Fire Walking

The full moon at 20’ Aries lights up something seriously in need of ending in its current form. It’s likely that this comes to the fore in a partnership. Those of us with placements near 20’ of Cancer, Libra, Capricorn won’t be too surprised as this energy culminates; there are hints for the attentive for at least a week before. Do yourself a favor: Let go.

Those with placements in Aries, however, might feel somewhat stunned by what comes to light. When you are experiencing a creeping stresser for so long – as newer situations come and go that divert your attention and energy, its instinctual to tune out the drum beat of impending finality.

The ruler of the full moon, Mars, has been vibing via the house of Libra for about the same amount of time that Mercury, followed by Venus, has been vibing via the house of Scorpio. If we’ve been unusually willing to go below the surface in our discussions and debates with others, if we’ve been unusually willing to dispense with our typical style of interaction and drawing in near to another, the days leading up to the full moon might read: so this is how it goes in the big leagues of WE-labors: aha! moment  *Or*  Me, thinking WE had this balancing act down pat but you clearly do NOT.

Either way you see it, don’t lose your chance to step up and do a little fire walking…

For all of us, there’s a fire trine from Jupiter to that Aries moon. You can get new spark plugs in your zone of faith, adventurousness and humor. If Aries is your sun or rising sign, shazam! Got planets in Leo? You can crank up the wattage, too. (And if you haven’t got Leo markers, go for it anyway!) Recent checks on your creativity serve as guard rails; Jupiter can inspire and project, Aries is the courageous and Leo can perform with winning style even on a shrinking stage. You never know who may be watching.

The rest of this year is not all fun and games; you’ll need to exercise your serious sides. If you blow your top, be willing to pay the consequences dictated by your place. Be willing to show up. Remember your training:

‘The sparks from your forge work should not catch your neighbor’s house on fire. In fact, the single most important feature of this span of time seems to me to be about how well you can contain your experience when appropriate.’  Battle Plan  Heroes in Training

What if we make a decision that, right here and now, (this) is my perception of What Is and based upon that perception, I draw a symbolic line on the ground. What needs to be repaired, what’s ready to go, what’s too heavy to carry by myself, what’s essential to success? And I lead. I lead me, my head space and my being in stepping over that line…One thing is certain: we aren’t supposed to feel like we are in this alone, except in rare cases. The value of connected outcomes, regardless of market place niche or life role played, is made plain. Capricorn  Base Camp

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A Here-and-Now Post

I am fielding an unusually high number of queries from concerned individuals here. I thought it might be helpful to publish the core of this phase as I see it, as a kind of navigational assistance. If you dont need this, great! Skip it and lets just meet back here on the next post. 🙂


Defining Power – Get Objective Before you get Subjective


WILL power                      EMOTIONAL power

FINANCIAL power            FAITH power

SEXUAL power                KNOWLEDGE power


Mind your power in these days. You’ve got it. Don’t think so? Think again. Its there, somewhere. It may not be obvious or the kind that is typically celebrated in the material world, but then that is really only a fraction of the story. You know that – which, it should be noted, is a huge piece of knowledge-power that you can be using to shore you up.

No, you are not going crazy! You’re just one of many feeling a churning, a building, a rising and you should do your best to keep your hands firmly on the wheel, particularly in relationship to Others. It feels like a swirling ball of angst/frustration and anticipated pleasure with a touch of fear along its edges. You’ve got to get message and timing right.

On the stage of Life
With the boss/colleagues/customers, the spouse and the kids,
the burning desire you want met now and the longterm security you are trying to keep focused on,
the money coming in or not and the money that must go out,
the blind spot in a transitioning relationship, a hyper/nervous undercurrent.
And under the surface, the Psyche and the Soul.

The Main Point
In some cases it is crystal clear who has the power but in a MAJORITY of cases I am hearing about, the true power is in the hands of the one who feels they have little to none. Remember that,

'The right to Pluto's golden palace guides..'

‘The right to Pluto’s golden palace guides..’

no matter on which side of the fence you think you are. There is a daily earning that has to take place. Extra effort will be needed to make our position, our point of view understood. Consider the Other as you formulate what you will say and do. Expect that you will have to edit and modify that formula as you go along. The axiom, ‘Its not only what you say/do, its how you say/do it’, is spot on for the month.

Wield what you’ve got well: if what you would do or say now will not give you a healthy kind of pride later…don’t. Because no matter how our cosmos looks now, the crescendo must reach it’s zenith/the undertow must hit bottom and the aftermath will be the new chapter in your journey. You will want to start it ‘clean’.

Some of us are afraid and it doesnt help much when someone says, ‘Oh, don’t be.’
I hope you can see a way to channel that fear into a faith.
Some of us are thrilled. Stay as rested up as you can!
Most of us are somewhere in the middle.

Take another look at the power list above. Add on the ones I am missing. Which ones have you got (earn it daily this October), which ones are you working on getting? (what’s your motivation?) Which one/s is being exerted over you? (Is it working? Should it really?)

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