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A Declaration of the Purpose and Use of Astrology at Neptune and the Oak

My primary goal in relaying the wisdom and flow of universal energy via the astrology wheel is to demonstrate the practicality and satisfaction of a life well lived. We are each a composite of mind, body and spirit with unique gifts and needs meant to be shared, in varying degrees, with others. If we face obstacles, pain or confusion, we can know that there is a reason and unique remedy; we can co-direct transformation. An Astrologer is NOT a clairvoyant or a psychic. An astrologer cannot tell you a particular outcome will surely come to pass – there are simply too many variables at play in any given scenario. And a coach or guide cannot do the work in the client’s place.

But an astrologer can relay an intimate comprehension of exactly where you feel you are, offer a guided tour through an overview of your experiences and consequent choices, demonstrate the quality of archetypal energies at work in the individual, provide consistent objectivity, perspective and encouragement, and greatly assist you in the building of a strong, meaningful and fulfilling Life.

Thank you for visiting! I look forward to working with you.



Personal Coaching Services

Natal Reading: a foundational study in understanding your innate Self: who you are, what makes you tick and the general purposes of your life experiences. Essential for beginning students of astrology and the structural centerpiece for ongoing growth. This is a written reading followed by a Q&A exchange to clarify key themes.  €75

Here and Now Reading: a popular request. This is a snapshot look at the current issue/s you are dealing with and the wisest way to proceed in synchronicity with your highest potential. This is a written reading followed by a Q&A exchange to clarify key themes.  €50

Moon by Moon Reading: another popular offering, this is a study in the meanings of the New and Full Moons specific to this moment in your unique life journey. Understanding the themes of lunar rhythms that are especially yours builds core emotional strength and peace. Highly recommended for everyone. This is a written reading followed by a Q&A exchange to clarify key themes.  €50

Solar Return Reading: An overview of your year from birthday to birthday; knowing the life themes and topics that will feature in lived experience can help to frame your long term goals. €65

Lunar Return Reading: A look at your month from personal new moon to personal new moon. Understanding the themes of lunar rhythms that are especially yours builds core emotional strength and peace. Highly recommended for everyone. Priced to enjoy multiples! €20

Grounding Series: experience personal coaching over the course of 4 structured weeks. Together we explore what is working, what’s not and crucially, why. Together we examine your innate gifts, skills, weaknesses and needs, any crisis or decision/s you are facing and create a workable plan for inner stability, focus in every-day life and tangible progress. Expect clear guidance and immediate results. This series includes – but is generally not limited to – weekly written reports, skype sessions and homework. Payment plans are available.  €350

Workshops/Tutoring: from time to time, I offer workshops or classes for those who wish to learn more about astrology or an archetypal entity and its influence. These are generally geared for those who live in feasible proximity to my town but past transcripts are available, too, for independent study or one-to-one tutoring. Interested in learning something specific? Just let me know and we’ll see about starting up a class.

*My services are priced to be as accessible as possible to everyone. If you are struggling financially but genuinely wish to create a wiser, more meaningful life experience, please feel free to contact me

Religion, Science, Astrology: No Conflict of Interest

There are some popular misconceptions about archetype energies – especially an issue in the very misunderstood terms of astrology – that should be cleared up.

What is an Archetype Energy?

We are all now probably familiar with the concept that energy is the stuff of the cosmos. Energy does not die or disappear, it’s simply changes form. The simplest example one can give is the cycle of water. Ocean and sea water evaporates under the sun, water’s form changes to clouds subject to winds, clouds are moved, atmospheric conditions change and at some point the clouds break form and, under laws of gravity, fall downward. Perhaps the form taken at this point is snow, perhaps ice, perhaps rain. It’s still the same water: its still that same energy.

Wind Energy
Photo credit: janie.hernandez55

And we can take this illustration and apply it limitlessly, thanks to the work of almighty Science. We can study an energy entity, plot its course, measure its affects, create a user-friendly graph or diagram and present it to the listening world.

We also have some universally accepted spiritual truths that speak about energy, such as, ‘As above, so below.’ ‘What comes around, goes around.’ ‘Like begets like.’ The Golden Rule spans all the major religions and a lot of lesser known ones, essence firmly intact. And let’s not forget the very large number of Scientists who believe in an afterlife in one form or another.

These various venues of thought didn’t just appear; they crystallized over millennia of human experience in the physical and psychological world of existence. Thought concepts like these are examples of archetype energy. Give that a good think. This is not airie fairie stuff for the vast majority of peoples.

To Be Clear

Archetype energy trends saturate our space cyclically and there are various disciplines for tuning in. I will focus primarily on the three thousand year old study of Astrology. Energy this old has power but it never trumps individual choice. That is probably the most important fact to be understood by readers here. 21st century Individuality remains as it should: sacred.

It’s OK to Check it out for Yourself

In my part of the world, clients tend to be Orthodox Christian or agnostic with a few atheists in the mix. All of them have evolved a deep respect for most Science and scientific theory-to-proofs methodology – though they take the majority of information on good faith.

All of them are familiar with astrology in as far as their birthdate determining their sun sign. But none of them knew the following:

*In no way does Astrology negate, replace or minimalise one’s religious beliefs or spiritual system.

*in no way does Astrology contradict the growing world of facts in modern Science.

This was a relief for them. They didn’t have to deny a set of beliefs or thoughts to dip their toes in astrology. The solar system we live within has all of the components used over the ages to read the flow of energies rather like a clock on the wall tells you what time it is. Consistently, you can see Astrology is working in concert with the original

A work by Jakob Böhme illustrating a Christian...
A work by Jakob Böhme illustrating a Christian take on Hermetic astrology, 1682 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

sacred texts of the primary world religions and the tried and tested proofs of scientific advancement.

Astrology is simply an insightful and consistent tool at your disposal and many people find it helpful in bringing the larger, sometimes mysterious truths, concepts and life experiences ‘down to earth’. Unlike the media-hyped markets born ‘yesterday’, astrology scholars and students have been at work for a very long time. Give your individuality a spin on the Wheel. It’s pretty much assured that you will be amazed. More importantly, you will start to get the answers you seek.

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