Blessed Are the Space Holders

By now, many of us are moving or, at least, are poised to move into a landscape of forward motion. Me, I’m at the tail end of ‘poised’…its all good: here in the Med, there’s a different quality to time. But regardless of the year in motion, I want to give a shout out to so many of you that haven’t had a real break in a long while. I have been quite preoccupied lately with the line you walk each day and I want you to know that you are appreciated.

There are many of us doing a crucial work for the overall fabric of macro experience, often but not always in a highly private way. It’s service rarely spoken about and usually without any monetary reward. That last point is a biggie in the material world. It’s big because we almost always judge ourselves in comparison to so-and-so or the value of our efforts to the pay rate of a ‘real job’. You might feel quite exhausted but if you don’t get a pay check for it, then it doesn’t really count. You wouldn’t put it on your resumé…

I am talking about Holding the Space on behalf of someone else who can’t, for some reason, hold their own.

Often it’s the family matriarch or somewhat retired grandparents who insist it’s no trouble to put any plans they have on hold and keep a warm home environment going years beyond expectation. I have also known it to be the big brother of a mentally handicapped person, a ‘boomer caring for an aging parent, a spouse; the cleaners and preppers at shelters, the holy workers on frigid nights distributing blankets and gloves down back alleys. But these years, as our cultures and traditions are shaken up so regularly, the variety of Holding continues to inspire. I have now seen it more than once in western teenagers employing patience and independence as their parents grow (or not) through a rough patch and in the villagers of tiny Greek islands who have nothing whatsoever left to offer but still turn no one away, even as they defy man-made laws.

And here is the key component for Holding Space: Voluntary Service. Beyond tradition, culture, demographic, and sometimes beyond purse strings, an emotional or spiritual decision is made – a holy vow, really – and actively put out there.

Most cultures say a person should be ‘here’ by this age, accomplishing ‘that’ by the next age, be able to overcome challenges certainly by that point in time, should have a back-up plan ready to kick in, should have thought about this before now, will just have to endure the ups and downs of life, can only take out equivalent to what has been put in, and in comparison to the Successful People, had better measure up or fade away. This mentality keeps the masses productive. And it’s good to strive.

But then there is reality on the ground: people fail to measure up to the familial or traditional role that’s been assigned. Even if Life doesn’t care and isn’t fair, Space Holders do and they are doing it for someone. They are effectively bartering their energy in place of another and this puts them in a place of mighty yet volatile power.

It may have been ages since those you put yourself out for have given any kind of progress report or a smile, even… You want to get on with your working life, your intellectual life, the challenges that you choose to undertake, the schedule you want to keep…your freedom. You feel pressurized but have nothing to show for it.  What you once did effortlessly for love has become like a prison.  And this, in turn, can make you feel worthless because it doesn’t bring you financial security. In fact, sometimes it’s a financial drain, too. But to let this kind of mentality grow is to circle the spiritual drain.

The collective KNOWS that there is a real cost, a denial of self-interests and a brake on the spirit for those who serve. When we stop and consider your work in the community, whether we know you personally or not, that you raise the overall vibration of Life is clear. And yet, it is also the lot of the Space Holder to be unseen and unheard, unsung and unexciting. For intangible reasons, you manifest tangible services. Remember the inspiration that invoked your unconditional offering. Find ways to feed that inspiration, perhaps to examine its current validity and redefine its application. Keep that space sacred and so, it will hold until you understand that it is no longer necessary.

The person says ‘I am’; the ego says, ‘That is how I am.’  ‘Know thyself’ means to the person: know yourself as being. To the ego, it means: know your being-that-way.  – The Luminous Vision, Anne Bancroft, pg 38

You are not alone – in fact, you are legion. You are the silent engines and rudders that have literally kept civilization going for millennia. Please remember these truths in lonely moments when your ego wants to alter your true identity. Focus in the rightness of Being.

These experiences are rough and yet they are precious: the more of us that have them, the greater our collective empathy and compassion becomes (and we are trying to move that big ship…).

A thousand blessings on our Space Holders!


– weaver



Saturn square Neptune. Lets break it down.

First of all, a square is just what you might think; it refers to a 90’ angle being formed between two archetypes on the astrology wheel. It can be helpful to visualise, say, a two-way electrical cord bent into this shape and imagine how difficult – what a pile-up/traffic jam – it will be for all the electricity coursing through the cord to navigate around that angle. One end or the other will have to send the order out to give the right of way to the other. Speaking of traffic jams, this is another great analogy. Without a system understood (and accepted) by all drivers, there are going to be a lot of serious crashes at intersections. And by no means are all vehicles equal…Taking these examples to the dynamics of living, we see that squares force change.

  1. Sometimes this is a somewhat obvious course correction that we are willing to take or watch and appreciate another taking.
  2. Sometimes we can be truly blind to the cause of the squaring issues – though certainly aware of the effect.
  3. And sometimes, we feel certain of the cause and regardless of effect, we make a decision that we absolutely will not budge for love nor money. We let it be known on the other end of that power cord.

While you may call it by another name or phrase, you know it when you are ‘in a square’. Now lets look at the archetypes: Saturn & Neptune and their placements in Sagittarius and Pisces.

All energy is neutral until it is channeled/wielded/offered/manipulated/stifled/let loose/ect, and so on, by an individual or an entity. By entity, I mean a group, a tribe, a government, an institution, a nation, a coalition of entities under a particular banner. An entity is your family unit; its also your home owners association, your church, synagogue, mosque, temple.

Keywords for Saturn:

Concrete. Physical reality. Boundary/Red Line. Hierarchy. Tradition. Patriarchy. Authority. Earth Time. Karma. Ruler of Career, Reputation, Standing in the Community or Entity.

When an individual or entity feels challenged, Saturn is often channeled as rigid/passive-aggressive/dictatorial/wall-building and refortifying/backward focused. This is because when our physical reality feels threatened, we like to retreat to the fortress we are familiar with, regardless of whether it still provides what is needed. It is the System that has worked. And we don’t see another system that has stood the test of Time.

Sagittarius is the sign of the archer. This archetype is generally depicted standing on a high point looking out over terrain yet to be traveled. His view is spacious, he registers the general topography and gallops forth with enthusiasm. Mutable fire, he hungers for greater knowledge and experience in new realms.

Keywords for Neptune:

The god of the boundless sea. The All-One. Maker of the tsunami and the still waters. Spirit space. Source of Gnosis, fantasy. Space Time. Sacrificial lamb. Peace that passes understanding.

When an individual or entity feels challenged, Neptune is often channeled as isolation or an inability to bear empathy and imagining a future ‘lost at sea’. Mirroring our perceptions, we can metaphorically drown in our favourite form of escapism in an effort to console our victim-circumstance. Some of us are finding we can choose to use our imagination as a starting point for connection to Gnosis. Neptune rules the heroin addict but it also rules the practices of the Dalai Lama and the prayerful.

The archteype of Pisces is the unbound realm of mystery, that which is divine and that which we conjure – indeed, Neptune rules these mutable waters. Primal soup of Alpha and Omega.

So…wow. Two areas or themes in our life are ‘in square’ with ZERO apparent common ground for negotiation. In some matters, we have been floating along in our little boat with our vision, our story, our beliefs and bam, a steam ship looms in the thinning fog, closing in fast. We’re flailing around best we can but it looks like we’ll be going under. Or perhaps we have been making quantifiable strides in building an area of our life; we’ve been going from strength to strength and everyone can see the fruits of our labour and bam, one of the support beams starts to crack and you can daily measure it spreading while you run around trying to source a solid fix.

Phrases I am hearing: ‘I can’t absorb any more responsibility’. ‘All I want to do is sleep.’ ‘I don’t know how we can both be from the same family.’ ‘I cant concentrate.’ ‘I am not a racist but its not my fault.’ ‘For a while, I could see a way to keep training for my dream job while I pitched in with an ailing relative but now I just have tunnel vision.’ ‘The money I was counting on for Christmas must now go for a washing machine.’ ‘My parents say I am not a good Christian if I like that politician.’ ‘Where does all the time go?’ ‘I want to give my kids the best Christmas presents to make up for being away so much but there is no way I can afford it – what will they think of me?’ ‘The test results are back but the doctor says he cant fit me in til next year!’ ‘Invest some more or close up shop?’


Checking out our handy road map, we can start framing our thoughts around the following points:

This vise is going to tighten, let up a bit and tighten up again three times between this November and next September. That’s three chances to perfect a balance between Earth and Sea, tangible and intangible values. You are in the midst of the first chance: take detailed notes about how you and the other end of the power cord are positioned: pre-existing grudges, vague or timid language, and what would happen if you considered and, maybe, said out loud that you could compromise or that you have been wrong? What would your response be if the other side said that to you…are you ready?

Saturn is in Sagittarius. Yes, the analogy of E.U. governments slamming doors on emigrants could apply to your situation. But I feel strongly that in individual readings, we might also need to check our analysis with a basic premise of astro: Saturn must express according to Jupiter’s house rules. While Saturn feels harsh, its prime objective is physical security via tangible world systems. Saturn generally cuts off excess. Maybe we shouldn’t be too quick to pout. The area of your life that is run on Sag or Pisces energy could be excessive in ways that aren’t obvious – are you willing to zoom in and see? Good Times Jupiter needs that foundation in order to party-plan realistically. Sag also rules our philosophies and our understanding of Justice; maybe we need to rebuild or edit the mental structures that we use to judge these themes. Yes, Saturn is ‘cold’ but its travelling through fire. Yes, Saturn expects action but in Sag, that action will be manifest in all sorts of creative ways and if we find we must backtrack to begin again, we can decide to be glad for the chance.

Neptune is in Pisces – its very own castle –  which means there is access to passwords, security codes, way cool intuition, aha!moments every bit as much as death-by-chocolate cake. In this area of life, you can gnosis that what you feel and experience here is universal. From the dawn of humanity, others have felt desolation, pain, confusion; others have felt so high, transcendent, metamorphic. You are not alone. This may sound trite but let it sink in. You are not the First Victim. You are not the First to experience Rapture. No one can judge you or compare your experience as greater or lesser. You are being. Try to visualize the boundless power that courses through your unique self simply because You Are, with or without physical means.This is a warm reality check.

This square is fair notice that the Nodes have moved from cardinal to mutable mode. That means the flexibility inherent in the square belongs to both sides. Growth now comes infreedom copywrite1weaver direct proportion to how adaptable and responsive we can be – and yes, that will be far more difficult for some, but just considering a change in operation mode can be a start. Even a tyrant can get curious about how it might feel to have less friction in their interactions. This square between Saturn and Neptune will generally manifest as one side clearly having all the apparent power. Beware of falling for this mirage.

Ah, there is more I would like to say but, generally speaking, I hope this gives some bumper guard. I have been wanting to post for weeks but so much is going on (one example of the square, in fact: literally half of the house is a construction site as walls and floors are removed and we go ‘open-plan’ while the winter torrential rainy season hovers ominously. Oh, and have I mentioned that The Engineer recently inherited a pregnant goat?!), it is wiser to pour what I’ve got into quality client work. I worry specifically about clarity in my writing with this square and hope that you will let me know if something reads amiss.

What themes are squaring for you? Areas of your life that resonate with this post will be affected again in June and September of 2016. Take advantage of the big picture with a reading today.

– weaver