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‘…you don’t have to speak the language of astrology—certainly you don’t have to “believe” in it—in order to benefit from the distance it provides. Like all symbolic languages, including those of folk tales, parables and dreams, astrology helps us stand back from our literal world and find meaning on multiple levels. – Jessica Murray

I couldn’t have said it better. Our brains are wired for ‘picture thinking’. Did you know that? And I know soooo many people that would say they practice, follow, even refer to Astrology. I think this is down to the connotations of ‘believe’. It’s a loaded word. What’s to believe in? It’s not the family religion; there is no obligation, guilt or threat of something horrible happening if you don’t. What’s to commit to? Nothing except what draws your interest or perplexes you. I think that’s why she put the word in quotes. Me, I ‘study’ and I ‘watch’.

Murray speaks of distance and she is right. In a literal sense, it’s easy to see the energies at work in the global arena. There is a war going on all over the place between

For limited time only in the Middle East

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The Individual and the System. The Arab Spring; Islam and Catholicism vs. the female; Civil Liberty vs. the GLBTers; occupy Wall Street; road rage on the highway; ego rage at the mall and workplace, the U.S. fiscal cliff vs. the intransigence of elected representatives, the citizens of Greece & Spain vs. the ECB, African miners vs. the Corporation and on it goes like a theatre production that is making us all soulsick. Astrology was telling of the advent of this energy clash before it came to pass.

And remember one of the basic truths of archetype energy? The macro reflects the micro and vice versa. What is projected is what is drawn in. Murray refers to the universal paradox we like to talk about here:

Want to live better ‘out in the world’?

Then, do something that feels like the opposite: step back and go within.

I had to learn that. I am never going to be done learning it. ‘Out in the world’ keeps changing. At least twice in my life, I have had to spend a huge amount of time and energy pondering my creativity – both times prompted by a sudden desire to quit my job. What was up with me? What was I doing?  I was burned out, for sure, but I didn’t attribute that to myself but rather to situations, entrenched circumstances of culture and tradition.


Sidebar:  It took me eons to get to the place where I was willing to say, ‘I have to take responsibility for where I am.’ This was insane (and UNFAIR) logic to me. I made it a kind of irritating and erratically practiced mantra until one day I realised that while I still didn’t like the way it felt, I could grudgingly see the sense in it. It’s based on the following reason:

In every interaction and/or relationship we experience, we have the opportunity to express limits and boundaries and a right to politely pursue solid comprehension of the pertinent facts. If the situation involves a relationship, diplomacy is key because mutual value-exchange is the goal. This is not a winner/loser game or war of wits, this is Life 101.

Some personalities have an easier time with this than others but it is still universally applicable. Give this mantra a try for a while – even if you think it is crazy – and see how your thinking goes over the next few months.


Well, both times I quit my job. Both times, it took me a good while to work up enough courage and both times, it was frightening.  On the bright side, the 2nd time took substantially less time and process and invoked less fear. Looking back, (now) I can smile: wrenching patches of my journey – that led to a much much better place.

So, about that creativity… Sure, you might think that was a commonsensical run down of descriptors and it was at first inspection. We do know ourselves but not nearly so well as we think. Just ponder what your creative urges reveal about you next time you’re driving somewhere or in a waiting room. It’s amazing. If you would like some key words to get you started, just let me know.

Muse Alma of the Dancing Light

Muse Alma of the Dancing Light (Photo credit: Pilisa)

There are the inspirations and muses that draw; the need to feel capable, sure of your subject-idea; the environment that frees yet prompts. Most of us work with others and the dynamic expands: do I understand how my co-workers like to work?   Have I considered them as individuals, in practical terms, as my creativity is bubbling up something new? And finally, there is the big bazooka: how much of any of this in within my control to optimise?  You can bang your head against a wall but that’s not going to end well. Most of us must exist in cooperation. And strange as it sounds, the best way to cooperate is to first step back.

1.            Get to know how you tick – this is crucial to your personal development, no matter what else is going on in your life. Again, feel free to ask for some key words that are uniquely yours to simmer with. Expect to grasp whole new insights in a steady and rewarding way.

2.            Come to terms with the reality that you have to work within – this is really a lifestyle concept. This is right here and now. It could be awful circumstances; it could be all crumbling down in a kind of slow motion. It could also be that your perspective needs enlightening. Certainly, even the most content have parametres and limitations. It is very likely that if your emotions are blocking your logic, you are not seeing as clearly as you could and vice versa. Strive for a balance between where you would like to ‘be’ and where you are now. One step at a time, you can begin co-creating towards that place. Circumstances that have been set in times past when you were not conscious of your part in them must be dealt with. Again, this is a lifestyle. Start today.

3.            Make a decision to create space in your life to work your passion if it can’t be found in the bill-paying job – most bloggers do this, right? Very few are on a payroll for their work. I have a friend who discovered that she finds working with mosaics very soothing. She couldn’t afford the materials but she didn’t give up. She thought outside the box and started visiting sites that were scheduled for demolition; she got permission and started hauling away ceramic in the back of her car. I have another friend who loves horses – expensive passion! He found a piece of land in the nearest countryside and made a deal with the owner to offer paddock space and now they both make a bit of extra money and he spends evenings and weekends with the animals. The thing you really love to do could be easy  to accommodate. Channel your primal creativity into protected calendar space so it doesn’t leak or seep inappropriately elsewhere.  Don’t have a passion? Revisit point 1.

4.            Maximize your empathy for coworkers at the paying job to decrease stress. This increases energy for passion work. Being around people that you don’t gel with naturally can take a toll on you. Consider how they came to be the way they are, what restrictions and burdens define their lives. Use your imagination. Recognize the freedom in acknowledging that what you can’t fix or stop goes hand in hand with releasing emotional attachment to it. Stop letting it tap your energy. Along the way, you will probably find ways to be a better gel-er yourself.

5.            LIKE yourself at your work and like your work, even as it isn’t yet where or what you want it to be. Like the process, acknowledge the necessary dull moments so that the satisfaction of achievement takes its relative and rightful place.

24/03/2009 (Day 3.83) - I Am Uninspired

I Am Uninspired (Photo credit: Kaptain Kobold)

*crucial note: if you should find that, upon following this plan, there is still something  ‘off’, try this: go back to the beginning and be brutally honest with yourself. Are you sure it’s your own creative passion that you are following or someone else’s?  It is very common that a sense of duty to please someone else (living or passed on) sets the agenda and in the end, no one is pleased.

‘…astrology helps us stand back from our literal world and find meaning on multiple levels.’

I can vouch for that. Practical, useful, point A to point B meaning. We aren’t encouraged from a young age to study ourselves as individualistic. The herd of 4yr olds moves from kindergarten right on through to the workplace with certain goals drilled in. Sure they are important but they are out of priorital order. You can see this now on the world stage. Everybody knows something is wrong but what? Well, step back from the big, overwhelming picture and step inside. You need I AM backstage gnosis. How can an individual know what a good System is when they don’t know their own system?

Personal creativity is a great place to start – it was for me. But you can start in any facet that you like. Just START.

What is “voice” in writing and how is it creat...

Danny’s Symbolic (Photo credit: DannyGetz)

What is an Archetype Energy?

There are some popular misconceptions about archetype energies that should be cleared up. Expect this to be the first of quite a few attempting to bring some clarity.

What is an Archetype Energy?

Wind Energy
Wind Energy (Photo credit: janie.hernandez55)

We are all now probably familiar with the concept that energy is the stuff of the cosmos. Energy does not die or disappear, it simply changes form. The best-known example one can give is the cycle of water. Ocean and sea water evaporates under the sun, water’s form changes to clouds subject to winds, clouds are moved, atmospheric conditions change and at some point the clouds break form and, under laws of gravity, fall downward. Perhaps the form taken at this point is snow, perhaps ice, perhaps rain. It’s still the same water: its still that same energy.

And we can take this illustration and apply it limitlessly, thanks to the work of almighty Science. We can study an energy entity, plot its course, measure its affects, create a user-friendly graph or diagram and present it to the listening world.

We also have some universally accepted spiritual truths that speak about energy, such as, ‘As above, so below.’ ‘What comes around, goes around.’ ‘Like begets like.’ The Golden Rule spans all the major religions and a lot of lesser known ones, essence firmly intact. And let’s not forget the very large number of scientists who believe in an afterlife in one form or another.

These various venues of thought didn’t just appear; they crystallized over millennia of human experience in the physical and psychological world of existence. Thought concepts like these are archetype energies. Give that a good think. This is not airie fairie stuff for the vast majority of peoples.

To Be Clear

For today, on this newborn blog, I will focus on the three thousand year old study of Astrology. (Please don’t think for one minute that what you read in the papers next to the comic strips is astrology.) Energy this old has power but it never trumps individual choice. In a me-centered world, that is probably the most important fact to be understood by visitors here. 21st century Individuality remains as it should: sacred.

Astrology begins for the individual with a snapshot of the earth’s universe at his or her birth. At that moment in time, a wheel is created that sorts through all energies, those familiar to human beings in all walks of life and those that we ascribe to divine or abstract or beyond comprehension. All energy is generally tagged as male or female in western culture and as ying and yang in eastern culture. We can also say energy is ‘pro-active’ or ‘re-active’, ‘creative’ or ‘receptive’. As the individual lives his/her life, their inherent energies are in constant interaction with the energies of the universe. A good understanding of personal energies + a good understanding of the current energies = a good understanding of how best to live well – and sometimes more importantly, how to live well with others.

This is a simple overview, sufficient for the point of the moment: These male/female or ying/yang thought-ideas are entrenched at cell-level. They exist and exert pressure on all things in all places and like all archetype energies, they drive our perceptions whether we are aware of it or not. Even now, as you have read these descriptors, you have probably accordingly classified your own personality.

It’s OK to Check it out for Yourself  

A work by Jakob Böhme illustrating a Christian...
A work by Jakob Böhme illustrating a Christian take on Hermetic astrology, 1682 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In my part of the world, clients tend to be Orthodox Christian or agnostic with a few athiests in the mix. All of them have evolved a deep respect for science and scientific theory-to-proofs methodology – though they take the majority of information on good faith.

All of them were familiar with astrology in as far as their birthdate determining their sun sign. But none of them knew the following:

*In no way does Astrology negate, replace or minimalise one’s religious beliefs or spiritual system.

*in no way does Astrology contradict the growing world of facts in modern Science.

This was a relief for them. They didn’t have to deny a set of beliefs or thoughts to dip their toes in astrology. The solar system we live within has all of the components used over the ages to read the flow of energies rather like a clock on the wall tells you what time it is. Consistently, you can see Astrology is working in concert with the originalsacred texts of the primary world religions and the tried and tested proofs of scientific advancement.

Astrology is simply an amazing tool at your disposal and many people find it extremely helpful in bringing the larger, sometimes mysterious truths and concepts ‘down to earth’. Unlike the media-hyped masses born ‘yesterday’, astrology scholars and students have been at work for a very long time. You might consider showing some respect. At the very least, you could give your individuality a spin on the Wheel.

If you decide not to, think about your reasoning. In its essence, what is it rooted in?

be well, breathe.
be well, breathe. (Photo credit: imago)

Chances are you will not have to go down too many layers to find an archetype energy at the source. Now give that a really good analysis and determine how you came to hold the belief or knowledge so firmly.