New Moon Solar Eclipse: 27 Aquarius 7


There is a buzzy undercurrent to this new moon solar eclipse for just about any life zone it seeds in the natal wheel. In the days leading up to the conjunction, you may have been feeling something akin to a vacuum, a depression or even the eeriness of the calm before a storm. Some have felt a hint of euphoria, a tingling vibration through the mind and body…Yesterday, I heard someone say, ‘Perhaps I won’t give up just yet…?’

You’re not losing your marbles, just having your hinges rattled. Your emotional center is picking up the kind of static that comes when the Collective Zeitgeist is shifting from one frequency to another. For those with natal points in play, there’s a mega data stream en route – a hand on the radio dial turns and suddenly the speakers are BLARING. Is it a song, a proclamation, a public service announcement or a fixating whisper that feels like it could well deafen your inner child’s ears?

I can’t help but think of Elon Musk’s spectacular Falcon Heavy accomplishment as symbolic of what one might do with this ecliptic energy. In each unique life story touched by this phenomenon, the seed planted in this moment has the potential to make the tough – the impossible – look like a majestic walk in the park. On that note, let’s include the agenda of Saturn in Capricorn, too. There were countless sleepless days and nights of raw intellectual and physical toil with subsequent tearful release, an incessant dream-drive that many found baffling and a waste of time, frightening costs of cash and spirit spent behind the scenes for years that Elon and the many teams aligned under the SpaceX vision endured.

And they would do it all again, without hesitation.

The toothpaste doesn’t go back into the tube once you’ve glimpsed with Sky Sight. Time is not the enemy. Time morphs into your accomplice. Time lets you know how much space you have for each incremental step/phase/budget line item/trial run. Time grants you the authority to know when you’re ready for launch, ready to upcycle, ready to pro-actively manipulate the materials of your passion work.

Since the new moon in Capricorn, I’ve listened to many people say, ‘I am going to DO (this), BE (this), HAVE (this) NOW. And that is easy to understand in these times of instant gratification. But this mentality is self-sabotage. Nothing enduring happens in an instant – not even the comprehensive grasping of (this) in your mind’s eye.

For those who have faithfully continued showing up to The Grindstone, know that you have truly earned at least a mini-break…don’t dismiss the invitation and here’s why: this new moon moment signals the imminent arrival and docking of Spaceship Genius for those intentionally aligning their heart and mind. It signals the pro-active upcycling of the minds and materials that constitute your reality . The crew – metaphoric and of flesh and blood – brings rich supplies for the months and years to come. On behalf of those I know who are putting in the effort, I am positively giddy with expectation. Hold on tight!

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Want to know in which life zone this new moon energy is best directed for YOU? Just ask! There’s no charge for those who take the initiative so don’t be shy.  🙂





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12 thoughts on “New Moon Solar Eclipse: 27 Aquarius 7

  1. Thanks, Weaver definitely feel like I’ve been juggling too many marbles whilst trying to cope with the euphoric tingling and strange vibrations going on in my crown chakra, alongside other side effects and a cough that seems to return with tiredness. Am hoping that the coming Spring and the renewed energy and light it brings will help everything that’s going on to start to come together. Sparkles and light x

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    • i can imagine its been a super busy time for you – and now british mothers’ day is coming soon. i hope you have some understanding about those side effects. i feel inclined to mention that venus has begun descent phase from superior conjunction with the sun and perhaps she’s inviting some new perspective. i completely agree re: spring! sending you wishes for regular deep rest and the stamina to guide ‘everything that’s going on’. x

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  2. Thank you for your kind words Weaver, yes I’ve read that as your crown chakra opens and your spiritually develops you can go through side effects, going forward I’m trying to not take quite as much on, to give myself some time to rest and cope with it, but also to enjoy these vibrations, tingles, sparkles and colours whilst they are happening. Yes, Weaver, some things do seem less important now than they did, trying to be everything and do everything, slowing down and listening to my heart and taking note of what it tells me to do. Interesting times! Love your blog posts, sending sparkles x

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    • sounds like a stellar plan from a very wise woman! its indeed interesting how priorities can shift as we hone our authenticity. thank you so much for sharing your news (and for loving my posts..:) ) you are an inspiration! x

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