Full Moon: 13 Pisces 53




Generally speaking, a full moon brings revelation, culmination, closure to an issue within the themes of the house wherein it occurs. A fuller, deeper reflection of the state of affairs (moon) is presented to the individual (sun) who then makes the appropriate adjustments and changes. For those with natal placements in proximity of a full moon, it’s all clear as a bell; the writing is on the wall*. The next step is obvious. Yet here we have a full moon in Pisces, conjunct the ruler of Pisces, Neptune, for a maximum dose of whatever the zeitgeist is exhaling. Neptune seeps beneath our radar most of the time. To fully grasp the significance of this full moon, check out some thoughts on the Sea God here and particularly here. The rest of this post should then make more sense.

Ideally, this full moon speaks to a thorough cleansing; of conscious awareness meeting itself in the Great Mysteries and returning with earth-realm tech support. If you can visualise a co-creative plan around these images, you walk on sometimes difficult but holy ground. Flow forth.

The very best generalised thing I can say about this span of days is that it may well allow the majority of us to break free from the undertow of eclipse season. A culmination of personal side effects on the more physical levels of life, so to speak (like, could I start finding my bearings again?!). This much uncontained water can push us floating off again. Frankly, I think a good whoosh is preferable to the endless whirl I have been in lately. By Sunday, may ‘the waters’ recede.

With the moon in Pisces, in Neptune’s borderless lap, the only thing worth keeping in mind is the GRACE that you have enjoyed thus far in life, the blessings/good fortunes that have come to you through no conscious earning on your own part. The most simple kinds of truth are the only ones that count. Kindness with no strings attached. On this humble, broad bandwidth we can venture forth in faith.

Emotional overload – plummeting or soaring – is possible. I am counseling on hitting the pause button when it comes to acting out on any drama that arises with Others. If at all possible, contemplate the opposing perspective after some rest with the aim of best outcome for all. There is a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn, however, a lot of good a bridge does you if you can’t see for certain where to step on! With that said, …
If, within your circumstance, you feel confident and at peace about ‘a way across’ that you see, by all means Go For It.

You can get a bit more traction with the sun; it is trining Pluto: any thoughts, intentions and actions rooted in the common good are blessed and approved by the Recycling King as good building stock – that means you will see real-world results in due time. There is great potential here for increasing your antifragility status (you can find out more about that here). I just saw a quote yesterday in an immigration office, of all places, that seems perfect for this moment,

‘If you are busy judging people, you have no time to love them.’ – Mother Teresa.

Perhaps it is useful to remember that ‘loving’ in this sense can mean being in a state of acceptance of an Other’s composite existence. Just start there and yes, expect miracles. They are somewhat common when you are looking for them and these are particularly magical times!

– weaver

*[or the symbolic message is in the cloud in your tea, which in this moon’s light it may be 😉 ].





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11 thoughts on “Full Moon: 13 Pisces 53

  1. So yes, I tried to leave a comment last night on my iPad – Merc retro still whooping my butt 😉

    You are spot-on as always. I’ve been especially weepy lately, thinking of mother, mothering, love ultimately – the love only a mother can feel and share (or not feel, or not share), especially. Pisces cusping my 3rd and 4th houses, so it makes perfect sense. Thanks for always enlightening us as to these transits. Keeps me sane. ❤

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    • aloha, bela! i, too, was attempting to use an ipad while away for a few days and…i just couldnt get it to do what i wanted it to do. the sun/neptune opposition is playing into matters, as well. just 2′ waning off of opposition still powerfully signifies reflecting on the past, day dreaming, melancholy; *feeling* the weight and cost of pure/selfless love from ‘across the way’-but-not-exactly-objective perspective. the maternal line, your 4th cusp and a pisces full moon: bruising Intensity. :/ i can say that i think these *particular* effects should have receded or transmuted by extension – i hope so. either way, there should be some worthwhile psyche beachcombing in the near future for you. as a healer, your database is always growing richer and deeper.
      i appreciate your feedback on these transits; this is how we all learn more. Thank you – and i hope to very soon catch up on reading your latest intriguingly titled post, ‘pup’! 🙂 peace to you. x

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  2. Ai yi yi. (or however that’s spelled)…but OK. I have my newspaper cockade on and so far the twirling vessel in our dog pool is going in the proper direction so no nausea. Looking forward to FORWARD. Thank you for this!

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  3. boo, you have bamBOOzled me! 😀
    still, i am awfully glad to hear there is no nausea. forward is happening(especially in your line of passion-work) but dont expect it to FEEL forward-ishy in a consistent sense for some time more. thank you for the feedback! xoxo


  4. my pleasure! forward-ish, hmmmm. ah well. there’s an old new yorker cartoon about a guy walking down the street, i think the caption is “optimism” or something and he’s going, if all goes well, that left foot should be coming right up! works for paws too.
    thank YOU!

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  5. Really like your wrap-up here. On the full moon I was staying in a hotel, I arrived really late and when I went to my room it turned out that the neighbor was watching the TV really loud…. I don’t know why but I got a strange feeling of just going with the flow regardless.
    x finja | http://www.effcaa.com

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    • thanks, Finja, you are truly channeling the higher vibe of this energy OR absolutely exhausted if you can tune out a TV blaring in the room next door! i know you are a seasoned traveller…still, i hope you managed to quickly bounce back. all the best. 🙂


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