On Staying Connected…

For the time being, my email link isn’t working. Judging from the auto message from wordpress, that could be the case for the rest of September. And that’s ok with me because i can happily report that, since my last post, people have just started using the comment box – love that Virgo ingenuity!

If you need to get in touch, please send me a comment with your email address included and I’ll get back to you. (I will not approve the comment and its contents will remain confidential.)  Alternately, you can use the email address w.e.a.v.e.r.says@gmail.com which I have now resurrected.

Although it can be somewhat frenetic, a lot gets sorted as autumn sets in. This year, the additional weight of Saturn stationing can feel like an increase in atmospheric pressure. The average human being is juggling too much already so keep this in mind the next time you want to rant or simply dissolve. The structures and spaces you are wanting to establish are ironically mired in the ‘too much’ – so trust in the process. The pace for the to-do list is going to be a plod. When you are plodding, you aren’t as likely to miss anything.

Thank you for being patient.

12 thoughts on “On Staying Connected…

  1. Weaver I too believe in being positive, some routes are harder with obstacles, other paths are working out and that direction seems smoother, easier to go along. Go with the flow are my current thoughts. Hope your technical troubles get sorted and things flow x sending hugs, sparkles and blessings x Sam Rowena

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  2. Excess atmospheric pressure is an understatement here in a life on the Big Island of Hawaii. With peaceful protests ongoing for about 55 days now on Mauna Kea, a life in recovery from addictive behaviors now just about 9 months along, and ever so small steps (that at times feels microscopic,) toward a more balanced life of relationships built Hawaiian-style, the pressure is real.Real heavy. Plodding along is about all we can muster over here. The establishing space insight you shared i can definitely mirror concretely. The home I have moved into is mired in the ‘too much’ of a former life that has reached much of its service life capacity…and my partner and I are trying sort through what to get rid and what to keep. This is the long list of work that is part of the recovery of his life he is going through…and I am on my end trying to sort through the house I have moved out of for my adult children to stretch out into. It seems this human condition…my goodness…is mired with addictive behaviours all the way through. From womb to tomb it seems. Wisdom traditions teach that this life trajectory starts to lift when you evolve the addiction to things that are better and better, until they are actually good for you. Doesn’t mean life gets easier, just more beautiful. **sigh** plodding on over here.

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    • Evolving the addiction….I like that! Especially since I’ve been trying to do the clean sweep thing sort of in the manner of herding an elephant with a feather. This does give me some hope though- it IS a period now of looking out from and crawling through the wreckage all over….so the more energy in that direction the better for all of us. If that makes sense coming as it does from someone who has to do extremely deep breathing about 20 hours a day lately!

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      • we are programmed to do the clean sweep thing, aren’t we…its a very Virgo under the eye of Capricorn boss’ kind of western phenomenon – and it needs digging out in many cases. (oops – i mean Evolving!) after all, any of us who have been around little ones knows that its a rare issue that can be dealt with like this.
        so agree that knowing others are seeking best energy practices makes it better for All of Us.
        see you soon in these pages…;)

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    • you’ve expressed this so very well, kanani! and it is SO the crucial difference btwn mindless and purposeful plodding. to see our Path as stories built on opportunity-segments, to note we’re growing a table of contents, co-created as we select from a menu that is visible to us in each Now. i love the sense that there is deep medicinal work going on for you and yours (and a dollop of sugar for your kids!) and that this is not about speed or even arriving. Insights like these whilst down in the muck are proof you are in touch with the highest Truth: arrival IS here and now.
      this advice to evolve your addictions – i love this! after all, humans are programmed by habit and familiarity. it has been said that our flexibility and mutability is both our greatest asset and greatest curse.
      *to bend, direct and channel your goodness* YES 🙂
      by specifically accepting addictive nature, its a whole new paradigm.
      thank you for sharing this with me/us. you encourage and bless us all.


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