Prelude to the Full Moon in Capricorn & 2018 Eclipse Season, Part II

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undulations a la Mediterranean

Are the goal posts moving or just undulating?
There is that saying, ‘if we all threw our troubles into a swapping pile, we’d quickly decide to take our own back again.’ This month is proving the point, though a lot of good that does us if we are feeling ploughed under. Still, for the vast majority of us, there are some frictionless connections, some easier compromises and adjustments that present themselves along our harried way. Corny as it sounds, we’ve got to channel some of our energy into appreciating those contact points.

If you have recently had to accept that Power comes with responsibilities and ground-holding that carry a hefty toll – or-  that you actually have ‘only so much’ Power and so must deal with it, you may be wondering if the goal posts are moving or just undulating. I think I would answer: both.

They are moving in the sense that your relative position has been updated. They are undulating because the collective experience is brimming with unbearably intense waves of the All One. Oh, the suffering and our singular helplessness… Oh, the comfort of our familiar orbit, that constellation of persons and situations so far from perfection, often frustrating and yet so much more manageable than alternatives we could activate.

In between the new moon in Gemini and the full moon in Capricorn on the 28th June, this correction ripple is meant to make us blink, re-focus and (here comes the crucial part) adjust accordingly. Want the truth out? Want maximum available due for investment? Want to keep the connection? Adjust accordingly. Results are imminent.

Some themes from readings that you may find helpful:

*Sometimes the work to be done is all about being still, to maintain a pleasant attitude in the proverbial waiting room. This can be incredibly difficult – exhausting, even. Can you hang in there? Yes. (When you mess up, begin again.)

*Knowing your place and estimation in another’s reality might need a foundational revisit: with some people, this will be a fluid connection. If the level of constancy you seek/believe you need isn’t there, what are your options? To what degree is fear a component in your vision? To what degree is the desire to protect a component?

*Many irons in the fire can be a good thing. Some of us are in the stream – yes! If you have been rockin’ and rollin’ for several months and now feel like you’ve lost your groove, take a look around. It is highly likely that a back-burner issue or two need your attention just now. All irons do not heat at the same rate and that’s a good thing.

*Don’t sell low and buy high. You’ve got to survive and you know why you keep going. If You honor your true value – no matter how that looks to anyone else – you are scoring in the only game that matters.

2018 Eclipse Season, Part II
The following dates mark pivotal moments for those with natal wheel points and placements within range of the given degree.

July 13th: 20 Cancer 41 (solar)
July 27th: 4 Aquarius 45 (lunar)
August 11th: 18 Leo 42 (solar)

While we now acknowledge that Uranus in Taurus is fully stocked up with wild cards and might slap one down on a seeming whim, we are still far from flying blind. We can investigate and study various domino-line trajectories in any natal or event wheel.

Subscribers are welcome to inquire if they have life sectors in range, free of charge. And please note: it is NOT all doom and gloom out there. There is so much going on everywhere besides what you see on TV or in your latest serving of click-bait headlines. Heed the call to witness.

– weaver

Further reading: A six-month review, and more on eclipses here.


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Full Moon: 17 Capricorn 9′

That the outer space is dark, as opposed to our sky, is because there is no air or matter to reflect the light. In fact, the empty space is filled with visible light. We cannot see it because light, Intelligible or worldly, is the dark revealer: It only manifests the face of the Other and not Its own.  – Tomajj (source)


Full Moon: 17 Capricorn 9′

A full moon is a welling up to the brim. How deep the well source is from life’s surface events will determine how easy it is to connect the dots between what’s happening in your reality and what’s causing it. This is particularly of concern with a full moon in Capricorn; this sign prefers to curb its focus towards production and on-time delivery according to contract. Still, there’s cause to believe root issues may be maintaining their link to surface ruptures…

The recent new moon in Cancer had our strength of will marching forth for a greater sense of security. We soon experienced an episode involving someone or something far more entrenched and immovable than our will could conquer. Acting on the sense to just step a few paces to the right or left, in deference or support, was clearly the most pro-active thing to do. And we will not forget what we’ve become conscious of since that steamy parade of feelings passed through us. Our thoughts and mindset are still on these matters. We have a better lock on some facet of our needs – and now hold an upgraded edition of the map of the near-terrain. Score.


There’s also the fact that Pluto has been in Capricorn for years now and crested the half-way point. Deep mining, earthquakes, breaches of structural integrity in the mind/body/spirit, lessons in heavy equipment operation, the floor falling away from underneath, alone-ness in promotion/the top corner office/retirement are a few descriptors. Now we know what’s Real and what is fluff. Now we are getting serious. There’s very little left circling the drain. Another score.
Soon Now its time to find the plug, put it back in and start to refill our tub. The warmth of Generous Spirit and the Creative Muse beckon us to insist that we can BE even amidst and even in spite of the rubble.
cap FM cyp 9jul17The ruler of the full moon is Saturn, retrograde at 22 50’ Sagittarius: The Teacher is trining, off and on in a longer cycle, the archetype of the Sky is the Limit in Aries, the Individual. Stay open to the effortless flow of affirmations on tap from your Inner Mindscape; cognition generally lags but the download is in progress. The Teacher is also holding a few supplementary new term classes, open to everyone, in rooms currently held by the north node in Leo: strive this way! Sit up and take note of where and how you are learning about your strengths, your skills. Who are your trustworthy critics? Who wants to see you succeed? A support system is prime for forming if you don’t skip class.

As with all full moons intimately held within Pluto’s grip, we know we need to take some caution in our daily life. Avoid haste in all things. You may have your baggage sorted or at least well-latched but others may not. Just about every one of us can be triggered. Be ready to breathe through urges, save your fire for your own productive use.

Capricorn strives for permanence, Pluto is transformational: expect events to explain/define the state of affairs within one of your power-bonds with Others that directly affects your abilities to gain sustenance. If you have natal markers within range, you will feel Power moving into delicious alignment with your success – or – you can expect these affairs will now undergo a process of transformation that must occur in order for your feet to find solid ground again.

For some, this will be a rough patch with genuine fears and concerns – please, try to remember to practice only giving your attention to Now: the needs and issues of this moment only. In no way does soaking in anxiety about future moments aid you in meeting those moments when they arrive. I do realize that this is easier said than done. And relief…I believe there is a sliver, at least, of relief. Try to articulate and celebrate each and every positive truth you carry with you. Know that you are not alone in your experiences.

There will be very few who can say they really didn’t see this coming. Its Time…time to discover a whole new world of realities you didn’t have space for before.
The blessings of true wealth to you,
– weaver

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Deployment Orders



v. de·ployed, de·ploy·ing, de·ploys


a. To position (troops) in readiness for combat, as along a front or line.
b. To bring (forces or material) into action.
c. To base (a weapons system) in the field.
2. To distribute (persons or forces) systematically or strategically.
3. To put into use or action: “Samuel Beckett’s friends suspected that he was a genius, yet no one knew how his abilities would be deployed” (Richard Ellmann).


Full Moon Sextile Mars

There’s a full moon in Capricorn at 27.4’ on the 19th/20th of July and it will sextile Mars direct in Scorpio.

I’ve been sharing a lot about Mars energy in 2016 (its even got its own tag in our word cloud) and so, though the tempo of daily work and the temperature are SO high here at the moment, I just had to pop up on your news feed for a timely head’s up… Hello 🙂

There are quite a few factors that play into the significance of this transit. It’s a big picture window with a 3D view. Your natal wheel, of course, determines the level of available impact for you. However, it cannot help but effect us all, to some degree or another, and if you are aware of the potential in a sextile meet-up, you have full rights to do your best to USE IT. I can briefly explain the meanings of the archetypes and you can take it from there or contact me for some personalized guidance.

Capricorn is all about the structure of a thing in real terms. It’s the skeletal system in your body; it’s the patriarchal system represented by your family tree; it’s the hierarchy of any organization or business from its greeter/receptionist up to its owner. It is your nation’s governing and banking systems. Key point: it is what the entity/the group has chosen to build. It’s not about good or bad, right or wrong (though it most certainly aligns with another group formation: tradition and culture), it just IS what has been made Reality by those who take an active interest and use their power to be as big and important a part of the (insert an example here) system as they possibly could be. Because the higher you are on the ladder, the more moolah you get. Moolah, in this case, could be cash, prestige, inheritance, perks, sex, privy knowledge and such – but I am getting ahead of myself.

Each of us has an area of life in which we seek to build in material terms. We are easily driven, at times obsessive, in this work. We don’t mind how long it takes, the number of hours we must invest…as long as we believe it’s bearing fruit in consistent fashion. Only the mutable-placement houses ruled by Capricorn may experience a lesser sense of this drive. Its still there if you think about it; it’s just not as apparent.

A full moon brings one, some or all of the following: the last pieces missing to form a whole, full-picture comprehension, revelation, an ending or closure on a matter.

A full moon in Capricorn will bring one or all of these qualities to an issue in the Capricorn sector of your natal wheel in the Here and Now. No airie fairie dust needed – or frankly, wanted, right? Just the cold, hard or affirming, satisfying truth, thank you very much. Now I know where I (or my interest/gain in this matter) stand and it IS firm or it IS NOT.

Mars in Scorpio is a critical key to your best response to the full moon news. Mars is your passion, what you want, and how you go after it. In Scorpio, Mars can be patient and unrelenting at the same time.

The Sextile is an easy super easy  energy flow. It’s the autobahn with nobody else on the road but you. (And just by the way, broadly speaking, your matters of personal intimacy and trust have always been in sextile to your matters of reality building. Think about it: there is quick reciprocal feedback when one or the other set of themes activates.)

This is also a good moment to remember that energy is neutral in and of itself. All the time, every moment, you are channeling energy. Your motivation and awareness determines its level of usefulness and benefit. A sextile implies frictionless ease but is not concerned with qualities termed positive, good or best. That’s down to the energy worker (that would be you). Consequently,a sextile does mean that a positive, good, best way is on tap!

If you know that there is a wide open super highway between your efforts and your state of reality, you put the pedal to the metal. But life is complex – particularly involving scorpio house issues! –  and flooring it for you might appear to others like you are just sitting there. That’s just fine. You know what you are doing. Of course, you might alternately look like the ultimate workhorse, inexhaustible now that you have sussed your target with clarity. The Key is: however you naturally use your energy when you want something lasting and materially successful, implement it NOW that you can clearly see the most practical goal and don’t let up. You may need to be flexible in the details, you may need to respect some space bubbles, but its forward march for soldiers and heroes henceforth.

Be wise and strong and well,

  • weaver


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