Addition, Subtraction and Perspective


Busy Busy! A picture tells a thousand words and here I give you two.

The turbine is not yet operational; we are stymied on AC/DC and dump loaders; better slow and steady (Everything necessary runs on solar already). But it is UP and steady. Personally, I find it quite like a minimalist sculpture. And in case you are wondering, it is virtually silent even at high speed.

And She. Gorgeous She who has no name as of yet. She who came on the sag eclipse as Completion, in this case of our little tribe here. She who collects and violently shakes all shoes and socks and actually all things that fit into her mouth.  Rather like having a toddler around, the frequent and peaceful parts of the day are when she is napping.


I am a big fan of the mindhacks blog. Recently, Tom Stafford posted about sensations many of us have but don’t talk about. And what equally drew my attention was the illustration provided, what it says about human nature and how ‘valid’ knowledge becomes just that:

This points to something curious about the way we create knowledge, illustrated by a wonderful story about the scientific history of meteorites. Rocks falling from the sky were considered myths in Europe for centuries, even though stories of their fiery trails across the sky, and actual rocks, were widely, if irregularly reported. The problem was that the kind of people who saw meteorites and subsequently collected them tended to be the kind of people who worked outdoors – that is, farmers and other country folk. You can imagine the scholarly minds of the Renaissance didn’t weigh too heavily on their testimonies. Then in 1794 a meteorite shower fell on the town of Siena in Italy. Not only was Siena a town, it was a town with a university. The testimony of the townsfolk, including well-to-do church ministers and tourists, was impossible to deny and the reports written up in scholarly publications. Siena played a crucial part in the process of myth becoming fact.

Where early science required authorities and written evidence to turn myth into fact, ASRM shows that something more democratic can achieve the same result. Discussion among ordinary people on the internet provided validation that the unnamed feeling was a shared one. Suddenly many individuals who might have thought of themselves as unusual were able to recognise that they were a single group, with a common experience.

There is a blind spot in psychology for individual differences. ..Something common to all of us wants to validate our inner experience by having it recognised by other people, and in particular by the authority of science. I can’t help – almost all I know about ASMR is in this column you are reading now. For now all we have is a name, but that’s progress.

According to the articulate Kimberly Maxwell of Sher Astrology, we are living through

 ‘an era defining signature, just as the conjunction between these two planets (Pluto & Uranus) was in the 1960s and the last square before that in the 1930s.  It is another cyclical moment of upheaval in human evolution with the archetypal purpose to shake us, wake us and take us to the next level by forcing us to let go of the past and all that we hold near and dear.  Authenticity is the one thing that can withstand this immense pressure.  Ultimately whatever breaks down only does so because it is non-essential to the core of our Self.  Being open to change is easy to say but much, much harder to do in the face of the mountain of “learning” we’ve gone through to be a success as a human being.  Fear is definitely a culprit and is usually directed at someone or something that threatens our very existence – as we think we know it.  A great anti-fear agent is observation.  To conquer resistance to change, we could make a choice not to fight it but instead to adopt the counter-intuitive measure of simply observing it.  Where in each of our lives are we resisting change?


Emphasis in both quotes is mine.

‘Ultimately whatever breaks down only does so because it is non-essential to the core of our Self.’  That can be a tough one to reconcile with oneself. That’s going to take perseverant thought, deep thought. Let us begin – or continue on, as the case may be. There is no more important occupation than sorting through our ‘core truths’.

I suppose for many this could be taken as a relief. Surely, if we could get to ‘the other side’ of whatever it is we are gripping so tightly, it would feel like this. Perspective is everything, isn’t it?

Have a ponder on these two offerings today.

Bitcoins and the Next Square

The bitcoin logo

Photo credit: Wikipedia

*updated May 24th, 2018, below

I have been thinking about Bitcoins a lot lately. Some research later (see below) and I find an intriguing story, including a bit of drama, humour and general synchronicity of the best kind in terms of the dominant archetype energies of the times. I am not done with this yet, but I offer my first impressions…

Bitcoins hit the idea-scene in 2008 – the year that Pluto entered Capricorn* – and their sole function is the exchange of money and value via computer and smartphone exclusively involving the two parties exchanging…Attention: that’s a solid example of Uranus in Aries finding a way to say ‘screw you’ to the current traditional monetary systems.

It seems to me that the characteristics of the originator as well as the ongoing ‘in charge’ bunch, manifest some of the higher qualities of Saturn. They have experienced and worked through the typical glitches and the great rollercoaster ride of launching a new concept with passion, focus, determination and professionalism. Consequently, it hasn’t been all sticks; carrots can now be measured by the bushel. This is exactly the co-creative journey an entity working the energy well should have.

Bitcoin has one characteristic that will keep users on their toes. While just about everyone has a presence in virtual space and a personal page, when it comes to your value transactions you seek some privacy and that’s expected. But you must take personal responsibility for what you want. You must not forget to change your address after each and every transaction and depending on your activity levels, security software is available for your consideration. I think of this as typical of being a responsible proactive citizen in a democratic 21st century environment, cheesy as that might sound. But one could say that this is what the square is really all about.

I just love the following paragraph from the Bitcoin site. It is so SO in Time!

Bitcoin is an experimental new currency that is in active development. Although it becomes less experimental as usage grows, you should keep in mind that Bitcoin is a new invention that is exploring ideas that have never been attempted before. As such, its future cannot be predicted by anyone.

I cant resist just one more:

Bitcoin price is volatile. The price of a bitcoin can unpredictably increase or decrease over a short period of time due to its young economy, novel nature, and sometimes illiquid markets.

Volatile, young, and novel are all about hi-tech Uranus in Aries and illiquid markets are all about Pluto in Capricorn. I don’t have a magic ball.  I haven’t (yet) used bitcoins personally. I am just noting that the right ingredients are here. It seems to me that at least a sizeable part of the future of ‘the exchange of money and value’ will look a lot like Bitcoins.

***My sources:

Time Business and Money
Bitcoin Magazine
The New Yorker
Wired Enterprise

*Pluto is the archetype easy to understand via the phoenix  myth of a body that bursts into flames, disintegrates into ash and then re-rises brand new and better. Death and Resurrection, Transformation, Purge through Fire. Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008. Capricorn rules structures in the public square, particularly government and banking.

Uranus is the archetype that brings lightening bolt speed of information, data, comprehension and typically shocks, surprises and agitates. Archetype Mercury x 1000, super-speed networking, A Way where, a moment ago, there was No Way. Uranus entered Aries in 2010. Aries is the Individual and the desires thereof.

As both of these archetypes are signified by outer cosmos placements, their effects are said to begin influencing from still quite some distance off, to permeate globally via the parametres of the themes that focus/channel them and take years to run their course within these themes.
Both of these are further described on the Homepage.

Exact 90′ squares (difficult, high friction energy-flow angle) of these archetypes follow. See how they correspond to global and personal events?
June 24th, 2012: 8 degrees
September 19 2012: 6 degrees
May 20 2013: 11 degrees
November 1 2013: 9 degrees
April 21 2014: 13 degrees
December 15 2014: 12 degrees
March 17 2015: 15 degrees

Asset or Currency?

Here is a May 2018 link to a debate between a bit coin supporter and Martin Armstrong. Is bitcoin an asset or a currency? (link)


One for the Mutible People

Mutible* people are just like travelers in sailboats. Every shift in the wind impacts their focus. They excel at correcting their course for shifting currents. They are responsive, flexible and resilient. For these reasons, mutibles are often the workers behind the cardinal and fixed scenes. They naturally gravitate toward supportive roles because they can so easily see the need. Mutibles are also the crucial personalities at the portals of transition, be it the ending or the beginning of a project, a phase, ect. Does this sound like you? Or perhaps this sounds like how you have to be in certain areas of your life, areas where you have had to learn to bend and morph to the will of others.

This post is a tribute from the cheering squad to mutibles during those stretches of time when there seems to be no end to the shifts – or the air becomes still over choppy waters. Where went The Plan, The Analysis and the Work, The Expansive Ideal? As we enter the Taurus season, further amplified by a stellium as was Aries, some sailboat occupants could find themselves feeling a bit all over the place or ‘stuck’, psychologically or in the physical/tangible sense. This is not supposed to be…fixed earth is exactly that: solid, clearly understandable, logical, unswerving. Well, you can be sure that it will get sorted; this awful sensation will pass but this year it couldn’t be a smooth ride. The stellium and the square hold all of the explanations and these are the road signs for mutibles to focus on and regain their bearings.

Energy is flowing. It’s on the same course in each archetype as it should be in Time so let’s remember to go back to our maps and review. There are two serious influences in our lives in regroup and review mode. These are not about passing issues of the day, moods and traffic jams. They are deep, structurally important issues. They are not going away, they are to be dealt with and that is a big part of the energy rocking our boats. You may not clearly grasp them yet or you may be trying your very best to come to terms with them. Either way, you are on your course. Rock steady.

And what’s more, as a mutable your sails are feeling the trimmers of all those close to you as they, too, skid and bump from fired-up can-do  into a completely different environment – subject to gravity: the Physical World. Take heart and set aside some time that’s just for you while the atmosphere settles.

These are the times that you can practice choosing how if not who and what you respond to. Practice is how you move forward even if you seem to be sitting still. This will pass – and pass with best results for those with maps at hand.


Sidebar: apologies if I am confusing anyone with mixing my metaphors in this post. I am trying to convey sensations and experiences with the broadest user-friendly description that comes to mind at the moment, regardless of the element implied. Sail boat analogy just seems to work best. The energy summary below stands.


*Energy can be expressed in two basic ways, by element and character. The elemental descriptors are fire, water, air and earth. Within each of these descriptors, there are three characteristics: cardinal (pro-active), fixed (unswerving), and mutable (reactive, flexible). Each element and each characteristic within them are essential to the macroworld design; each person contains some combination of these energy qualities, uniquely suited to their best growth. If you were born when the sun was passing through mutable energy, that imprint remains as a key component of your psyche: ‘I am’ many things, but firstly, I am mutable.

Update: a solid take on the upcoming lunar eclipse can be found Elsaelsa and a very helpful overview on the series can be found at the Oxford Astrologer.