Touching Base

Sunrise over Stonehenge on the summer solstice...

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Its been very hectic for many of us these last weeks. Lots of ups and downs, both within ourselves and our environments. Personally, I have been doing my best to practice sitting back in my proverbial seat as situations and events stoke my thoughts and feelings.

In my working life, there has been a serious uptick in the number of people I am reading for; some pass through for a basic overview and some have decided they need my ongoing service via bi-monthly energy-chats. Though the bi-monthly service is more economical, what really seems to draw them is the realization that they need consistent, regular grounding (Me, too: welcome to my world.). Every one of them tells me they sense a much greater participation, both psychologically and physically, in their lives. They are living the co-creation experience. This is extremely gratifying for me.

My personal life is completely occupied by living off the grid – of course. This is no walk in in the park, on a day-to-day basis, believe me. There are times when I think I am going to implode. It’s not that its ‘so hard’ or full of deprivation, in fact its like an ongoing meditation. But there is a continual background kind of taxing that can occasionally build up on when one has lived with the basic creature comforts of the latter 20th century. .Sometimes you just have to ‘take a day’.

Red Wine

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I can tell you exactly how many litres of water I use every day, be it for cooking, cleaning, washing or the garden (I have to regularly transport it, you see, in a lot of 25 litre containers. Google how much each weighs. I haven’t because it’s probably better I don’t know). I can tell you exactly when the sun rises and sets, how long a battery can run a fluorescent lamp and many factors to consider for running a household on solar/wind turbine systems. And how beautiful it is to watch courting woodpeckers along the treeline of a field full of wildflowers.

Because we are on a very small budget due to so many (huge) starting-off expenses, I feel compelled to cut back in many areas, including how long I run the (inefficient) generator. This directly affects my computer battery and the blog has had to languish a bit. I can’t tell you how many posts I have written in my head, hoping like hell that the essence of my point stays with me until blog time returns. On the bright side, it certainly helps the time go by when you are engaged in back-breaking pick and ax work on ground as hard as concrete.

But we are in the stream and things happen with relative ease to encourage us (‘relative’ being a key word). This is a fearful time in Europe and even more so for those living, as we are, in the latest-euro-experiment country of Cyprus. While it’s far too small a place for us to be insulated from a lot of the monetary repercussions, our needs and wants, our general standard of living, will not be so affected as the majority. And over time, our personal environment will become richer and more comfortable as we build it, along with Nature and Time.
I just wanted to let my readers know, to catch you up with my regular contacts. I am still here and reading energy wheels or answering one-off queries. It’s all quite in keeping with Saturn in Scorpio and the stellium progression. Perhaps you have different terms for it but know what I mean.

I plan to be back here soon with a post concerning an article I read recently about political progressives. See you soon…