New Moon: 17 Virgo

bog  noun: bog; plural noun: bogs; noun: the bog area of wet muddy ground that is too soft to support a heavy body synonyms: marsh, marshland, swamp, swampland, sump, mire, quagmire, quag, morass, slough, fen, fenland, wetland
2. BRITISHinformal the toilet.
3. be or become stuck in mud or wet ground. “the family Rover became bogged down on the beach road”.  to be prevented from making progress in a task or activity.  ‘you must not get bogged down in detail.’ synonyms: mire, stick, trap, entangle, ensnare, embroil, encumber  (link)

Notes from the Compost Pile

So, how are we doing, folks? Is it full steam ahead or fits and starts? Is there graceful easing or groping in the fog? Of key importance, no matter which, is a bizarre question for you from way out in left field: where’s the sea-level line and where does the ground begin to rise? Riddle me this! 

There’s so much antifragility packed into this new moon in Virgo. The ruler is in attendance, if somewhat bedazzled, and the conjunction forms a sextile to Jupiter in Scorpio and a trine to Pluto rx in Capricorn. With some closer – yes, closer yet –  examination of the less attractive underpinnings-and-persons of our world stage, we can progress in our removal of more – yes, even more – rif-raf and debris on the scene. We can edit the stage in pursuit of best practice in everyday affairs. We can simultaneously optimize that which passes critique to keep. Upcycle the compost. 

In a general offering like this, I would advise looking to the realm of Taurus in your wheel. Note the themes and life sphere that this house occupies for you for ways in which to dig in/begin assessment with your new moon intention. (Subscribers are welcome to complimentary inquiry.)

But there’s some ointment on the fly. Whether that’s medicinal or a ‘bogger’ in my estimation will require personalized study of your unique Here and Now

The Great Waters (in all its potential forms) insist upon merging with this Virgo consolidation of our yin and yang. For some of us, taking some time apart from busy-ness will be crucial to our perceptions and sufficient for gaining traction. For others of us, the need to flexi-serve until mentally or physically exhausted over this span of days may be the way we will paradoxically attain the higher ground. These are examples on a spectrum we can liken to our sacred point on My Way merging with Our Way. All points along the Way are valid, serve a purpose and are meant to be fluid for best mind-body-spirit health. For this reason, All of Us would be wise to consider appraising those matters which we’ve labeled ‘static’, ‘off limits’, and even ‘Keep Out!’.

My new moon wish for you is symbiotic flow. 🙂

  • weaver

Sculpture by Yiota Ioannidou along Kato Paphos promenade, Cyprus

Neptune (the All-One) and A More Holistic and Profound Understanding

Narrative and story are tools of interpretation. They do not and cannot represent absolute truth. Within the evolving person’s life a narrative can change many times. Alternately one might apply a multitude of narratives to a single issue so that in effect one can see themselves simultaneously through many prisms and thus have a more holistic and profound understanding of their experience…

Narratives carry what might be called energetic information…Ultimately when one frees themselves from attachment to any particular narrative, then narratives cease to have energetic impact and clarity comes.  – excerpts from the numinous frontier by Monica Cassani


symbiotic  ADJECTIVE  Biology 

1. Involving interaction between two different organisms living in close physical association.  ‘the fungi form symbiotic associations with the roots of plant species’

1.1 Denoting a mutually beneficial relationship between different people or groups. ‘the reader can have a symbiotic relationship with the writer’    (link)

Personalised Energy Coaching

9 thoughts on “New Moon: 17 Virgo

  1. What a perfect picture!!!
    Through the “rough”…we are washed ashore…and have been given a fine vantage point to safely hold to while we remain innocently confused from the tides rushing within us and we observe where we are…what the new landscape offers and allow the tides to roll out..where we can land softly on cleansed soils….
    This has been quite a ride through this entire season of eclipses and now…it is this New Moon offering energetic support to have a clearing to intend a much different path…and discover we have new materials to pave it with..
    Much love and blessings always Weaver…thanks so much sincerely…for such fine guidance….
    It’s in gladness that I finally walk from the bog of things!!!

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    • you are an inspiration, deb, and i continue to learn from your example. ‘a clearing to intend a much different path’ sounds like a perfect description of transitioning from the NM to the fixed t-square we are entering into this week. thank You for your encouragement and support. it means so much! stay glad!! (its contagious 🙂 )

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Haha, Weaver, you hit the nail on the head, thank you for your enlightening post, it helps me understand why I’ve been making so little progress recently (also been recovering from an infection). Feeling grateful to the elements now, that have been showing me so many rainbow sparkles, wishing you sparkles of light my friend. x

    Liked by 1 person

    • well, that’s the way to hit a nail. 😀 sounds like you are ready for the next installment of energy weather on its way and that is crucial for an artist like yourself. uranus in taurus can surely = a big sparkle uptick. thank you for sharing any surplus with me! so much has happened since our last exchange and i really appreciate your steadfast example.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I love seeing rainbow sparkles in the raindrops lit up in the sunlight or sparkles that just glimmer fleetingly in the corner of my eye… its what I feel drawn to do, creating beautiful jewellery that will help people sparkle. (I know though that I just try to do too many things at the same time!) Blessings and sparkles x

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  3. Dang! Daggnabbit! Holy Cannoli Batman! Zowsa! This is one powerful piece of prose that my Life Coach for Life flung into the world. Seriously weaver…you Rock. YES. This is exactly what it is. And you Get It and guide us like the best captain the sea has ever loved working with. Thank You. Bless you and please do Rock on wid yo Bad Self, Missy…X

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