We Need to Talk About Robots and Leaflin’s Exquisite Body

Collectively, we are navigating (or being navigated..) through some fairly choppy energy weather over the next few weeks. At the moment, we are in between two eclipses and to further encourage growth, we have Mars (life force) conjoining our symbolic ‘bathtub drain.’

Otherwise known as a channel of release for that which has sustained/taught us well but is no longer worth it’s weight on our trek, in the south node‘s union with Mars the headlines announce a perfectly timed offer. Freely flowing drive and motivation is on tap for All of Us when it comes to letting go of excess junk.

Clues as to what to get rid of will include the flashy looking or otherwise impressive ideas/tech/groups and persons that have proven themselves to be empty within, at least when it comes to your authentic needs. And on the topics of authenticity and needs, the equally obvious question is, Are you willing to give that a go on a personal level? After all, we are just beginning a gradual shift in schooling from Performance/Audience to Sustenance/Security themes.

How might habits, agenda, lifestyle, inner mind wiring have slowly cut off nutrient dense flow to your vision when you weren’t looking. One can’t keep track of everything all the time and so this is quite a positive opportunity to take stock.   objectively speaking   And yet that is exactly the point of the space weather: initiate application of life force and discover it’s easier to clear your way than you believe it will be. Wanna call that for a bluff? Step right up.

harolds planet

As we move towards the July 27th lunar eclipse at 4 Aqua 45, I hope you find the following links give flashy or otherwise impressive-in-a-fulfilling-kind-of-way food for thought. 🙂


timeanddate.com have an impressive, user friendly page for determining visibility of the July 27th eclipse in your location. Simply type in your city or town.


I feel myself in danger of slipping through the cracks of this society, and often wonder if perhaps it is by slipping through the cracks that we might actually find the truth … the world we’ve been waiting to inherit all this time, a world that is whole and in which we are fully alive, unashamed and liberated from the “artificial information field” that clogs the doors of our perceptions and prevents us from trusting our senses. Indeed, what has been touted as “grave danger” may be the beginnings of waking up…    – Leaflin Lore Winecoff  (link for more from her exquisite mind and body)


All I can offer is what has happened before historically. My personal opinion would be just a guess and that is not what clients want to hear. So the sooner the better and the longer this is stalled the worse it gets.  Martin Armstrong  (link)


Fresh Perspective: I found this take on experiencing American life after being away for a couple of years fascinating and enlightening… recommended. (youtube link)


Indeed, it is precisely in a period of great spiritual and societal hunger like our own that we most need to open minds, hearts, and memories to those times when women and men actually dreamed of new possibilities for our nation, for our world, and for their own lives. It is now that we may be able to convey the stunning idea that dreams, imagination, vision, and hope are actually powerful mechanisms in the creation of new realities — especially when the dreams go beyond speeches and songs to become embodied; to take on flesh, in real, hard places. – Vincent Harding  (link)

And, finally,

This is a surreal cyborg affair…What does a good Anthropocene look like, does the road to that place run through an army of machines or do machines stand athwart the path, and what is the role of political ecology in charting the way there? … Clearly, we need to talk about robots.’ Read on for an excellent essay by Paul Robbins via this link.


Readers, your comments on these matters are, as always, greatly appreciated.


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Notes on the Eclipse…

Photo credit Michalis Kountoureshis Pinterest

I wanted to respond in some general way, at least, to the questions I am getting over the last 48 hours about the August eclipses and particularly to the one we are moving through right now. Short and to the point but hopefully of some help! I will be back at my desk on Wednesday morning.

Are you the Leo or the Aquarian or the one crunched in between?

For all of the hype about the August 21st eclipse, I have to say that I have just as many clients affected by the one occurring today. If it is this eclipse that’s got your feelers humming, keep these other energy cycles in mind. It may be difficult at first, but zooming out your lense may help you organise your thoughts and feelings…

– the sun is inconjunct Pluto = Dont expect some or all of the happenings to make sense to you. Reality and your perception of it are just beyond a solid connection in these days. This is neither negative or positive in and of itself; there are more dots to connect.
– the sun is also inconjunct Neptune = the grand plan truly is not visible at the moment. This is crucially and paradoxically grounding knowledge.

– the sun has recently overtaken and passed Mars = let the head rule the body and passions as much as possible. Should you have degree markers in range of the event, expect to experience some form of opposition and Be Ready to pause and think before responding. Practice this: practice running potential scenes in your mind with your Ego [dramatically, if you like ;)] halting time while you think up your best response before resuming action.

– Jupiter is sextiled by the sun = if you look, you will find assistance/aid/encouragement and advice from someone within your network. Nice!

– I have also written about this month’s eclipses in this post.



(On Antifragility) The Buddha knows…

“We’re not graduating engineers here,” she said. “It’s one thing to hire somebody who writes computer code, but it’s another thing to hire someone who knows how to work in a diverse environment or rapidly-changing environment, and those are skills we teach here and, increasingly, what businesses want. And now we’re focusing more heavily on the sciences, too, to back that up. We’re training the citizens the world needs right now.”
Naropa University Provost Janet Cramer. (source)



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