Prelude to the Full Moon in Capricorn & 2018 Eclipse Season, Part II

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undulations a la Mediterranean

Are the goal posts moving or just undulating?
There is that saying, ‘if we all threw our troubles into a swapping pile, we’d quickly decide to take our own back again.’ This month is proving the point, though a lot of good that does us if we are feeling ploughed under. Still, for the vast majority of us, there are some frictionless connections, some easier compromises and adjustments that present themselves along our harried way. Corny as it sounds, we’ve got to channel some of our energy into appreciating those contact points.

If you have recently had to accept that Power comes with responsibilities and ground-holding that carry a hefty toll – or-  that you actually have ‘only so much’ Power and so must deal with it, you may be wondering if the goal posts are moving or just undulating. I think I would answer: both.

They are moving in the sense that your relative position has been updated. They are undulating because the collective experience is brimming with unbearably intense waves of the All One. Oh, the suffering and our singular helplessness… Oh, the comfort of our familiar orbit, that constellation of persons and situations so far from perfection, often frustrating and yet so much more manageable than alternatives we could activate.

In between the new moon in Gemini and the full moon in Capricorn on the 28th June, this correction ripple is meant to make us blink, re-focus and (here comes the crucial part) adjust accordingly. Want the truth out? Want maximum available due for investment? Want to keep the connection? Adjust accordingly. Results are imminent.

Some themes from readings that you may find helpful:

*Sometimes the work to be done is all about being still, to maintain a pleasant attitude in the proverbial waiting room. This can be incredibly difficult – exhausting, even. Can you hang in there? Yes. (When you mess up, begin again.)

*Knowing your place and estimation in another’s reality might need a foundational revisit: with some people, this will be a fluid connection. If the level of constancy you seek/believe you need isn’t there, what are your options? To what degree is fear a component in your vision? To what degree is the desire to protect a component?

*Many irons in the fire can be a good thing. Some of us are in the stream – yes! If you have been rockin’ and rollin’ for several months and now feel like you’ve lost your groove, take a look around. It is highly likely that a back-burner issue or two need your attention just now. All irons do not heat at the same rate and that’s a good thing.

*Don’t sell low and buy high. You’ve got to survive and you know why you keep going. If You honor your true value – no matter how that looks to anyone else – you are scoring in the only game that matters.

2018 Eclipse Season, Part II
The following dates mark pivotal moments for those with natal wheel points and placements within range of the given degree.

July 13th: 20 Cancer 41 (solar)
July 27th: 4 Aquarius 45 (lunar)
August 11th: 18 Leo 42 (solar)

While we now acknowledge that Uranus in Taurus is fully stocked up with wild cards and might slap one down on a seeming whim, we are still far from flying blind. We can investigate and study various domino-line trajectories in any natal or event wheel.

Subscribers are welcome to inquire if they have life sectors in range, free of charge. And please note: it is NOT all doom and gloom out there. There is so much going on everywhere besides what you see on TV or in your latest serving of click-bait headlines. Heed the call to witness.

– weaver

Further reading: A six-month review, and more on eclipses here.


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10 thoughts on “Prelude to the Full Moon in Capricorn & 2018 Eclipse Season, Part II

  1. Wonderful guidance here, thank you for the views…
    It is that in my world…the in-between has collapsed..there is no sitting on a fence…it’s about flowing with exact measurements of that which we focus into creation immediately touchable.
    Something “cleared” or rightly adjusted in my world between yesterday and this early morning…acceptance has a new elevation…and gratitude is an easy chair…
    Love and Blessings of abundant Light…Namaste’

    Liked by 1 person

    • you have a wonderful way with words, deb – thank you. and it is good to hear things are ‘settling in’ as you focus into creation. the upcoming full moon is definitely lighting up your evolving world! so proud for you 🙂 xx


    • yes! sometimes several slippery fish. 😀 and I have ditched my tolerance for drama on top of the issue at hand. I haven’t got the energy to spare. lol p.s. if you know of any uplifting news outlet, let us know. thanks, bela

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Thank you Weaver, for your insights and helping us through this interesting time. I’ve been a bit quiet on the computer side of things for a while, but thankfully my eyes are gradually adjusting and I can get back to doing more computer work, driving and other stuff. On the flip side, I’ve been blessed with more sparkles of light and rainbows. Blessings and sparkles x

    Liked by 1 person

    • so very happy to hear that your eyes are healing and your sight is improving. the woke see everything they need to see and all in good time. 🙂 thank you, sam, for the encouragement, the blessings and the sparkles!

      Liked by 1 person

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