Thinkery on water, anti-privatization struggles and the commons

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By Patrick Bresnihan *

Throughout the globe a revolution is taking place as people organise to resist the privatisation of water. In a spirit of shared struggle against privatisation (in its many forms), on 23rd June a day-long ‘Thinkery’ at the University College Cork, Ireland, will explore differences in approach and attitude in anti-privatisation struggles mobilized around water.

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4 thoughts on “Thinkery on water, anti-privatization struggles and the commons

  1. Well done for posting this!– we’re on a well here and the County is huffing around about putting meters in and essentially making people pay for the water that is, literally, on their privately owned land out in the middle of no infrastructure for MILES, for which they have had to bear the costs of drilling wells and septic systems and pumps, etc.. I am heartened to see that people are organizing against this- sometimes one wonders how long it’ll be before we start being charged for the air, too. I’d add remember to boycott Nestle as well, since they are a leading force in water privatization.

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    • thank you, boozilla – we, too, are on a well here out in the middle of nowhere. i catch every drop that comes from the faucets until it has reached the temp i am waiting for and practice rationing like religion even though our pressure is great. as i wrote in my comment on the original, i think *individuals* must hold each drop as PRECIOUS.
      this project extends to the states, as the standing rock tribes will also participate. i hope the word gets around!
      and nope, no nestle products welcome here. 🙂


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