New Moon Solar Eclipse: 18 Leo 41

street performers

Two from a beautiful crew: come enjoy street dancers, performing on Friday evenings in Old Town Paphos, from the heart for all.

The sun (ruler of the new moon) and the moon (the Eclipser) will be receiving guests shortly in the royal summer play house of Leo. In attendance are Mercury (alternately preoccupied, shifty, wired-out and boisterous), Pallas Athene (the aloof strategist in chainmail tunic, occasionally clanking and chiming amongst her metal toys) and Hekate, the way-pointer currently in telepathic 3-way comms with Vesta (‘sacred hearth’ matters) and  Eris (strife and discord).

Along with the Sun, these three have been focused on their passion work for some time now. Over the previous weeks, as they have worked within allotted spaces and passed along corridors vibrating with life-force on the way to their place for New Moon rituals, each have encountered and paid their respects to the glowing orb-in-residence that symbolizes the Holistic Pursuits: the North Node point, currently at 5.5’ and just 12 god-sized paces from the top table.

More on that point here: When the Rubber Hits the Road and and The Traveler’s Essential Tool.

Casting a pleasant shade, the moon glides in. A bell rings and the pressure in the central fountain increases notably and holds; the surrounding pool level begins to rise. Bowls are set before all…and all are welcome!

We Note that elsewhere Venus squares Saturn. However, she also sextiles that North Node point. Venus is in Libra – her home territory and Saturn’s zone of exaltation. She is wired to soften the Boss’s message. Still, this kink in the line indicates that reality, with all its gore and glory, must be the foundation of lasting relationships and value-exchanges. No veneer or curtain will do just now and that’s for our own good. Practice firmness as kindly as you can without undermining your Self. The sextile tells us that when we are effectively working with others, we’ll have the capacity to co-create beyond our current limitations and see/hear/feel the proof. Be mindful, be observant.

That north node point is squaring a stationing Uranus in Taurus and for some, this is going to make mindfulness a lot harder to maintain. If this sounds like you, don’t fret – no, not by any means. ‘Failure is the elimination of the non-essential.’ – J.K. Rowling. So, let your Genius Muse out – and on the positive side, this contact will last a’ve got time to practiceWhen Uranus is involved, tuck and ride the wave.

New moons are a time for Rest and Restoration, to re calibrate the mind/body balance. But life doesn’t always seem to cooperate! These are the times to practice centering while driving, while walking, while riding the bus. And again, center in the shower, the pool or under the garden hose. Center as you fall asleep and while you wait for the kettle.

Over the next several days, peruse your inner seed bank and select according to your Leo house placement. Consciously begin again to nurture your Joy. Make it a ritual.

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The Saros Series number is 2 New North, an eclipse family that “changes a person’s direction through the sudden collapse of an existing structure.” The structural breakdown could be anything from a belief system to something in our external life that unexpectedly destroys our daily routines. This may initially bring about confusion but the positive message of 2 New North is that in the long run the changes will prove deeply beneficial.  – many thanks to Sher Astrology’s Kimberly Maxwell

Perseids Meteor Shower – are again offering a very helpful link. Type in your location to check the visibility in your area.

Cycles within Cycles & Mercury rx in the Fire Signs – Connect the dots about Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius (December 2017), in Aries (March 2018) and Now in Leo. Astro101 to wow you! More at the bottom of this post.


More for astro students to contemplate:

*JUNO opposite Jupiter and square the eclipse

*BML  in conjunction to Mars rx and square Uranus

*Hekate/Vesta/Eris fire trine

*Activate the water trine


Personalised Energy Coaching

(Re)Creation Begins From Within

Happy Renewal, Resurrection, Rebirth and Transformation Days to you as we step

'Hope', Kevin Lau, Flickr

‘Hope’, Kevin Lau, Flickr

together out of hibernation. Faith, hope and belief, benevolence and generosity are on tap with Jupiter stationing direct in perfect synchronicity. Gotta love that! I am seeing and hearing these sentiments in all my interactions; and although nothing much has significantly changed in concrete terms for this tourist-driven economy, the prevalent undercurrent feels like, ‘we might as well make the best of what we’ve got. It can only get better – and maybe it will.’

That leaves the door OPEN to opportunity, to new experiences, to adventurous learning. Let that be your mantra. 🙂


Aries New Moon: Seeding Creation
New Moons are for setting intentions, planting the metaphoric seed. The Aries New Moon is the most powerful and passion-related of all the new moons in a given year. So, it makes sense to capture that drive in a visual aide that depicts our purest goals,

'Germinating Ideas', Ritesh Man Tamrakar, Flickr

‘Germinating Ideas’, Ritesh Man Tamrakar, Flickr

dreams and desires for the coming year. This is known as a vision board or intention poster.

Our brains think visually; even the most intellectual amongst us lock on to memories or aspirations with a mental screen shot or mini film clip, a colour or a font style as an anchor to our psyche’s comprehension of experience. Even smells, tastes, sounds and tactile experiences often get flagged in our mind’s database with a trigger symbol that activates them. The exercise of assembling images, symbols and messages for ourselves gives us a helpful and supportive navigation tool.

This is my 4th year of making an intention poster. At various points in these years, each has given me profound moments of realisation/recognition/new perspective that seemed like eons away, in orientation, from the moment in time that I created the poster. Life can get so off-track without you even noticing it until your knee-deep. The poster, which I confess I began doing purely out of some sense of obligation or duty as a student of archetypes and not with much enthusiasm, has become an abiding concrete source of stability.

Sometimes I have simply glanced up from a task, seen some particular part of the poster and it just opens up a river of understanding to me: oh! Wow. Other times, I have marched right up to it and let my eyes just rest on it, waiting (ok, at times demanding) for a ‘pull’. This has been equally intriguing if not as spectacular. In those moments, I was really grateful that I employed my crafting skills, be they what they are, during this auspicious time of the year. Because those are the moments you learn how magical this vision board really is…spooky in a fabulous way! The universe, your subconscious mind, and Here-on-Earth-You really are all in synchronicity when you show up to be shown.

I can’t think of any other self-honouring endeavour, any better altar to build than one that will continue to give back to you, in real time, a tremendous faith and awe in the power, intelligence, logic – and patience – of the Universe. This can only translate into greater personal wisdom as we each live our unique heroic journey.

There is a window of time between the 15th and 22nd, give or take a day or so, for creating our Intention Poster. If you are interested, let me know. I’ll send some pointers for self-clarification and a suggested supply list.
Looking forward to it!!

– weaver

This project is 4th in our House Series as we explore the astrology wheel, archetypically and personally, one house per month. Readers here are welcome to request the transcripts for any workshops that we have completed.