Full Moon: 22 Cancer 27′



Wouldn’t it be nice if there were rules for living as simple as the rules for driving. I am thinking of the 4-way stop. Should two cars meet at the same time, the rule is that the driver to the right has the right-of-way. Should four cars meet at once, then somebody eventually takes the lead and the scene clears in an orderly fashion. This full moon energy, however, might feel a little more like ‘playing chicken’ at that intersection but we can avoid collision – or at least high speed collision – if we consciously decide to survey the elemental terrain beyond the hype that the first month of a new year can bring.

Breaking it Down

A ‘grand square configuration’ is made up of two oppositions. It may be tricky to pick it all apart now, but it is. Bear with me on this somewhat wobbly analogy…

Lets say these drivers have been aware of one another and their pending meet-up, even if only in some abstract sort of way. There’s unavoidable magnetism, welcome or not.

So, one of these two sets of drivers at the 4-way has been been heading towards this junction for some weeks now and in car 1, we have your ego and how freely it can move and stretch in relation to car 2: all the other people and institutions/groups you interact with, from the obligatory to the recreational.

Car 1 has that really cool flip switch that turns on the rocket fuel and we all (should) know by now how hard it is to think (or drive well, for that matter) when the g-forces have your head pinned to the neck support in a frightful glory. It is extremely important for us to know just how powerful our car really is: this is a year where you will have to find times and places to let it rip. Note that the pros go out to a desolate strip and put themselves through time trials and/or stunt work in prep for the real thing. Find your comparable outlet.

Car 2 is full of …well, its big and full! Think: a packed double decker. Not necessarily everyone/every theme that got on the bus in 2016 will still be a riding by end of 2017. At this moment in Time, you are called to allow your instincts to be tempered and channeled by your highest beliefs. As the abstract morphs into a clear target: If it hurt none, do. And keep this in mind: these 2 cars (which i think by now, we have determined are a fabulous set of your kind of wheels and a double decker bus) are scheduled to repeat this confrontation over the coming months. This is a primary axis of action for 2017.

The second set of cars (Mac trucks, more likely) are coming to the 4-way from very specific points; they are, or are an important part of, your ongoing Emotional Security/Practical Real-world Security axis and right now, the polarity of this spectrum hits you from within and without – and this is upsetting to both the Capricorn and the Cancer archetypes.

These two generally work very well together; they’ve been meeting up continuously since ancient times and know well the wisdom of compromise or, at least, truce. You, too, must find a way to cradle the child whilst plowing the field. Or to continue with our wobbly analogy, light staccato horn blows, flashing hazard lights and an endearing grin (as you swerve and dodge best you can around and through that 1st set of cars) directed straight through your windshield to that other Mac truck driver. Priorities are exactly that. Some thing or some relationship reaches a culmination point and both Lights will make clear your options for a continued secure course.

So…its a packed 4-way intersection and yet its component parts are not of the same frequency or duration. If you are feeling bombarded or overwhelmed, breaking it down can be so helpful. What is meaningful sound and what is static? What is clearly intrinsic to you and what is passing through?

– weaver



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Water and Life

Element Water

Water is the archetype descriptive for specific manifestations of energy;  it is characterized by qualities that differentiate it from other energy forces. There is an innate tendency in humans to anthropomorphise energy and as is always the case, we can look to reality in our physical world for an understanding of how it is universally grasped and clarified by the mind. Physical water can be hot, warm, tepid, cool, icy. It can steam upwards, migrate downwards through other substances and it can freeze solid.  It can respond to its environment, whatever that may be, with some state of being that works for co-existence – while never giving up its central purposefulness: water molecules move as a unit or group within a cycle.

The key word there is ‘move’ but as the states of water demonstrate, speed is not essential. Determination is. The layered density of polar ice and the thrusting of earth before it seen in our times as great canyons, miles deep and long, are proof this most powerful and regenerative force on earth. It is patient.When water is subjected to external forces, such as heat from plate tectonics or the collision of diverse winds, however, one can witness that movement accelerate exponentially.

Add to all of this the fact that it always moves to the lowest gravitational point and appears to rest there. Sure, some of the molecules are evaporating, some are seeping through the ground, there is the tug of the moon and the accommodation of forms moving through it. But essentially, I think humans think of water most often in terms of its resting form – I am tempted to say, its ultimate form; almost everyone finds the seaside or lakeside a restful and peaceful experience.  HP6055

The Resting Form

We know that playful falls and fountains, burbling creeks and torrential rivers are ‘working’ to get to that place and we enjoy and/or respect this force. I think there is some intrinsic and subconscious shift in our thoughts when we think about water at this stage. Once that moving water arrives at the resting point, that which moves, which appears more clearly to be life-full, becomes those beings within and beside the water. That would include Us. We know that water is essential to life. We live in places, well, most of us do, where water moves with controlled dynamism, where we can safely witness its unrelenting energy directed to large resting places. We know we need to remain in proximity and we intuit that we have a parallel experience. At different points in our individual and collective lives, we will take on the same characteristics as water in response to our reality. We will ‘work’ in varying states of force to fulfill an inner drive to arrive.

Hence, every civilization with any artistic development has necessarily recorded the characteristics of element water in relation to survival and prosperity. We have also witnessed consistent matching characteristics in individuals and groups and categorized them accordingly. Poems, lyrics and sayings are full of water connotations. You’re as cold as ice. Still waters run deep. Laughter like a waterfall.  A kiss as gentle as morning dew. Love like a tidal wave. Gripped by an icey fear.  And the common theme here is emotion. After all, water is basic to feeling Safe, able to survive, to grow and that’s really it in a nutshell: I need to feel Safe – to try new things, tap potential, screw up, dream big, hope and even, at times, to restrict.

Navigating the currents

There’s currently a good bit of traffic on the highway/spectrum of archetype Water and some of us may be feeling underwhelmed or overflowing. In other words, we may have our metaphoric plate tectonics, clashing temps or perhaps we are our community’s very own Niagara Falls.

Thoughts, communications, and plans are fuelled by primal and intuitive Feelings and we can, again, mimic an archetype – this time, Earth – to give ourselves structure and boundaries to process them. As always, it is good to remember that they are neither positive nor negative in and of themselves – how they are acted upon for the individual is down to one’s unique journey. But there is something you can do to check your direction and thus your progress: examine your motivations.

In a quiet moment, select one of your current ‘projects’ or ‘works’, some plan you are acting upon. Break it down into segments, either on paper, out loud or within: articulate it clearly to yourself (give it a title, so to speak); think about the outcome you want. And then, as though presenting your case to a judge, explain clearly and with as much detail as you think necessary to sway the judge WHY the plan is ‘good’, why the desired outcome is ‘right’. Hopefully, your inner judge will pipe up with some comments:

  1. Who are the others necessary to the fulfillment of this plan? Are they in agreement with you on the key factors, even if perhaps they will take away a different kind of plus? Have you been honest with each of them to the degree that you should be? Have you kept some details back from them? Sometimes, that’s just fine. Is that the case now?
  2. Who will be affected by it? Are you within your rightful bounds? If others will have to make adjustments, is their response going to require sacrifice and if so, is that a case of high time or could you reasonably be expected to make some alterations?
  3. Are you skipping any steps along the way in the implementation of this plan? Will that really be ok? Often life just has to be fudged along here and there. Is the skipped step genuinely one of those times?
  4. Have you considered the Unforeseeable? Should a person or a condition be removed suddenly from your environment, will you be capable of filling that void? How much flexibility and fluidity have you factored in? (for more on this, see here and here.)

These are just a few primers to help you get to the crucial, the most important question of all:

What is your motivation, the base desire at the root of successful realization of your plan?

Construct a Trustworthy Portal

We spend so little time in contemplation of our Self from different angles. We feel such a familiarity with the interiors of our minds and rarely study the corners and cubbies therein. In fact, there are probably rooms – dare we say wings? – of your mental dwelling that haven’t seen you for decades. After all, it feels just like ‘been there, done that’, doesn’t it?  But just as you can’t step into the same river twice, your advancing Self can periodically gaze on the ‘familiar’ You and see things more clearly. So with kindness and no fear, take yourself through these questions and any others that pop up along the way. Pour out all the detail and then go back and pare it all down.

Flow like a torrent. And then review: take each paragraph or rambling segment and distill it into one sentence that encapsulates the essential points. What you have at this point is a trustworthy portal towards emotional clarity. How you proceed is down to you.

Water Symbology

I was presuming that I could make life easy and paste some symbology here for you to enjoy but, alas, I am unschooled in how to translate them here, if that is even possible. Still, this is such good stuff that I have pasted what I can for you to follow up on if you wish.

Humankind shares this symbol as the most common ideogram for water in general and for streaming or flowing water in particular. In the earliest Chinese ideography river or stream is represented thus.

One finds this water symbol on discos from Crete from around 2000 B.C., and in a variation as an old symbol for potential power in Tibet. It also appears among rock carvings in Utah.  A basic element in Western ideography, the clockwise spiral (starting from the middle) is strongly associated with water, power, independent movement, and migrations of tribes.

In the earliest Chinese ideography this symbol was used with the probable meaning return or homecoming. The Hopi Indians seem to have given it the same meaning. In the system of hobo signs in Britain this symbol means this is a good house for work, i.e. a place that is worth returning to when one needs food and money.

This sign is found painted on the walls of houses in Tibet and appears to mean home, the place one returns to.

And so, of course…

In astrology, element Water is channeled through the spectrum of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, respectively My Home or Inner Sanctum; the Great Relational Deep and (often) Hidden; and the All One Ocean. For the next few months, expect your personal wheel to be pinging away as various happenings in your experience will bring these concepts and your interpretation of them up for consideration or review. These are obviously issues that are near and dear to the human heart, whether you classify yourself as a social butterfly, bigwig boss, wall flower or hermit… Or as a wannabe of any of these.

As the sun enters the Cancerian spectrum, lets practice what we see Water doing…lets be fluid in our thinking and feeling. Now is not the time for seeping or freezing solid. No matter where you are on your journey, it’s time for a big Self-hug and patient forward movement.

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