Anniversary on the Homestead


Here in the Med, life is perpetually in a rhythm of ebb and flow, without and overflowing, inactivity and hyper busy-ness. Its been like that for millennia, across this micro cosmos. I am watching the culture in Cyprus move at what feels like highly turbulent warp speed with the (worn out) brakes on, blurring the lines and definitions of who the native ‘I am’ is and is becoming. Fortunately, they aren’t a people group too terribly upset if they appear ungraceful about it to the outside world. The earth and water elements here long ago set the tempo and the inhabitants are proud extensions of these expressions.
During globally gear grinding transits such as the Uranus/Pluto square, it’s the micro cosmos’ that will feel the most hijacked and the least able to plot and set an autonomous course. They are also potentially the most capable of responding, re-adapting, rebuilding.
The world is half way through this transit and here, the people are feeling helpless. Native micro rhythm feels terribly out of sync and has always, by nature, offered little predictability while the current world rhythm seems, simply stated, foreign. Intrinsically part of this ‘foreign’ energy recipe is unpredictability.

So, here we are. In the back of beyond, off the grid and off the map, our little tribe is doing its best to navigate our Life road-map, utilising the energy on tap. Today we celebrate one year of habitation on this plot of land and what a patch of road-trip it has been. I am a jumble of feelings but overall quite pleased to be sitting here and writing to you with most of my sanity intact. At first, there was no electricity, no running water, no nothing but a house shell, tons of gritty mud and oh, the road to get here was a crumbling ledge on the side of a cliff. Building suppliers had to be coaxed and cajoled into delivering here. The first three trucks and the first backhoe all broke down shortly after arrival and we started to joke that we were jinxed. Fortunately, that trend was broken.

Positive Charge
There have been three ‘chapters’ to date concerning our energy grid. Initially, the resident electrical engineer tried running an 6-bladed wind turbine feeding four 12v batteries. This gave room lights at all times and approximately 90 minutes of alternate utility power/day. Soon, he discovered next generation solar panels at a brilliant price and managed to receive them just one day before new EU VAT rules – that would have put costs beyond just about any green dreamer – came into effect. Now running both turbine and panels, we were enjoying between 3 and 4 hours of energy usage/day.
Next, he managed to source a 2nd hand like new water tank/solar panel set for yet another great price. Rolls of piping were bought as soon as possible and by late September, we had HOT WATER in the kitchen and the bath. Yea, that’s right: a HOT SHOWER is a huge blessing! I hope you never ever forget that simple and profound truth. 🙂
And just recently, online, he met an extremely helpful guy on a forum who directed him to a website on batteries that has exponentially changed our usage efficiency. Now our four batteries are putting out more energy than we can use in a 24 hour cycle – in the middle of winter.

There are a hundred stories I could tell you about the ups and downs of the last year. We’ve gone from manually hauling huge containers of water just to be able to drink, cook and wash (yes, even the laundry) to laying out various food crops and fruit trees easily irrigated by the new well. The internal space of the house is on its third configuration edit as we try to maximize useful space and aesthetics. We’ve added an addition and are now preparing for another, much larger one. Slowly, slowly… as the saying here goes. Its been the pits and the apex at various times but through it all, it has been a personally cathartic experience for us. It has confirmed and evolved our understanding of our respective capabilities. It has plumbed new depths in the ‘co’ of co-creativity and while laying bare where more work needs doing, it has strengthened the predictability of ‘us’ as an entity.


As the song goes, there are ‘wheels within wheels’ and they are all moving – all the time. The key to successful co-creation is to learn the art of synchronizing your personal energies to the physical reality around you. (After all, it’s the only wheel you are in charge of.) And the more you open up to it and practice, the more you see how reality comes forth to meet you. In unpredictable ways, this is a predictable truth. Now, I am not saying that there aren’t loooong spans of time where the message is clear: ‘Rest now and be still’. But the greater your faith, the more likely you are to double and triple check that you are reading that correctly – say, when you aren’t sensing an inner harmonic chord. Sometimes, it’s just clear that either you or reality are somehow off script. Experience and Wisdom say, Wait. With. Expectancy.


2014 brings big events on the horizon that have forced us to stop spending money on this project until, at minimum, July. These are happy events that are bringing much needed time away from it all. But it’s also awfully difficult to just stop. When the speed of progress already feels in crawl-mode, any acceptance of halting feels like failing. Momentum feels precious. However, there is no money tree and we can’t have both. So, what to do? We can try expanding our vision of the reality box; see whats there that isn’t obvious.

Grinning with the Universe
To move forward on projects, we need an earthmover & operator more than anything else. While shooting the breeze in the local cafe just a few days ago, the engineer mentioned frustration with storing a boat that he never uses. Within his audience was an owner/operator that would like to own a boat like that and would be happy to barter a deal. How cool is that?! Beyond this swap, there may not be much else – but, wow, it is PLENTY enough to keep us humming along for some months more. That’s predictable. And then it really will feel like its time to shift energy into taking a much needed break. We might even feel a bit pressed for time – Ha!

Its been fun to share The Project news with you over the past year within this blog. If you are new here or want to review, visit the posts below, listed by date.

It’s time for the party to start so I will close with all best wishes for you and yours in endeavors that will bring Self fulfillment as you journey through Life.
As always, I am here to assist.

Mutable Soul

Before We Were Us, We Were Them

Touching Base

Addition, Subtraction and Perspective

Bitcoins and the Next Square

The bitcoin logo

Photo credit: Wikipedia

*updated May 24th, 2018, below

I have been thinking about Bitcoins a lot lately. Some research later (see below) and I find an intriguing story, including a bit of drama, humour and general synchronicity of the best kind in terms of the dominant archetype energies of the times. I am not done with this yet, but I offer my first impressions…

Bitcoins hit the idea-scene in 2008 – the year that Pluto entered Capricorn* – and their sole function is the exchange of money and value via computer and smartphone exclusively involving the two parties exchanging…Attention: that’s a solid example of Uranus in Aries finding a way to say ‘screw you’ to the current traditional monetary systems.

It seems to me that the characteristics of the originator as well as the ongoing ‘in charge’ bunch, manifest some of the higher qualities of Saturn. They have experienced and worked through the typical glitches and the great rollercoaster ride of launching a new concept with passion, focus, determination and professionalism. Consequently, it hasn’t been all sticks; carrots can now be measured by the bushel. This is exactly the co-creative journey an entity working the energy well should have.

Bitcoin has one characteristic that will keep users on their toes. While just about everyone has a presence in virtual space and a personal page, when it comes to your value transactions you seek some privacy and that’s expected. But you must take personal responsibility for what you want. You must not forget to change your address after each and every transaction and depending on your activity levels, security software is available for your consideration. I think of this as typical of being a responsible proactive citizen in a democratic 21st century environment, cheesy as that might sound. But one could say that this is what the square is really all about.

I just love the following paragraph from the Bitcoin site. It is so SO in Time!

Bitcoin is an experimental new currency that is in active development. Although it becomes less experimental as usage grows, you should keep in mind that Bitcoin is a new invention that is exploring ideas that have never been attempted before. As such, its future cannot be predicted by anyone.

I cant resist just one more:

Bitcoin price is volatile. The price of a bitcoin can unpredictably increase or decrease over a short period of time due to its young economy, novel nature, and sometimes illiquid markets.

Volatile, young, and novel are all about hi-tech Uranus in Aries and illiquid markets are all about Pluto in Capricorn. I don’t have a magic ball.  I haven’t (yet) used bitcoins personally. I am just noting that the right ingredients are here. It seems to me that at least a sizeable part of the future of ‘the exchange of money and value’ will look a lot like Bitcoins.

***My sources:

Time Business and Money
Bitcoin Magazine
The New Yorker
Wired Enterprise

*Pluto is the archetype easy to understand via the phoenix  myth of a body that bursts into flames, disintegrates into ash and then re-rises brand new and better. Death and Resurrection, Transformation, Purge through Fire. Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008. Capricorn rules structures in the public square, particularly government and banking.

Uranus is the archetype that brings lightening bolt speed of information, data, comprehension and typically shocks, surprises and agitates. Archetype Mercury x 1000, super-speed networking, A Way where, a moment ago, there was No Way. Uranus entered Aries in 2010. Aries is the Individual and the desires thereof.

As both of these archetypes are signified by outer cosmos placements, their effects are said to begin influencing from still quite some distance off, to permeate globally via the parametres of the themes that focus/channel them and take years to run their course within these themes.
Both of these are further described on the Homepage.

Exact 90′ squares (difficult, high friction energy-flow angle) of these archetypes follow. See how they correspond to global and personal events?
June 24th, 2012: 8 degrees
September 19 2012: 6 degrees
May 20 2013: 11 degrees
November 1 2013: 9 degrees
April 21 2014: 13 degrees
December 15 2014: 12 degrees
March 17 2015: 15 degrees

Asset or Currency?

Here is a May 2018 link to a debate between a bit coin supporter and Martin Armstrong. Is bitcoin an asset or a currency? (link)


Touching Base

Sunrise over Stonehenge on the summer solstice...

Photo credit: Wikipedia

Its been very hectic for many of us these last weeks. Lots of ups and downs, both within ourselves and our environments. Personally, I have been doing my best to practice sitting back in my proverbial seat as situations and events stoke my thoughts and feelings.

In my working life, there has been a serious uptick in the number of people I am reading for; some pass through for a basic overview and some have decided they need my ongoing service via bi-monthly energy-chats. Though the bi-monthly service is more economical, what really seems to draw them is the realization that they need consistent, regular grounding (Me, too: welcome to my world.). Every one of them tells me they sense a much greater participation, both psychologically and physically, in their lives. They are living the co-creation experience. This is extremely gratifying for me.

My personal life is completely occupied by living off the grid – of course. This is no walk in in the park, on a day-to-day basis, believe me. There are times when I think I am going to implode. It’s not that its ‘so hard’ or full of deprivation, in fact its like an ongoing meditation. But there is a continual background kind of taxing that can occasionally build up on when one has lived with the basic creature comforts of the latter 20th century. .Sometimes you just have to ‘take a day’.

Red Wine

Photo credit: desegura89

I can tell you exactly how many litres of water I use every day, be it for cooking, cleaning, washing or the garden (I have to regularly transport it, you see, in a lot of 25 litre containers. Google how much each weighs. I haven’t because it’s probably better I don’t know). I can tell you exactly when the sun rises and sets, how long a battery can run a fluorescent lamp and many factors to consider for running a household on solar/wind turbine systems. And how beautiful it is to watch courting woodpeckers along the treeline of a field full of wildflowers.

Because we are on a very small budget due to so many (huge) starting-off expenses, I feel compelled to cut back in many areas, including how long I run the (inefficient) generator. This directly affects my computer battery and the blog has had to languish a bit. I can’t tell you how many posts I have written in my head, hoping like hell that the essence of my point stays with me until blog time returns. On the bright side, it certainly helps the time go by when you are engaged in back-breaking pick and ax work on ground as hard as concrete.

But we are in the stream and things happen with relative ease to encourage us (‘relative’ being a key word). This is a fearful time in Europe and even more so for those living, as we are, in the latest-euro-experiment country of Cyprus. While it’s far too small a place for us to be insulated from a lot of the monetary repercussions, our needs and wants, our general standard of living, will not be so affected as the majority. And over time, our personal environment will become richer and more comfortable as we build it, along with Nature and Time.
I just wanted to let my readers know, to catch you up with my regular contacts. I am still here and reading energy wheels or answering one-off queries. It’s all quite in keeping with Saturn in Scorpio and the stellium progression. Perhaps you have different terms for it but know what I mean.

I plan to be back here soon with a post concerning an article I read recently about political progressives. See you soon…