Heroes in Training

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Stoking the Forge

The archetypal trend front and center now is Mars. I’ve shared about the qualities of this Action Fire Element (Aries) and Fixed Water Element (Scorpio) in past posts listed at the bottom of the page. Currently, the focal experience is it’s retrograde through Sagittarius.

This indispensable force will take on interior-related forms which may be helpful to vulcan_PPRubensimagine one would find in a finery forge or smithy workshop: the hearth, the fire, the anvil, the hammer and tongs, the cooling vat and the blacksmith, who by blood, sweat and skill brings forth lasting, useful works. Mars will be spending an inordinate amount of time (its been decades since we last experienced this) hammering away on our psychosomatic state of Being. Between now and July, we’ll be on the anvil and swinging the hammer.

For a more modern cast and scene that highlights exterior-related forms, we can imagine ourselves as battle heroes in training…

‘Stand Down, Soldier’

Objectively speaking, this is good; subjectively speaking, this may feel like trial by fire. Just remember that Mars can be is egocentric: the sparks from your forge work should not catch your neighbor’s house on fire. In fact, the single most important feature of this span of time seems to me to be about how well you can contain your experience when appropriate. Until we get the hang of this energy and its effects, beware of being the cause of division and strife. Realize that your lessons are not someone else’s – unless they say so, too. (There could easily be group or network building involved.) More good news is that the energy is on tap for doing just that. If we will take the time to periodically de-clutter our minds, focus on our unique skills and receive what’s swirling around us as purifying rather than personal, we should come out the other side a veritable special ops Marine grad.

I imagine we’ll see all sorts of metaphors for what not to do with this energy playing out on the macro-level, but its vital (pun intended!) we take up arms with as much wisdom and foresight as we can muster on the micro-level. How this plays out for you can’t be addressed in a post (click here  and scroll to the Here and Now option for your personalized reading) but I can surely give you some pointers to come back to from time to time…

Battle Plan:

  1. Below is a by-no-means-complete list of Mars characteristics through the signs. Still, it should get the mind going. I tried to come up with a few higher and lower vibe examples. It’s a good starting point for thinking about how you use your life force. Just like your heart beats without you even thinking about it, Mars is a reflexive primal energy; civilization forces the individual to become conscious of and temper it. I recommend that you reflect on characteristics (and others that come to mind) from your earliest memories to the present. It’s quite telling and usually affirming to reflect on how you have learned to manage desire, how you differentiate between needs and wants, how you have evolved in going after what you want. (This list will work for fire sign suns, too: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius.)
  2. Note your Venus placement, too. Guess what? The highest vibes you’ve mastered in relation to material goods, ethics, morals and reciprocity will be outstanding tools for tempering the rage of an injured ego. What’s really personal and what’s just baggage that has nothing to do with you? (or them, if its you on the warpath)? What do you attract?
  3. Remember that the key to navigation throughout 2016 is flexibility. Through emotional floods or intellectual tornadoes, that which bends does not break. Whatever the goal or destination may be for you, expect to arrive via currently unforeseeable paths and turns and know that this is part of the grand plan. You shall still arrive. On that note, I want to add something I have found quite helpful: if you possess a great deal of mutable energy (and/or your sun sign is Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces), don’t assume you are so flexible. Does this energy govern an angular or succedent house? If so, it will necessarily carry some degree of that archetype. I have an 11th house mutable party going on all the time and rarely feel stubborn-ish in these matters – but I am!! Sure, (I think) my ‘bend arc’ is quite wide…but red lines are there, some for the good and some not at all. Awareness is an enlightening thing.
  4. Saturn, the Teacher and Taskmaster, is housemates with Mars. This can have a sobering effect. Think: commanding officer tells cadet, ‘Stand down, soldier’. There is something here for you to learn; learning requires a cool head and maturity. Muster as much of this as you can when someone starts pushing your buttons. Try to start each morning remembering this. This energy is on tap for every one of us. And Saturn guarantees concrete rewards upon graduation from boot camp.



Mars through the Signs

Mars in Aries: survivor, explorer, unbridled sensory seeker, ‘no baggage’ pro-creative Ego; group dynamics-challenged, childish, discontented.

Mars in Taurus: in it for the long haul, dedicated/fixed, invested in concrete results; obstinate, inflexible, sluggish

Mars in Gemini: social instigator, team oriented, hungry for knowledge; prone to rivalries and competitions, overbooked, a forest rather than a few trees

Mars in Cancer: defender of the nation/tribe/family unit, warrior for feminine issues, powerfully intuitive; passive aggressive, hyper sensitive, invested in ‘traditional roleplay’

Mars in Leo: pro-creator extraordinaire, protective, magnanimous, a leader/champion; divo or diva, reckless, hot-headed

Mars in Virgo: champion for the underdog, employee of the year, service and reliability incarnate; self-made doormat, manic-depressive, blinkered

Mars in Libra: instigator, social networker extraordinaire, interpersonally bold; bickering, caustic, self-sabotaging

Mars in Scorpio: transformer/revealer, super concentrated/focused, magnetically oriented, seductive; winner take all, uncompromising, cruel

Mars in Sagittarius: fearless pioneer, adventurous, ‘wide open’, warrior for justice; lacking empathy/compassion, sharp-tongued/TMI, overcompensating

Mars in Capricorn: calculating, consistent/constant, charismatic; comparison-driven, dictatorial, ‘tradition-locked’

Mars in Aquarius: fighting for collective advancement, challenger of status quo, innovator extraordinaire; dare devil/fringe surfer, interpersonally insensitive, party of 1/aloof

Mars in Pisces: servant-warrior, master healer/energy channeler, purified Ego; lacking direction, defeatist angst, subject to exhaustion/illness


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Blessed Are the Space Holders

By now, many of us are moving or, at least, are poised to move into a landscape of forward motion. Me, I’m at the tail end of ‘poised’…its all good: here in the Med, there’s a different quality to time. But regardless of the year in motion, I want to give a shout out to so many of you that haven’t had a real break in a long while. I have been quite preoccupied lately with the line you walk each day and I want you to know that you are appreciated.

There are many of us doing a crucial work for the overall fabric of macro experience, often but not always in a highly private way. It’s service rarely spoken about and usually without any monetary reward. That last point is a biggie in the material world. It’s big because we almost always judge ourselves in comparison to so-and-so or the value of our efforts to the pay rate of a ‘real job’. You might feel quite exhausted but if you don’t get a pay check for it, then it doesn’t really count. You wouldn’t put it on your resumé…

I am talking about Holding the Space on behalf of someone else who can’t, for some reason, hold their own.

Often it’s the family matriarch or somewhat retired grandparents who insist it’s no trouble to put any plans they have on hold and keep a warm home environment going years beyond expectation. I have also known it to be the big brother of a mentally handicapped person, a ‘boomer caring for an aging parent, a spouse; the cleaners and preppers at shelters, the holy workers on frigid nights distributing blankets and gloves down back alleys. But these years, as our cultures and traditions are shaken up so regularly, the variety of Holding continues to inspire. I have now seen it more than once in western teenagers employing patience and independence as their parents grow (or not) through a rough patch and in the villagers of tiny Greek islands who have nothing whatsoever left to offer but still turn no one away, even as they defy man-made laws.

And here is the key component for Holding Space: Voluntary Service. Beyond tradition, culture, demographic, and sometimes beyond purse strings, an emotional or spiritual decision is made – a holy vow, really – and actively put out there.

Most cultures say a person should be ‘here’ by this age, accomplishing ‘that’ by the next age, be able to overcome challenges certainly by that point in time, should have a back-up plan ready to kick in, should have thought about this before now, will just have to endure the ups and downs of life, can only take out equivalent to what has been put in, and in comparison to the Successful People, had better measure up or fade away. This mentality keeps the masses productive. And it’s good to strive.

But then there is reality on the ground: people fail to measure up to the familial or traditional role that’s been assigned. Even if Life doesn’t care and isn’t fair, Space Holders do and they are doing it for someone. They are effectively bartering their energy in place of another and this puts them in a place of mighty yet volatile power.

It may have been ages since those you put yourself out for have given any kind of progress report or a smile, even… You want to get on with your working life, your intellectual life, the challenges that you choose to undertake, the schedule you want to keep…your freedom. You feel pressurized but have nothing to show for it.  What you once did effortlessly for love has become like a prison.  And this, in turn, can make you feel worthless because it doesn’t bring you financial security. In fact, sometimes it’s a financial drain, too. But to let this kind of mentality grow is to circle the spiritual drain.

The collective KNOWS that there is a real cost, a denial of self-interests and a brake on the spirit for those who serve. When we stop and consider your work in the community, whether we know you personally or not, that you raise the overall vibration of Life is clear. And yet, it is also the lot of the Space Holder to be unseen and unheard, unsung and unexciting. For intangible reasons, you manifest tangible services. Remember the inspiration that invoked your unconditional offering. Find ways to feed that inspiration, perhaps to examine its current validity and redefine its application. Keep that space sacred and so, it will hold until you understand that it is no longer necessary.

The person says ‘I am’; the ego says, ‘That is how I am.’  ‘Know thyself’ means to the person: know yourself as being. To the ego, it means: know your being-that-way.  – The Luminous Vision, Anne Bancroft, pg 38

You are not alone – in fact, you are legion. You are the silent engines and rudders that have literally kept civilization going for millennia. Please remember these truths in lonely moments when your ego wants to alter your true identity. Focus in the rightness of Being.

These experiences are rough and yet they are precious: the more of us that have them, the greater our collective empathy and compassion becomes (and we are trying to move that big ship…).

A thousand blessings on our Space Holders!


– weaver