Fire Walking

The full moon at 20’ Aries lights up something seriously in need of ending in its current form. It’s likely that this comes to the fore in a partnership. Those of us with placements near 20’ of Cancer, Libra, Capricorn won’t be too surprised as this energy culminates; there are hints for the attentive for at least a week before. Do yourself a favor: Let go.

Those with placements in Aries, however, might feel somewhat stunned by what comes to light. When you are experiencing a creeping stresser for so long – as newer situations come and go that divert your attention and energy, its instinctual to tune out the drum beat of impending finality.

The ruler of the full moon, Mars, has been vibing via the house of Libra for about the same amount of time that Mercury, followed by Venus, has been vibing via the house of Scorpio. If we’ve been unusually willing to go below the surface in our discussions and debates with others, if we’ve been unusually willing to dispense with our typical style of interaction and drawing in near to another, the days leading up to the full moon might read: so this is how it goes in the big leagues of WE-labors: aha! moment  *Or*  Me, thinking WE had this balancing act down pat but you clearly do NOT.

Either way you see it, don’t lose your chance to step up and do a little fire walking…

For all of us, there’s a fire trine from Jupiter to that Aries moon. You can get new spark plugs in your zone of faith, adventurousness and humor. If Aries is your sun or rising sign, shazam! Got planets in Leo? You can crank up the wattage, too. (And if you haven’t got Leo markers, go for it anyway!) Recent checks on your creativity serve as guard rails; Jupiter can inspire and project, Aries is the courageous and Leo can perform with winning style even on a shrinking stage. You never know who may be watching.

The rest of this year is not all fun and games; you’ll need to exercise your serious sides. If you blow your top, be willing to pay the consequences dictated by your place. Be willing to show up. Remember your training:

‘The sparks from your forge work should not catch your neighbor’s house on fire. In fact, the single most important feature of this span of time seems to me to be about how well you can contain your experience when appropriate.’  Battle Plan  Heroes in Training

What if we make a decision that, right here and now, (this) is my perception of What Is and based upon that perception, I draw a symbolic line on the ground. What needs to be repaired, what’s ready to go, what’s too heavy to carry by myself, what’s essential to success? And I lead. I lead me, my head space and my being in stepping over that line…One thing is certain: we aren’t supposed to feel like we are in this alone, except in rare cases. The value of connected outcomes, regardless of market place niche or life role played, is made plain. Capricorn  Base Camp

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Manifest the Manifesto

The full moon at 20 Pisces is freshly dunked by Neptune as it opposes the sun in Virgo. Normally one might think it best to pack up and try again another day. After all, it’s been heaving and hoeing for weeks and whatever the All One may just now have in its shimmering halo, it deserves further reflection. In fact, often what we take to be the significant happening of a Pisces transit can shift significantly over the following days. As much as you can, allow the waters to settle.

And your Virgo zone is by no means spent. So let’s cast our gaze about the wheel. If you’ve got placements in Taurus or have any experience with wielding space weather, I highly recommend some practical tether-work.

Over the coming week, just check to see if you might now:

  • anchor a needy circumstance in a more secure pot or source ;
  • establish a refreshed appreciation for how your value system protects you and those with whom you share it. I’m thinking, manifest the manifesto.
  • want to celebrate or take solace (or both) in a special meal and help yourself to the softest linens in the cupboard for the first time in a long time.
  • do all of the above. Even better, do your own rendition of high-vibe Taurus and share it here if you can.

If you’ve got Taurean placements, you won’t be slow to stand your ground.You’ll intuit exactly how far your budget will take you. Even if it’s just a few square meters, your patch of floor or earth can stimulate and soothe you, all at once. All you have to do is Be in a state of observance. There’s opportunity here to upgrade your antifragility in concrete terms.

 – weaver

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Thoughts on The Way

Grace Along the Way…

There are seasons in life that take a person far and wide from familiar settings. This may or may not include location & geography. We sometimes refer to this condition as out to or lost at sea or on a pilgrimage or mission, having to learn the hard way. There’s also having the rug pulled out from under one’s feet and discovering the floor is better, breaking down and breaking through and enduring extended confinement that results in a distinctly altered re-entry to daily life.

Those going through it (and everyone generally gets a turn) are usually not aware of what’s happening for quite awhile. And once we realize that we are experiencing something like one of these, that’s usually all we really know with certainly for a much longer time.  Just how profound the season is will be something for our future Self to marvel over.

And how do things turn out? For so many, they wouldn’t trade anything for their journey now. For some, there is great appreciation for new wisdom and solid-footing hacks but they never shake a shade of tiredness in their bones. In some cases, a little slowness feels right and seems to be a channel of temperance. Words like urgent, necessary and void come to have a whole new meaning in the grand scheme of things and fear can still be real but not as quick to sabotage full spectrum thinking.

We can be grateful to those in our communities who have gone through what one wouldn’t wish on an enemy and still march on. They are living proof that heroism is still everywhere around us. I often wonder just how many heroes I am surrounded by when I am out and about. Their stories can humble us smack into the aching weightlessness of grace.

The Way is Universal

What I’ve described you may recognize from your past or present spacetime. There are other seasons, too, which bring their own distinctive revelations. They will place their archetypal stamp within or upon us and they’ll take their sweet time doing it. Some of them bring rejuvenation and some de-scale and de-clutter. All of them are slow-mo opportunities. They are also, to some degree that usually keeps rising, obvious to those around us. There is no point in trying to hide much.

As we mix and mingle in community, we can practice at perceptual awareness of the whole person we are encountering. This is simply an approach and position taken that allows for pertinent contents to present. What you need to see, learn, and understand in an exchange emerges. There is no point in assuming personal expectations beyond civility will be met. Objectively speaking, this is a win-win situation.

A Matter of Judgement

If, for instance, you find yourself dealing with someone who is ‘out to sea’ or ‘fighting for a righteous cause’, you’ll know that there just isn’t any point in getting them interested in any other agenda. And there is no point in using up precious energy getting angry or hurt about it either. It has nothing to do with you or your ideas. They simply cannot focus otherwise for the (probably extended) time being. From your perspective, it may be a frustrating case of, ‘There, but for the grace of God, go I.’ Just remember, truth can be stranger than fiction. And hey, now you know. Join the crusade or politely move on.

If you’ve nodded while reading, I’d wager you’re already pretty good at the whole person approach – having been through a season or two yourself! You know that judgment can weigh down or buoy up. You or someone dear have been in a mental or physical place that very few others could comprehend. Was that you way-back-when that others were gazing at and thinking, ‘How nuts/ahead of their time/clearly devious/too kind for their own good.’?

Many moons later, you are processing differently – and grateful for it. There is recognition of the necessity of that life chapter or two, for some reason or another. You find you are finally or still filtering insights and clarity from a decade=old happening with Others/Self; buds keep blooming! I think this is a cause for celebration. In fact, if you are still in touch with an Other that you now want to upgrade an exchange with, go for it. Both of you could feel a precious lightening of the load.

Having been there, we know that practicing whole person perception along the way saves all involved a lot of misplaced investment. And that saves space for Grace and a recognition that we each are on the way at different points and frequencies. Not always easy, to be sure, but a crucial component of best outcomes for our species in this Age.

And that makes you a crucial component of the Collective Way Through. I hope you know that. I hope you remember as you start and end each day that, no matter how it seems, you and your intentional grace are literally forming The Way.

  • weaver

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