Sunday Surfing

Below are some essays and articles that I have found to be good food for thought, launching pads for the imagination…and a downright stumper! I am definitely not done ruminating and I invite your input on any that you find intriguing.

These various publications may also contain astro trends…of course 🙂  The more you practice seeing/evaluating how energy is manifesting in our world, the broader your capacity – and thus choices –  to co-create in your own story can be.

– weaver


‘[Guy Rouleau, the director of McGill University’s Montreal Neurological Institute (MNI) and Hospital in Canada] and his colleagues at the renowned institute decided to try a radical solution. Starting this year, any work done there will conform to the principles of the “open-science” movement—all results and data will be made freely available at the time of publication, for example, and the institute will not pursue patents on any of its discoveries. Although some large-scale initiatives like the government-funded Human Genome Project have made all data completely open, MNI will be the first scientific institute to follow that path.’ –


I told him briefly of the interior design of The Plan: Let one hand know not what the other does, isolated cells operating largely independently of one another, no element of The Plan that is known by one cell is typically known by more than a few others at any given time. Ultimately, both sides in the struggle seem to play directly into one another, and at the end of The Game, the pieces go back together again into the same box. –excerpt from : I am a Disinformation Agent


For all the world’s cities, or all its towns, or all its geographical features of any type, the raw distance data would consume a hard drive even though the positions of those features can be concisely expressed on a single map. “That’s what space is,” Barbour says. “It’s data compression on a massive scale.”  Lets Rethink Space


You gotta see these works!    ‘Paris-born street artist and ENSAD graduate Julien Malland, who operates under the moniker Seth Globepainter, travels the world creating culturally inspired street art. His signature style often depicts murals of children surrounded by a spectrum of colors. Malland also collaborates with local artists, learning traditional art from them and exchanging ideas.’


A good take-away quote from Arthur George: ‘At the most basic and broadest level, a myth can be thought of as nothing less than our psyche’s construction of reality, or parts of it. As psychologists have shown, myths, like dreams, are essential to our psychic well-being; we can’t do without them. The challenge becomes how to tend them.’


Mercury is currently squaring Uranus. Do try to look well before you leap.