New Moon: 26 Sagittarius 31


This new moon in Sagittarius contains a concentrated mix of beginnings and endings. Imagine there’s a big holiday party going on. Everyone is in good spirits…just a little muted…you see, there is one particular elder guest that everyone must find and pay their respects to, before wandering off to mingle and dance. Knowing he is present takes the collective mood down a notch or two but only an ignoramus would miss the chance to have their moment with him.
We’ve been here collectively before but in a different space-time. The atmosphere reminds me of some of the latest theories on the origins of our universe. No big bang. Just (another?) bounce. After maximum expansion, a kind of limit is reached; a traffic jam of waves begets some strange maths and the next iteration of Verse bounces forth with very low entropy. Our party is happening as a seismic crescendo ripples through – and here we are – on the verge of next generation Being and Building to be experienced across our cosmos. Shall we dance?

Just curious: does it change how you feel about the storyline if we come from a bouncing cycle rather than a big bang one-off origin?

Back on point, it does mean we are in for quite a shift in 2018. Some tea cups will rattle in their saucers. Strong, cool-headed agendas will harden into Form. Manifestations will come in slowed, deliberate motion.
In other words, your new moon wish will optimally contain panoramic vision, cup-half-full perspective and the work ethic of a hungry intern. A bounce infers a lightness of Being even as gravity rules the speed of movement through space. That’s a word-image to keep handy.


‘Vocalisation and body movement’ long-predates cave art. It predates fire.’

– Gordon White

Aspects to Sun-Moon

Concepts that factor in timing – for your personal pace and your processing system – will be paramount. Key will be accepting What Is at each unfolding step along the way. There is less sensitivity to particulars and more support for ideals at the moment; as we find our legs again, particulars will inevitably loom larger on the landscape. Your evolving value system – part of a class of upcoming graduates – will come in handy.

Those with goals that are exclusive rather than inclusive (in contextual design) can find genuine – and possibly uncomfortable – insights into the roots of motivation. Does this seed-wish come from a pay-back mindset? Or perhaps: are the foundational interests that have brought me to this idea still authentic?

We are in the midst of a ten-day concentrated course for the next phase of our titanic turning. What conclusions can be drawn after a sobering two year slog through The Wild Side? Here we are on day 8, a fiery circuit beckoning and a river flowing beneath. The river will flow for you no matter what you do but channeling pro-creative fire as you reflect, take notes and settle your accounts in these new moon days is up to you. Now you know it is there. (For more on gaining access, read this.) For those with placements around 25’ of Leo: magician, know thyself! Plumb the depths of self-sourced power – just don’t get too reckless or your bounce might land like a lead balloon.

Aspects to  Moon Ruler, Jupiter
Your blessings-and-evolution potential is directly related to your level of acceptance of Now as best as can be discerned. What can you be grateful for after the experiences of the last 2 years? How much have you seen and heard that you couldn’t have imagined and in what ways have these experiences re-shaped your mind/body/spirit? What Truths have come to serve you well?

We are all bound by our universal needs. We are all bound by our fixed position on this solely inhabitable planet. This is the stuff of nightmares and fearless evangelism. Preppers, fill your tanks from the radiant Water pipe (and mark the spot on your map). It’s the one you can see with your inner eye and should be coming into view very soon.

From time to time, expect this Water to morph into fresh-sight medicine for your own good. Imbibe, wince, repeat until wincing is no longer reflexive. Note that not everyone is as careful about their Water supply. Take responsibility for any that you accept from others. This beguiling trine will be imbedded in the development and practice of workable philosophies as we approach the 2020s.


I’m sending wishes that this warming new moon vibe fills our sails for a strategic post-party landing. These days, DO take some time to revel in whatever lifts you up! That’s my plan. 🙂

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12 thoughts on “New Moon: 26 Sagittarius 31

  1. Thank you weaver for this abundant info.
    That What Is theme …demanding my focus indeed.
    I tend to believe the whole boom strategy…arriving at each new elevation is like an aftershock. Especially this year…
    But then..I am a Cali girl……aftershock is the way we roll here!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • there really is a lot packed into this con-spire-ation…the stellium offers a great deal of layers to potentially bake into the cake. but its all still in a mutible, ‘hungry’ and therefore guidable form. keep steering towards harmonics to What Is and you can’t go wrong. I spoke to someone from santa barbara yesterday who said they are on evacuation orders. the scale of damage to CA this past year is heart breaking. Must be why healers like you are where you are – knowing you are CONNECTED. keep hydrated on your radiant Water supply, deb! we need your alchemic gifts. Blessings of the season to you, cali girl. xx


      • Abundant Blessings of the Season to you as well weaver. Thank you for your amazing guidance you share. The fires are devastating and many are focused on raising the frequencies…calming the wind…lots of prayers for sure.
        It is amazing how being in the awareness of What Is at all times, is now taking place of random threads of want or could…there is a strpeady wave of presence that…brings creating into form swiftly…it is becoming the new “look” in my world ..and its contagious!!!! Such alignment Love and Illumination🎄😎

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    • i am grateful for your appreciation – it really means a lot. clarity – or at least a lot less fog down our central vision track – is definitely on the way.
      Season’s Greetings to you and all your loved ones, sam. and a blessed Real 2018 to you! lets work that earth trine 🙂 xx

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    • thank you for letting me know this helped, ortensia.:) keeping a moon diary – this should be super enlightening for you! and to launch during a water trine cycle makes this feel like you’re keeping a divine appointment. Expect the downloads to flow! please know that you are welcome to ask any questions that pop up (i.e. do you know where your natal moon is?). very special 2018 wishes to you!

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      • Thank you.I don’t have much knowledge about the matter but always been very curious and always been fascinating to see the pattern in behavior and personality based on zodiac and moon phases.might take your offer to ask more indeed.😀

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