On Mercury Retrograde 2019

Three times Mercury paddled the seas of 16 to 29 degrees of Pisces from late February until mid April.  (Direct on March 29th)

After the stirrings of creative fire marked an about-face at 4 Leo, three times Mercury side-walked the shoreline degrees of 23 to 29 Cancer from late June to mid August. (Direct on August 1st)

Now, three times Mercury will slide and sink into the deep and contained degrees of 11 to 27 Scorpio from mid October until the first week in December. (Direct on November 21st)

Consider the time frames. Any theme or issue pop its head up in both of the previous retrogrades? Are there connections easily made if you think about it? If you haven’t dealt with the matter/s sufficiently, it’s coming back around to give you one more opportunity.

If you have natal points in play, you are going to recognize what’s happening pretty quickly. If you have dealt with it, be on the lookout for the proof! It’s quite satisfying to register what could pass without your noticing and that would be a shame.

That’s the beauty of Mercury retrograde cycles: they come in threes by element and offer the spacetime to deal with a particular kink in your life circuitry. Your wheel is the map by which you can isolate, classify, clarify and administer the fix. If that sounds rather Virgoan, it’s because Mercury is exalted in these matters.

What’s more, the current Mercury retrograde re-pings the Jupiter/Pluto dance of 2018. For some, this will provide an extremely meaningful progress report on this long-term cycle.

Once you’ve observed the threes-by-element cycle, impending retrograde dates become intriguing and less of an irritant. Being the occasional collateral damage of Merc rx is a lot more tolerable. Perception shifts.

The next time Mercury goes retrograde will be in February 2020 in fixed-air Aquarius…

Credit: Hint Fashion Mag

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4 thoughts on “On Mercury Retrograde 2019

  1. Bulls’eye! Thank you so much for sifting through these myriad details with an eagle eye, Weaver! What a delicious aha I’m feasting upon just now. Your pointing back towards those previous time frames yielded instant awareness. Both were tough places emotionally/legally/financially, times when I sought to shield myself/nursing all variety of wounds.This time around…I’m still limping a bit but I am gonna face the challenges. There’s a lot at stake- anxiety has had it’s merry way with me before being put quietly back to it’s naughty small barky dog status.
    When you wrote: “If you have dealt with it, be on the lookout for the proof! It’s quite satisfying to register what could pass without your noticing and that would be a shame.” I realized…I Am on a different terrain!
    Thank you so much for generously sharing your insight. You just made Halloween much less fraught with silly fears!

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    • Lisa, it is so good to hear from you and i know you are up for the challenge. there’s Time… and then there’s Uranus. know that uranus IS propelling events that dislodge anything stuck in a rut. that’s great but it is also taxing so protect space for regular downtime. you’ll know what that means for you. glad this was a treat instead of a trick 😉 always welcome xx


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