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thanks to the unidentified creator of this image - it feels so true!

BIG thanks to the unidentified creator of this image – that explains it!


(Re)Creation Begins From Within

Happy Renewal, Resurrection, Rebirth and Transformation Days to you as we step

'Hope', Kevin Lau, Flickr

‘Hope’, Kevin Lau, Flickr

together out of hibernation. Faith, hope and belief, benevolence and generosity are on tap with Jupiter stationing direct in perfect synchronicity. Gotta love that! I am seeing and hearing these sentiments in all my interactions; and although nothing much has significantly changed in concrete terms for this tourist-driven economy, the prevalent undercurrent feels like, ‘we might as well make the best of what we’ve got. It can only get better – and maybe it will.’

That leaves the door OPEN to opportunity, to new experiences, to adventurous learning. Let that be your mantra. 🙂


Aries New Moon: Seeding Creation
New Moons are for setting intentions, planting the metaphoric seed. The Aries New Moon is the most powerful and passion-related of all the new moons in a given year. So, it makes sense to capture that drive in a visual aide that depicts our purest goals,

'Germinating Ideas', Ritesh Man Tamrakar, Flickr

‘Germinating Ideas’, Ritesh Man Tamrakar, Flickr

dreams and desires for the coming year. This is known as a vision board or intention poster.

Our brains think visually; even the most intellectual amongst us lock on to memories or aspirations with a mental screen shot or mini film clip, a colour or a font style as an anchor to our psyche’s comprehension of experience. Even smells, tastes, sounds and tactile experiences often get flagged in our mind’s database with a trigger symbol that activates them. The exercise of assembling images, symbols and messages for ourselves gives us a helpful and supportive navigation tool.

This is my 4th year of making an intention poster. At various points in these years, each has given me profound moments of realisation/recognition/new perspective that seemed like eons away, in orientation, from the moment in time that I created the poster. Life can get so off-track without you even noticing it until your knee-deep. The poster, which I confess I began doing purely out of some sense of obligation or duty as a student of archetypes and not with much enthusiasm, has become an abiding concrete source of stability.

Sometimes I have simply glanced up from a task, seen some particular part of the poster and it just opens up a river of understanding to me: oh! Wow. Other times, I have marched right up to it and let my eyes just rest on it, waiting (ok, at times demanding) for a ‘pull’. This has been equally intriguing if not as spectacular. In those moments, I was really grateful that I employed my crafting skills, be they what they are, during this auspicious time of the year. Because those are the moments you learn how magical this vision board really is…spooky in a fabulous way! The universe, your subconscious mind, and Here-on-Earth-You really are all in synchronicity when you show up to be shown.

I can’t think of any other self-honouring endeavour, any better altar to build than one that will continue to give back to you, in real time, a tremendous faith and awe in the power, intelligence, logic – and patience – of the Universe. This can only translate into greater personal wisdom as we each live our unique heroic journey.

There is a window of time between the 15th and 22nd, give or take a day or so, for creating our Intention Poster. If you are interested, let me know. I’ll send some pointers for self-clarification and a suggested supply list.
Looking forward to it!!

– weaver   elemental.living@yahoo.com

This project is 4th in our House Series as we explore the astrology wheel, archetypically and personally, one house per month. Readers here are welcome to request the transcripts for any workshops that we have completed.

Anniversary on the Homestead


Here in the Med, life is perpetually in a rhythm of ebb and flow, without and overflowing, inactivity and hyper busy-ness. Its been like that for millennia, across this micro cosmos. I am watching the culture in Cyprus move at what feels like highly turbulent warp speed with the (worn out) brakes on, blurring the lines and definitions of who the native ‘I am’ is and is becoming. Fortunately, they aren’t a people group too terribly upset if they appear ungraceful about it to the outside world. The earth and water elements here long ago set the tempo and the inhabitants are proud extensions of these expressions.
During globally gear grinding transits such as the Uranus/Pluto square, it’s the micro cosmos’ that will feel the most hijacked and the least able to plot and set an autonomous course. They are also potentially the most capable of responding, re-adapting, rebuilding.
The world is half way through this transit and here, the people are feeling helpless. Native micro rhythm feels terribly out of sync and has always, by nature, offered little predictability while the current world rhythm seems, simply stated, foreign. Intrinsically part of this ‘foreign’ energy recipe is unpredictability.

So, here we are. In the back of beyond, off the grid and off the map, our little tribe is doing its best to navigate our Life road-map, utilising the energy on tap. Today we celebrate one year of habitation on this plot of land and what a patch of road-trip it has been. I am a jumble of feelings but overall quite pleased to be sitting here and writing to you with most of my sanity intact. At first, there was no electricity, no running water, no nothing but a house shell, tons of gritty mud and oh, the road to get here was a crumbling ledge on the side of a cliff. Building suppliers had to be coaxed and cajoled into delivering here. The first three trucks and the first backhoe all broke down shortly after arrival and we started to joke that we were jinxed. Fortunately, that trend was broken.

Positive Charge
There have been three ‘chapters’ to date concerning our energy grid. Initially, the resident electrical engineer tried running an 6-bladed wind turbine feeding four 12v batteries. This gave room lights at all times and approximately 90 minutes of alternate utility power/day. Soon, he discovered next generation solar panels at a brilliant price and managed to receive them just one day before new EU VAT rules – that would have put costs beyond just about any green dreamer – came into effect. Now running both turbine and panels, we were enjoying between 3 and 4 hours of energy usage/day.
Next, he managed to source a 2nd hand like new water tank/solar panel set for yet another great price. Rolls of piping were bought as soon as possible and by late September, we had HOT WATER in the kitchen and the bath. Yea, that’s right: a HOT SHOWER is a huge blessing! I hope you never ever forget that simple and profound truth. 🙂
And just recently, online, he met an extremely helpful guy on a forum who directed him to a website on batteries that has exponentially changed our usage efficiency. Now our four batteries are putting out more energy than we can use in a 24 hour cycle – in the middle of winter.

There are a hundred stories I could tell you about the ups and downs of the last year. We’ve gone from manually hauling huge containers of water just to be able to drink, cook and wash (yes, even the laundry) to laying out various food crops and fruit trees easily irrigated by the new well. The internal space of the house is on its third configuration edit as we try to maximize useful space and aesthetics. We’ve added an addition and are now preparing for another, much larger one. Slowly, slowly… as the saying here goes. Its been the pits and the apex at various times but through it all, it has been a personally cathartic experience for us. It has confirmed and evolved our understanding of our respective capabilities. It has plumbed new depths in the ‘co’ of co-creativity and while laying bare where more work needs doing, it has strengthened the predictability of ‘us’ as an entity.


As the song goes, there are ‘wheels within wheels’ and they are all moving – all the time. The key to successful co-creation is to learn the art of synchronizing your personal energies to the physical reality around you. (After all, it’s the only wheel you are in charge of.) And the more you open up to it and practice, the more you see how reality comes forth to meet you. In unpredictable ways, this is a predictable truth. Now, I am not saying that there aren’t loooong spans of time where the message is clear: ‘Rest now and be still’. But the greater your faith, the more likely you are to double and triple check that you are reading that correctly – say, when you aren’t sensing an inner harmonic chord. Sometimes, it’s just clear that either you or reality are somehow off script. Experience and Wisdom say, Wait. With. Expectancy.


2014 brings big events on the horizon that have forced us to stop spending money on this project until, at minimum, July. These are happy events that are bringing much needed time away from it all. But it’s also awfully difficult to just stop. When the speed of progress already feels in crawl-mode, any acceptance of halting feels like failing. Momentum feels precious. However, there is no money tree and we can’t have both. So, what to do? We can try expanding our vision of the reality box; see whats there that isn’t obvious.

Grinning with the Universe
To move forward on projects, we need an earthmover & operator more than anything else. While shooting the breeze in the local cafe just a few days ago, the engineer mentioned frustration with storing a boat that he never uses. Within his audience was an owner/operator that would like to own a boat like that and would be happy to barter a deal. How cool is that?! Beyond this swap, there may not be much else – but, wow, it is PLENTY enough to keep us humming along for some months more. That’s predictable. And then it really will feel like its time to shift energy into taking a much needed break. We might even feel a bit pressed for time – Ha!

Its been fun to share The Project news with you over the past year within this blog. If you are new here or want to review, visit the posts below, listed by date.

It’s time for the party to start so I will close with all best wishes for you and yours in endeavors that will bring Self fulfillment as you journey through Life.
As always, I am here to assist. elemental.living@yahoo.com

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