Full Moon: 3 Pisces 12


Instead of assuming people are stupid when they don’t know something we think they should perhaps we should instead assume the context of the others life is different than our own and therefore different things have taken priority…I am now practicing meeting people as they are…with ignorances and bigotries too. We’ve all got them. I want to meet people in my community…rather than listen to the choir…mirroring back my own biases. – Monica Cassani (link)

pisces FM 2018

On Submission
The affects of a Pisces Full Moon are generally subtle in rising to fullness. It has felt like that for me as I prepared this post..! There will be a lot written and said about the uber-powerful earth trine and Venus square Pluto as well as Juno’s contacts with Pluto and Jupiter. But I find myself typing away here about (don’t worry, English follows) the North Node opposite Black Moon Lilith sextile Chiron, square Uranus.
By house, the ruler of the full moon ‘continually feeds’ the Pisces moon event. Those with natal placements in Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces (and those of us aware that the tap is on) can draw washing water from the All One Source. In Scorpio, moon ruler Jupiter lights up the dark, draws attention to the squirmy underbelly of relationship politics/mindless diplomacy. That which is not spoken of can take center stage in your mindscape, welcome or not. It could very well take center stage between you and someone in your intimate circle. I’m thinking family, lineage, progeny, bonding cues, the roles we are expected or think we are expected to play; how unseen, unarticulated pressure is very much a part of Real Life.

If we can float awhile in contemplation of that which has become apparent, it may actually morph into a shape and quality that provokes a better response, engenders a more spacious ‘I Am’ and begins to remove the awful weight of ignorance-based prejudice. We’ve got a three day Here and Now opportunity to choose to soak – while coolly flexing our stellar intellectual faculties – on a matter or theme that comes to mind as you read along here.

Getting Results
The moon meets up with Chiron in Aries on the 29th presenting the potential need to stand and fight. Or stand and confess. Or stand and affirm. You’ll know if you’ve done the soak-and-think. With Venus at home with the lights on in Libra, the virtues of equality, justice, fairness and interconnection are strongly supported. Wouldn’t it be nice to help someone see that what’s wanted is mutual? Wouldn’t it be nice to realize this if you find that your approach to the issue lacked foundation and/or a broader spectrum of truth? I think many of us will marvel on the other side of this revelation space…

Attn high yin persons: Black Moon Lilith in Aquarius is quite a unique animal; her manifestations here will often be due to matters of equality in intellectual and in non-conformist/somewhat edgy pursuits. The physicist who still can’t get her mathematics theory published, the X-games athlete with few sponsorship offers because she won’t oblige set promotional schemes, the simmering creative non-binary person stuck in a culturally adverse town; languishing perceptions of STEM pursuits, behavioral sciences, and pro-defense strategies; the indignation at soul-flight being crushed for no valid reason.

These examples are meant to make the archetypal point but pull that sky template down to the local ‘We Are’ and chances are very good for progressive/future-oriented movement through Our Personal endeavors and a ten-fold increase in awareness as concerns status in relationship. Wondering how you came to ‘settle’ here? Have you recently gone a few paces on from a crossroads decision that feels somehow off vibe? Give yourself permission to pause. This template indicates an updated version of the road map is nigh but you must be willing to consider and contemplate its existence and contents. You want that updated version; it will save you precious time and energy.

It should be noted that putting one’s self in dodgy environments, in the company of those who lack transparency of motive, can set one up for trigger experiences. If you’ve got a chip on your shoulder – or you’re dealing with insecurity in Others, avoid water cooler encounters; in your daily travels and interactions, stay calm but vigilant. On the upside, this is an opportunity to truly SEE, perhaps in a most uncanny or startling way, that the only validation necessary for starters is My Own.

Attn high yang persons: If things are getting confrontational, step back and consider the roots of any anxiety-creep/flaring of temper and how subliminal expectations may be blocking key nutrients from reaching your emotional core. Stop starving your Self. Take up the offer below. Act upon your desire to SEE if you are missing out on anything. Mars is stationing direct for you, right on time.

– weaver


*Pull this sky template down to the local ‘We Are’. Subscribers are welcome to request a personalized template-by-house for their wheel.


On cycles within cycles:
May 10, 2018 – Mars passes by 28° Capricorn
June 26, 2018 – Mars stations retrograde at 9° Aquarius
August 27, 2018 – Mars stations direct at 28° Capricorn
November 12, 2018 – Mars passes 9° Aquarius


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13 thoughts on “Full Moon: 3 Pisces 12

  1. Pingback: Kick back. Watch the show. – Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

      • Just a Minor Collision with what I think of as the Evil Empire- I use a post office box living as one does at the rear end of the universe, and some companies I use for my online business decided that probably meant I was Not A Good Person, Must Prove Location NOW. Which was surprisingly difficult. But! We did it. Just a little bit of yelling…..the real task may be figuring out a way to say off the grid that people actually understand.

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      • once again, ditto here. but some entities just will not come around. i gave up on it a couple years ago and sometimes use the street address of a town friend. games and more games to play.


  2. If only I had a friend around here, period. But when the Entity told me my provided info wasn’t acceptable because it wasn’t a full size page? Let’s just say Athena sprang out of my head. I’m not crazy about games, especially if they are not fun. *sigh* xxxx

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    • how odd! (and only on a select few sites might one know i am referring to the entity and not Athena springing out of a head rofl) very glad that you got it sorted. that’s using your tools! xo


  3. Thanks Weaver, an interesting post. Yes I can validate it, have been feeling a bit stuck the past few weeks, lots of computer tasks on my to-do list, but trouble getting myself down to do them… been wanting to make instead, but even that has been thwarted. Think its beginning to shift and I’m starting to tackle it now, there’s too much going on in my head sometimes. My sparkles have been turning into rainbows, hope all is well with you, sending blessings x

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    • sounds similar to my story and in my case i just don’t feel sure that the effort invested will be for something stable – although i know that my investment will be a big part of success, it is not the foundational part of the equation. i don’t want to be a party to any experiencing of ‘the indignation at soul-flight being crushed for no valid reason’, i think we could say.
      i hope i get my ‘shift’ any moment now as a new Fixed Period is on its bumpy way to manifestation and i want my feet to get into the right place to plant. lol hope that makes sense! blessings and deep wellness to you, too, sam. xo

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      • Thanks, Weaver, think we’ve all been going through some rough patches this summer, its brought lots of ups and downs that have been shaking us up. Coming through it am trying to be kinder to myself and to appreciate each small achievement now that I am able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I hope you get your shift moment Weaver too (although I’m not sure I understand it). Wishing you sparkles and blessings x Sam

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