Full Moon: 11 Taurus 58


A full moon in Taurus is a magical passage of spacetime! – thats the first thing I want to say.

With that sentiment plastered above, lets zoom in on the major influences this time around. The ruler of the FM is Venus, currently powerful in her domain of Libra. She’s been hovering with Jupiter under his torchlight, gazing at the contents of dark and hidden places. In her highest forms, she has just accepted a re-commissioning assignment; It is understood that this is a process requiring faith that legible signs will be posted along the journey.  As she continues on her trajectory, her receptors now easily align with the one god in the pantheon who is absolutely itching to lay down an enlightened and somewhat progressive law: Saturn in Sagittarius. He picks up on a struggle our Venus is having with an Other entity; He’s magnetized by the potential opportunities.

Of course, that’s not how she sees it. Venus is truly IN opposition to a fiery Uranus and abhors a confrontation. But…lets reflect a moment over the last couple of years, says Saturn…For a long time, personal authority has felt quite lost, unquantifiable,  and then (hopefully!) somewhat found. At some point we’ve cobbled a practical balance, been obliged to proceed by taking relatively extreme measures on our exposure filters. We’ve developed a working default platform because…well, because needs must. And that platform and its components are tech in your life toolbox. (What’s more, all the contents of your toolbox are lit up at this full moon, inviting a thorough inventory.)

And guess what? This platform, it travels well! The guiding set of principles or ethics that has formed via incessant encounters with unusual people and goings on will serve you well in your one-to-one relations and particularly should you find yourself in a disturbing, distasteful –or-  arresting and uplifting exchange over the week before and after the moon peaks. You will know how to optimally read the other person’s motivation before engaging judgement. You can celebrate the originality in others while still maintaining your own head space. *

What have you learned about the unfamiliar – and consequently, yourself –  these last couple of years? How have you matured from your previous orientation on matters related to your Sagittarian life sector and how does that impact your Physical Security life sector? (And I am curious to know if you would you say you have retreated or advanced from some point of view/perspective.)

There’s more…

We’ve got Neptune diffusing what could be obstinacy and loosening clenched fists if we’re tuned in to our highest potential. In fact, while the gravity of this full moon will seem as palpable as a good shoulder hug, the feeling associated with the experience is likely to feel quite giddy. Yep. 🙂

This full moon is my favorite moon of the year. It’s emotionally focused on the luxurious fixedness of our flesh and blood bodies on a bountiful life sustaining planet. As in, can you register the wealth on tap within your reality?

Thats my wish for you, tribe mates…

– weaver


taurus FM.JPG



*Opportunity to Observe: Mercury enters Sagittarius on November 6th, retrogrades from 29’18’ to 13’0’ between December 3rd and 23rd and finally enters Capricorn on January 12th. Think of the first lap of Mercury through Sag as a journey, be it mental or physical in your case. Accept that you cannot clearly imagine your destination point at this time – and that this is a blessing. 🙂


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21 thoughts on “Full Moon: 11 Taurus 58

  1. Wow thanks, Weaver, it sounds like there’ll be interesting times ahead.
    This year, there’s been a number of strange encounters along my path and I’ve been drawn to learning more about the bodies energies. Going to different sound baths and energy workshops, and am noticing many changes; sometimes seeing sparkles, rainbows and occasionally auras and the past few weeks my crown chakra has been tingling too.
    Sending love and light, Sam Rowena

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    • always so good to hear from you, sam – and wow, jupiter in scorpio signals the lighting up your interior spaces! it sounds like an amazing experience and i hope you will share as much as you can. and thanks for reminding us that scorpio energy is by no means all spooky shadowy gremlins. there is, too, the sublime.
      sparkling regards to you 🙂

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      • thanks Weaver, yes the crystal bowl sound healing with a lady called Elham in Lancaster has probably been the most beneficial of the different types of sound healing I’ve experienced this year. At the last one, a few weeks ago, I felt as if a breeze / wind above my head was moving my hair, I mentioned it to her after the group sound healing and she said that was a sign my crown chakra was opening and since then, I’ve felt the breeze and it tingling daily, especially when I lie down before I go to sleep and first wake up. Sometimes its been accompanied with deeper meditations and strange dreams.
        I’ve always been sensitive to light, sound, smell, crowds (long list of stuff) and seem to be becoming more sensitive. Also had many unusual experiences over the years, but especially the past 2 years when I’ve visited Glastonbury Tor (written about some of these in my blog posts on Glastonbury). Magical and interesting times ahead maybe? blessings from England, Sam Rowena

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      • magical and interesting times already Here and Now, sounds like to me!! i hope you have been keeping a journal handy for taking notes; dates and happenings can offer so many ‘a ha’ gnosis moments when seen on a continuum. i was particularly touched by your post about the forsaken holy tree but have enjoyed ALL of these posts. (your last one had comments disabled…or i couldnt see the button?) Please keep sharing your story as and when you can. xo

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      • Yes, I try to keep an experiences journal when in Glastonbury, but think I need to write down my other experiences too. Thanks for letting me know about the comments disabled on my post, I hadn’t realised, will remedy that. Writing doesn’t come easily to me, takes me ages to write anything, but I get there in the end, am glad you’ve enjoyed my blog posts. Sending rainbows and light sparkles from England.

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      • thank you; always appreciated! you *do* get there in the end on more than only writing – you’ve proven it a hundred times, so keep this truth front and center. i dont know how you feel about the weather in england, but i just have to send you WARMTH and good cheer. 🙂 xx

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  2. I ponder the tribal aspect quite frequently these days 😉

    “Saturn in Sagittarius. He picks up on a struggle our Venus is having with an Other entity; He’s magnetized by the potential opportunities.” No fooling. Cap Sun/Lib Rising husband has had two encounters of late where he has had to say no. In his gracious way, of course. And these No’s are No’s for the future as well. Different for him, and he felt good about it. Such a good man. No need to take abuse from others for Any reason.

    Now for my Sag rising self – physical security life self – hmmm. Well, I worry less about how things come. I am less perturbed by chaos, which seems de rigeur these days. I just. Carry on.

    Aloha, W. Thanks for the good insights, as always ❤

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    • sounds like your man has found his limit and realised all the goodness built into it. not to go off on a tangent, but..we are all in a space where men and women are reworking their identity and this has been & will effect every kind of interaction in both blatant and subtle ways. saying, ‘no’, for a cap/libra guy wouldn’t be easy in most cases!
      i see an advance in your thoughts on ‘how things come’ and thanks for the smile – i do know that you can maneuver through apparent chaos! 🙂
      i look forward to any reflections you will have on ‘tribal matters’.
      sending wishes for joy in your sacred space.

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      • 🙏🏽

        So tribal matters. Yes. Pondering how we are attracted to and by one another, and ‘why’ that is. Clear to me is that this or that person is ‘of my tribe.’ Then I meet others who seem as alien to me as someone walking up to me from beyond Andromeda. Just nothing whatsoever in common, though they seem compelled to Me. So we get together – now and/or again. And the feeling remains. How interesting – just no vibe whatsoever – and I tend to place distance, though they seem to want to have a relationship with Me. Then there are friends of mine – one recently (long, longtime friend) whose dear (other) friend passed away. She asked me to check in on this woman, for whom I’ve received strong guidance in the past, and this guidance played out exactly as I said it would. Never having met her. Then I did. I felt like she wasn’t going to live long, though she was into all sorts of healing stuff, careful with diet, etc. and modalities. And again that kind of feeling like I had no vibe with her whatsoever. Anyhow, she didn’t. Live long. Dropped dead early 60’s. My friend asked me to check on her, make sure she was ok. But I couldn’t locate her on the other side either – well, sort of saw her awayyyy off through many veils. She was in a place as foreign to me as could be. I couldn’t do anything for her there either – not that I felt she needed it. SO strange. So tribes. Gemini story, you know!! ❣️Enjoy your Sunday!

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      • hmmm. ‘as above, so below’, is my first thought…its quite normal to click or not with someone else – and really uncomfy/baffling when only one half of the equation is clicking away! textbook venus/pluto theme and she is just outside the gates of scorpio these days. must be your early detection system. 😉 good to hear that her needs/your reach weren’t a problem – encourages me to have faith that we are conscious of the interactions we Need to have and not to fret when the chemistry has no spark. i, too , have noticed that i have several friends whose other friends just don’t click with/for me. clearly, there is more than one facet to each of us through which we need exchange. when it comes to the actual one on one encounters, i always reckon there’s some message for me. ah, the enchanted life, right?!

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      • Yes, click or not – of course. This is beyond that, but hard to describe in words. And yes on needs vs frets! Nothing I can do when I so deeply know there is nothing to do but send a prayer.

        Enchanted life! And yes, always attuned to the ‘whats,’ if any. Sometimes for me, given my overstretching in life to help others, that message is that it’s not mine to handle. ❤

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      • And further on tribal, don’t there appear to be common themes, which weave into the clicks or no clicks – at least that’s my take on it. And if one is attuned to those thematic connections and the other is not, perhaps that’s why the one-sided vibe. Hmmmm … yeeessss … 😉

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      • absolutely, yes i see that consistently. and i also think that the one-sided vibe is a singular perception in Time. i.e. in some space-time, we’ll grasp that there was some kind of profitable integration even if we didn’t (need to) pick up on it. what’s important, in the end, is our response to what others project/reflect and trusting we will know what to keep and what to release. quite clearly, when we miss our cue in one instance, the verse just comes back from some other angle! ;D always interesting to read your thoughts on the transits, bela. insightful! thank you and aloha 🙂

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    • the best tools in the kit are innate – thank goodness or we would wonder where we’d put them! 😀 dismayed, surprised and intrigued to hear of disturbing encounters in your world during the FM time. i hope its not more arsonists – that’s what i’ve been hearing of on the west coast. i’ll be checking my reader for your news. xxoo


      • Haha, no we don’t exactly have arsonists right here, just….well, Interesting Times….(The arsonists are farther to the East and South) Part of the weirdness of this place is the combination of white supremacists with Spiritual Masters (according to them, of course) so it was something along the lines of, I’m holy and won’t screw you but then again I might so….’k? Fortunately we just keep getting back up despite the Cognitive Dissonance!..yay tool kit….xxxxxx.

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      • ha! wow, i find that fascinating (from my safe perch over here, for sure!) sounds like the same energy chord manifesting in such diverse ways in your space. you are top bear when it comes to getting-back-up recipes. oh, that’s giving me a picture of your toolbox (perhaps a big canvas bag…) with papers and odd helpful bits and bobs poking out here and there due to the bulging contents. lolol hang in there, you two! x


  3. Oh, holy cow! You have no idea how happy your response made me. Given that i’ve been feeling like the Mutant Bear with flippers instead of paws……you definitely have the bag right. And it truly does provide balance when one can realize that this is, in fact, like a HUGE chord that is sweeping through the entire hall we think of as earth….everyone is exposed to it and it’s really ..more, ahum, skillful to be able to observe the reactions rather than taking it as a personal Thing. It’s fortunate we have a good stash of honey to tide us through such experiences. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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