I think too many people have started to look at me, notice me, rather than or more than my ‘message’, I’m gone. Is this self-sabotage or necessary protection (or variously, one or the other) and a dozen more neural wirings as well? When I am in the blinding thick of it, I don’t care. I quit Society and focus on work and sanctuary. This makes sense for a Cancerian MC but still, a Leo that quits…is an underdeveloped Leo.

For the last couple of years I have been studying the asteroid archetypes, sometimes intensely but mostly as an aid in coaching and reading. After all, a lot happens when you get intense and then you have to just allow for the internal processing, yes?

first days above ground for a pink grapefruit tree

first days above ground for a pink grapefruit tree

I was introduced again to Psyche this morning (astronomical number 16) via an article I came upon – that I wasn’t looking for at a great place to learn about the asteroids – while surfing opinions on the current (mostly negative) energies. And this time, I was ‘hearing’. I cast my wheel to include Psyche and guess what? Venus has just passed over my natal placement and Jupiter is now right on top of it, expanding its importance, driving home the necessity for some serious attention: I can’t keep doing this – or at least, I can’t keep mindlessly doing this.

I will be thinking and meditating along the lines that I have to work with. And these lines are available to every unique one of us. What does it mean to have a natal placement of Psyche in Leo in the 10th? And transiting Psyche is currently in Taurus just shy of the 25th degree. That puts it exactly on the cusp of my 8th house. If you are a student of astrology, I bet your mind is just bursting with potential descriptors! And, of course, there are other important angles to further flesh it out. Believe it or not, I am super psyched about what I will learn. 😉

And writing about this, I am struck by the thought that I am putting my Psyche in the spotlight…whoa! But it serves my message, you see. I think with all the Pluto/Mars tug of war going on in the Real/Physical World, the Aquarian moon gives me an indifference that is delicious. All of Us is so much more important than Me and if I have inspired you to check in on your Psyche – in this era of Great Rebuildings and as the Sun crosses the House of the Psychic, then mission accomplished on multiple frequencies. Work smart, not hard.

The Micro/Macro Stand-Off

So, the moon in Aquarius gives us SpaceTime perspective and if you can feel this, you can visualise your Self distancing from Chaos. You can make real in your mind’s eye the panorama of this scene or sets of scenes on the stage of your life, rather than focus on the moment a power-sapping remark or action was made.

we hand-fed this youngster, fallen from the nest, until he was ready to set off on his own.

we hand-fed this youngster, fallen from the nest, until he was ready to set off on his own.

If you have felt at the mercy of happenings in the Capricorn area of your wheel, the Aquarian Moon will aid your Sun/Mars Intimate Circle themes by offering the reminder that it takes two to tango and you can go solo for a while or only dance with the ones you can relate to. And not just for your sake, perhaps, but also for theirs. There are auto-cyclic patterns that run through these scenes but we can’t see them up close.

You are more than this moment in time – and if you have been The Jerk, then know this is true for you as well. You are a sum greater because of your fractured parts; you are grace unfolding when you remember what is real in SpaceTime. A new moon in Cancer approaches…

–  weaver

start learning about your innate Psyche placement:

If you enjoy noting macro examples of the current energies, check out Greece (Mars/Sun) vs. the Euro Bank (Pluto). Seek alternate sources of news for a better overall understanding. Do you predict a ‘no’ or a ‘yes’ vote? Does it matter?

Other Macro archetypes rising: Women/Female Influence. The letter of the law vs. the spirit of the law.

Trending Word-Meanings: Caution Advised

in the mixI was recently reading an article and having the strangest experience throughout. Just about every time I share news with you, it’s because I want to draw the macro point or theme down into our micro worlds.  So I want to make it very clear at the outset of this post that that is exactly what I am trying to do here.

This is not a political post; I find politics to be a highly complex, Time-spectrum entanglement of peoples and entities that, by no means, fit into neat little boxes. I am not interested in the political perspectives of my readers except to the degree that it influences personal co-creativity. And then it only comes up if you want it to. The various current ‘bedrock themes’ within faiths that fuel political perspectives are, again, something I find to be so intricately and intimately imbedded on the Psyche that it is only a specific factor when the individual deems it must be when defining energy interpretations.

I just like to introduce macro archetypes into personal spheres as a reminder that energy is energy and the rain falls on all, the rich and the poor, as the biblical lesson tells.

So, I am reading an article wherein the author is clearly disappointed with his subjects for reasons that, to me, seem illogical and ironically self-contradictory. I think to myself, how can this person lay out all of the material that supports the supposed stance of his subjects and then say its ‘a train wreck’? I don’t think I am being too literal: words have meanings that are generally understood. When I use the word, ‘progressive’ or ‘evolution’, you don’t immediately plunk that into a political frame but hear these words for their general meaning. Of course, a specific article on a specific subject will align the meaning – but only so far. The mental image/imprint of a word’s meaning has limits, if only for the basic fact that the audience, ranging potentially in the millions, necessitates this.

Some excerpts:

‘…the progressive tag…: ever evolving, changing, progressing along to something…The evolution across issues is so vast, so unceasing, that no progressive can tell you where they will stand years from now. They merely know they’re progressing…By progressive thinking, (the subjects), say, 5, 10, 15, or 50 years ago were not finished progressing. This should also mean that the (subjects) were in fact wrong at each way-station in their journey to today’s progressive “truth”…But here’s the kicker: How can the (subjects) — or any modern progressive — know they’re right now? How do they know they’ve progressed to the “correct” point on (the issue)? Progress, after all, never stops progressing.

‘(A political icon’s) faithful supporters roared approval, projecting upon his blank screen whatever they had in mind. In (the icon’s) mind, this included bestowing unto himself the monumental ability to literally redefine (the issue), granting himself and his government a power heretofore reserved for the laws of nature and nature’s God.

…they know where conservatives stand: we look to tradition, to Biblical law, to Natural Law, to time-tested things worth conserving. We see (this issue) best as it has been since the Garden of Eden. We can tell you our end-goal, our ideal. Progressives cannot.’

Well. I realize its not comforting to be confronted but reality does that. Concerning the first paragraph of excerpts, I have to remark that I don’t know anyone who has lived a few decades that doesn’t see some truth – maybe a lot!-  to these statements. I object to the terms, ‘wrong’, ‘right’ and ‘correct’ being used in explicitly judgmental terms in a context that pre-assumes that the search for the ‘right’ and ‘correct’ is not being genuinely sought; for the average person, it is most definitely in a state of relative awareness. The reader will also conclude that the author seems to feel quite ‘right’ and ‘correct’ on the topic which is in direct contradiction to the archetype Christian and Jewish ‘bedock theme’ of humility and awe at how low human thoughts are compared to God’s thoughts: as far as the sky is from the earth. Why, just consider for a moment the phenomenal changes these very faiths have creakily and often grudgedly made over the millenia as those that they are meant to serve via interpretation of Scriptures have made it all too clear that awareness has increased. And it is virtually unanimous that the changes made in the last 5 decades by the Christian belief system, in reference to civil liberties, are far more firmly rooted in ‘right’ and ‘correct’ than they were previously.

The emphasis in the 2nd paragraph of excerpts are mine. That we all project onto the blank screen of an energy conduit is a universal human trait. This is one of the best points that I think this writer makes. It is a primary ‘bedrock theme’ to co-creative living that we use to gauge whether we are using energy with wisdom. That a particular icon rises to that position brings us back to the complex ball of knots that is politics. Yet it’s still a fact that, whether you personally wanted this particular icon or not at this particular time, somehow he/she is there. The archetype messages are heard by the individual, processed in their micro-world, influencing their thoughts and feelings in relation to a combination of their micro-group and that group’s awareness-trends of the goings on, in this case, within the community of macro-science, -inter-faith dialogue, and –commerce.

Continuing with my emphasis, I just have to say that ‘the laws of nature and nature’s God’ seem to rarely factor into the machinations of the political world, except through contortion. Enough said, easily.

And finally, in response to the last series, Wow. I am a highly conservative person. I come from a highly conservative family, going back generations. I agree with ‘live and let live’ and I choose to live within my means; I owe no debt; I am risk-averse; I expect that if I work hard, I should reap the benefit of it; I have never expected or asked for assistance though I think some persons need assistance at some points in their lives and I have no right to judge those needing assistance. If I can help, I most definitely will.

Sidebar: I think I have needed assistance at times, frankly, but somehow I managed and this is an example of how strongly I am culturally imprinted on this point…I might chuckle now to remember but only because those instances are some time-distance behind me. Another macrotheme that All of us are increasingly aware of is how fragile life can be even if you follow every ‘rule’.

The strain of conservatives that I come from has always placed great value on higher education, expansion of the intellectual mind – indeed, why did God give you a brain? That the cherished archetype, ‘Garden of Eden’, taken by some Christians as literal and by the majority as poetic insight-teachings about their Genesis, enters the writer’s theme here gives me pause. Maybe he is preaching to a select choir? How should I interpret his meaning, given what I have come to learn about the Aramaic and Greek language texts, the evolution of English and the motives/perspectives of ‘perfect translation’? I do know my end-goal, my ideal, fits very cozily within the genuine bedrock themes of Christianity: inclusion rather than exclusion, even if very uncomfy at stages, is the way of Christ. ALL are welcome at ‘his table’, whether we personally like it or not.

What if Paul had not had his Damascene conversion? Or had it, but by pure will, blocked it out? How well do you really know the daily goings on for him at that time and his experiences, both within his microcosm and macrocosm? If that seems a bit of dramatic license, then please do a little research. There was nothing ‘right’ or ‘correct’ for him and his in this new perspective.

The identity of an individual is sacred and as all the major religions insist, it is not the destination but the journey. You are to use your relationship with your Spiritual Authority in conjunction with your relationship to your neighbor and to your Self, thus navigating life by the ‘most important commandment’. Clearly then, identity issues are, by default, the most serious of Being. And that makes struggle valid even if others feel indifferent. Especially in the country that proudly states that all are created equal and thus, within its borders, should pursue equality.


I will close with the repetition that I simply wanted to point out some of the archetypal trends making the rounds these days and encourage you to read and think with a critical eye. This post is not meant to be about this writer’s particular subjects and it is not really meant to be about any particular religion but rather his writing seemed to floor me with its use of language. I took it as an opportunity for me (via my personal journey) to climb up on my soapbox and talk about how we absorb any subjects/themes that cross our view. No one should be hijacking our word-meanings. I am progressive. I am conservative. This is not a contradiction in terms. If we will be making new words and word-meanings, thats fine, too. I am sure that I will become aware.

Know your definitions and why you have them, the importance of word-meanings and trickster_zpse1d6d78d[1]how language should be working for you, not against you. When you communicate, what do others hear? When you listen, are you contextually aligned to the point of evaluative disengagement? It is surely not easy, but we can try to be open to edit or enlarge the Self as new information comes  – for our own wellbeing. It is not a sign of weakness to Grow into what feels ‘right’ or ‘correct’ in this moment in Time – and your own perspective should not be the only mental fertilizer being used.


Re: Catholic-Muslim Forum & the new Pope.  “Political and religious leaders have the duty of ensuring each individual’s freedom of conscience and freedom of religion.” – Pope Benedict XVI

Me, me, me! Following on the themes I discuss above, here is a article concerning how to forge your ‘I Am’plans: A fantastic overview on how to think about your urge to just do it, whatever it may be.

Empathy Video: An exercise is crossing over the divide between ‘you’ and ‘me’.

A Focused Decision

"Winter Holidays: A Celebration for Every...

“Winter Holidays: A Celebration for Everyone” Exhibit (Photo credit: Special Collections Research Center, Swem Library)

The weeks are flying by – I’m not sure where the first ten days or so of December went…


*I listened to a fantastic interview with Brene Brown on vulnerability. What I think of when defining this word is nothing like the perspective she gives. Hope and fear are two facets/functions we should all take a genuine look at. Will we?

*Another interview I managed to catch just a bit of was about predictions by financial

Kwanzaa symbols

Kwanzaa symbols (Photo credit:

experts way off the main stream. They said the following: the E.U. would collapse, the U.S. dollar would become junk, Japan would finally implode, and a revolution was imminent in Spain – all in process now and in full reality by 2014. Another point they mentioned was that main stream media was not reporting that the 1% has been and continues to steadily move its currency into gold and other precious metals.

*I have had several conversations with people via Elemental Living that are concerned about the world ending on December 21st. I have made it clear to them – and offer this to any of you that, too, may be concerned. Let’s stay logical here: if an asteroid were hurtling towards Earth with an arrival date of the 21st, our technology would have known about it sometime ago. No asteroid. No aliens, no nothing of this sort either, in my humble opinion. What is ending – in slow motion and not, poof, on the 21st – is a mentality that things can keep running on the System as we know it. (by the way, that’s a paraphrasing of the Mayan point of view, not just me talking. So if you will, in the first place, give credence to an ancient calendar, it’s wise to also get the facts about what the calendar makers meant. ) The thing is, the System is global and it’s too much for our individual or small-group minds to grasp or launch into when we consider what should replace it. And obviously, the powers that be are not going to take kindly to any change whatsoever. This date is just another guise of Fear and it makes me angry to learn that the most frightened section of society that is buying into ‘the end of the world’ is 12 – 25yr olds.

*And then the little children in Newtown, CT were mowed down by a deranged young man. I thought, too, of the parents in Palestine, Israel, Syria and the DRC.

*And I just today watched a film, Hardwired, and in the opening scenes, a news broadcaster is stating just about exactly what the financial experts, mentioned above, said. A movie loaded with archetype energy motifs. It felt like a weird and eerie co-incidence.

This is Holiday time – the point being that whatever your belief system, as our Sun’s warmth and light decreases greatly, we feel compelled to pick up the slack. WeEnglish: A lit candle in the dark Español: Una...

string lights and cheery, brightly coloured decorations inside our homes and around our garden to help us and passersby to keep the faith, to not give up, to focus on our co-creation work as partners, family members, friends, neighbors, communities. Spring comes as surely as winter…

It seems kinda empty, doesn’t it…I mean, I wouldn’t want to be the one saying something like that to a mom or dad in Newtown.

Yes, of course, we must continue. We must use our amazing ability to compartmentalise events and the reflexive emotions they generate. But, wow, to what extent before it begins to feel ridiculous. How robotic or machine-like will we have to become as we subconsciously wait for our unemployed youth to react?

As you can see, I have had a rollercoaster two weeks of successfully and not so successfully compartmentalising. Many, many of us have. The meaning of the season seems to be in direct contradiction to the reality so many people are living in. Again, I will remind myself and you that these things have always happened, perhaps in different manifestations over the centuries, but we didn’t have satellite news channels telling us about it. Again, I will remind myself and you that just because there are a few looney tunes or downright evil people, it does not mean that everyone is like that. Not everyone is a Wall Street player; not everyone has a machine gun.

Yes, it is good to string the lights and create a cheery environment. But it’s crucial to share that cheer with the people in your orbit – whether you have family close by or not, consider inviting co-workers, fellow students, interns or the one who makes your morning coffee at the cafe, bags your groceries at the store. Maybe you could select by those that return a smile.  I really don’t care if I sound corny. That’s one of the perks of blogging: my five minutes on the soapbox.

My point is that we must all start to interact in real time with one another and develop an awareness of the people in our micro-world. Rather than ‘One World Government’, lets focus on our little slice of ‘One World Community’. We have to build relationships with the people that live metres away, not only those via screen thousands of miles away. Bartering, give and take, trust-commerce, parties and funerals have got to re-root for each one of us…with a focus on common denominators and not exclusively by religion or ethnicity, language accent or physical shape. I realize that for most of us, just imagining that will seem weird. It’s no longer quite so natural feeling, I totally agree.

Yet otherwise, we miss the whole point. We let Fear win and a bit more of our humanity dies.*

I am going to focus much more on enjoying each person I am engaging with over the holidays. A kind of ‘serious enjoyment’, if that makes sense. I am also going to be on the lookout for moments to have kind interactions with total strangers that don’t necessarily look anything like me. Who knows where that could lead…At any rate, I am going to consciously appreciate the interactions I have.

I wish you serious enjoyment of those in your micro world, too. Until the light increases in our skies again, may there be more than enough light within us.

candles in the night

candles in the night (Photo credit: Odjuret)

*Its not about feeling like it, by the way. Fact: Thoughts dictate emotions. Intellectually see the wisdom and firmly decide. The feelings are certain to follow. If you need some prompters, just let me know.