Full Moon: 11 Gemini 40

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The Twins Within
The atmosphere this full moon time will affect individuals along two fuzzy frequencies. Were you born in the morning or the evening? Do you have more earth or water in your personality? I ask because factors like these will determine how you feel and experience this super moon.

The ruler of the moon is Mercury, in stilled mode to retrograde on the stressed degree of 29 Sagittarius – and caught fast in Saturn’s gravitational chains: not so good for earth signatures. But here, in Sag, it can also take a lot to get a body down. Venus, too, is in the house, magnetizing the pleasures of the season’s festivities.

For all of us, the Lights and the Sea God form an exact t-square in the heavens that will dump the energies converging into Virgo, the sector of practical service and mind/body/spirit health. Its a bit of a funny mix…we want to mix and mingle and take a break from the mundane but do we have the means and stamina to cover all the bases? We might stare at our to-do lists and then find our mind has wandered into a reverie of movie clips and voice overs that tug powerfully on our heart strings. Those who feel compelled to serve may end up feeling fretful on the inside, lethargic on the outside and delighted with any social interruption. Those that have more fire and water elements in their nature will mostly likely be at the holiday parties, feeling that this hard patch will also pass. It’s not effortless, mind you; they are willing themselves to flow.

This full moon in Gemini indicates that you can decide to enjoy yourself even if the wolves are howling along your proverbial ridge line. We’re breathing in a strange and surreal atmosphere but looking around, our immediate world is still about the same. Mundane issues may be sputtering but we’re on the case. We can acknowledge that we are mortal – and that twin feature is universal. Downtime is essential to mind/body/spirit health and good decision making. My advice: give a nod to the boundaries and then try to play a little within whatever playground you’ve got. Flow, fellow heroes, flow.

– weaver



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7 thoughts on “Full Moon: 11 Gemini 40

      • Sorry bit of a delayed reply been a pretty manic December with events. Thanks Weaver, enjoyed the presentation on synchronicity. Have had a number of strange things happen with this over the years, where opportunities just line up right… hope all is going well, sending light and sparkles x

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  1. This is so spot on for me, as well as some friends I know. There’s a lot brewing internally, and I feel very driven to write for the first time in awhile, but I also feel the tug of dark winter telling me to slow down and enjoy some down time.

    My natal moon is in Gemini, and Mercury, very prominent in my chart is also in retrograde, so there’s that. Maybe I am right at home?
    Thanks Weaver!

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    • i’d say it sounds like it – this kind of energy will surely ping your heart center. maybe you will find yourself playing around with ‘down time scribblings’… that might be a way to release any creative bursts without the pressure of perfection for outside eyes. warm wishes to you, ptero9 🙂

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