New Moon: 24 Taurus 36

On the Exquisite Flavor of Water

A new moon can be a subtle event in a world full of electric light. Many people are truly unaware of the monthly alignment and that’s understandable. But not us…!

The descriptors for a new moon in Taurus cover materialism – the acquisition of which keeps us all head down at work  – and yet also the most primal five senses of sight, smell, touch, taste and sound. The preoccupations of the infant and toddler spin into the urges to keep up with our contemporaries. This is the zone of ‘Fixed’-‘Earth’ and is ruled by Venus, a magnetic yin archetype.

Our microcosm is fixed. Every day we pass through our abode, neighborhood, work space, etc and it cradles us, be that to the meager, middling or extravagant degree. It is what it is. We don’t spend energy dwelling upon it until something out of the ordinary occurs. But the annual new moon in Taurus offers a moment to pause and reflect on your material world requirements and how these factors set the daily activity regime for you and your intimate circle.

What would you alter in everyday life if you could and how would that affect your sense of sufficiency? Is there a path to compromise worth dedicating yourself to? Over the last decade, can you see evidence of how your income/expenditures have shifted? Many of us are grasping the difference between our wants and our needs.

What’s your favorite time of the day and why? Which of your senses are fulfilled during those moments? These days around the Taurean new moon, make peace with your space and possessions and the percentage of lack or wealth you designate to them. Consciously Revel in your sensory experiences in these days…

On the exquisite flavor of water, the feel of a hair brush, the hyper chattering of baby birds and the droning of bees. On the sights and sounds of your commute, the smells inside shops or the grocery store, the hum of motors keeping air, food and people in a controlled environment, the predictable cadence of tapped keys and one side of phone calls, the feel of your favorite chill-out seat.
Even better, revel in the company of (or in close proximity to) others: Venus is in Gemini. There’s a mini-break invitation here and for those who have been hard at work, She says, Rest while you can. Soon enough, the pace will quicken again.
– weaver


Sculpture by Yiota Ioannidou along Kato Paphos promenade, Cyprus


Thrills and Chills! Readers here probably know that Uranus – symbol of Sudden Disruption/Awakening – is moving from the scope of ‘I Am’ (Aries) to the scope of ‘My Security & Holdings’ Taurus and yes, this is Big Stuff. However, if you do not have natal points within range of influence, there is no reason to freak out. If you aren’t sure, take advantage of this free offer for subscribers! It’s simple. Send an email with header ‘Thrills and Chills’, include your birth date/time/place, to the address below and find out.


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14 thoughts on “New Moon: 24 Taurus 36

  1. So interesting. Changing perceptions about possessions. I surround us with beauty like any good Venus in Tau. But if it was all gone tomorrow? I would say, “Well that was fun. What next?” Love the sculpture, btw! 😘

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    • thats a big part of practicing antifragility, bela. may we all come to have your mindset pdq! you are in my thoughts just about everytime i contemplate uranus entering taurus – which is often! i think you shared that you are not too close to the eruptions…but still, one feels very tiny and helpless. please give kanani my best regards if you should speak with her. wishes for safety in place and safe passage if necessary to ALL.

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      • Not close, no. Thanks for keeping us in your consciousness, though. Always appreciate that, and you are never too far from mine! I will, by the way, convey your regards to Kanani. She used to work for Civil Defense and was deployed for a short time again during the beginning of the eruptions in Leilani Estates. But she’s back to her new job. Crazy times on Planet Earth, to be sure! Uranus in Taurus, indeed. Thanks for your kind comments. ❤

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    • i am so glad to hear that, sam. i think you’ve got awesome magical and sparkly times ahead. uranus = progress! your webshop is coming along beautifully and you will bridge many hearts beyond Time with your new offering. feel free to reply with the link. 🙂

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      • Thank you so much Weaver for all your wise and kind comments (and all your help). I’ve had a much-needed break, been good to spend some time watching the light change upon the mountains and sky. Happy to come back renewed ready to be creative again and see what Uranus brings me. Sparkles of light x

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  2. What a gracious free offer. I took advantage of it and am prepared for the challenges ahead. Well honestly probably never really prepared but look forward to what comes next. Hoping it’s a positive.

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    • you are very welcome, lynn – and thank YOU for your appreciation. too right re: never prepared in a complete sense with uranus! but looking forward = riding *with* the flow and that puts you miles ahead of any difficulties you might have faced unaware. receptivity and authentic approach to challenge is all the NN in Leo asks of us.

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  3. Namaste’ weaver and thank you…
    I am indeed grateful for the free offer that I immediately took you up on.
    This really assisted me to align rightly with the Nature of this flow..and have truly been able to take action differently…action in thought and vision was greatly assisted by your brilliant guidance…
    Thank you again…

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