Full Moon: 20 Scorpio 24



Life is busy busy busy now and this full moon in Scorpio will likely only hold our attention for a brief moment. Yet for those with natal placements in key sectors at these degree points, it will bring a cause for deep pause. An arrested and poignant moment arrives and we have to catch our breath… Shared Exchanges + Time = a Nutritional Evaluation. For some, the field will be left to rest for now and for others, this crop is history.

A full moon in Scorpio is symbolic of bringing interior parts out into the sunny open air and that’s because the hidden emotional workings in the psyche that gauge need-fulfillment require a thorough reckoning from time to time. Completely under the beams of a Taurus sun, green shoots reach for the sky and we can see just how nutrient dense the soil our crop has been growing in really IS.

Season and Episode

Using Astro 101, we know the archetypal rulers of the full moon are Pluto and Mars. Pluto can help us articulate the life season we are experiencing and Mars in Gemini describes the spectrum of ways we can personally co-create during this episode in the here and now.

As discussed here often, Pluto is grinding his way through Capricorn and you can use the tag cloud on the homepage for oodles of further reading. Keep in mind that this energy entity is also known as the divine octave to our mortal Mars.

Much more likely to be within our command to wield is Mars in his transit of Gemini. Here, our inner warrior must guard against depletion from a scattering of force and even a tendency to forget original intents and motivations. However, clearly some diversity is appropriate. Revisit your plan and expect to see how you can do more within the boundaries of the same theme. Nimble, yes! but do not rush. When making a choice, evaluate according to that which is most durable, best suited to the task at hand, of quality material. The new moon in two weeks’ time will be rooted in this same energy field (4’Gemini)…in times of brain-rest now, allow the mind soup to stir.

There is much to sort as we grieve or exalt in the closing of a door we once used and if you find yourself or someone near to you experiencing this, even as the rest of life keeps you bobbing along, start each day with a little whispered promise that you will invest in that which is worthy.

–          -weaver


Credit Michael Koutoureshis on Pinterest

We have been watching from a distance as a grouse hen nested down just a few centemeters from a cliff edge at the top of the property. Her caring investment has yielded just 4 out of 10 potential little ones…she will not return. Yet in good time, she will seek a worthy partner and nest and invest again.

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6 thoughts on “Full Moon: 20 Scorpio 24

  1. Oohhh … sunny parts into the open air – NO! Read that one wrong!! Interior parts into the open air – ahhhh. Yikes. Wondered if I was walking the borders of insanity these past few nights. Recall the major 8th house placements w/Taurus placed in Venus – have often said no Scorpio in my chart, but like a background Scorp … then the Tau/Scorp axis … then Mars/Scorp ruler in some circles in Gem/my Sun … You see, I understand this all in some vague, background way, but cannot quite articulate the genesis of the madness. You have, however, which is why I keep telling people about your work. And yes, I keep telling myself, ‘tomorrow, we begin again with fresh intent.’ Your closing. I love your vague precision! :)))) xoxoxo

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  2. ah, bela! 😀 you made me grin this morning – thank you So Much! i think your wording is perfect, too, since ‘vague precision’ is all an astrologer can hope to achieve when addressing whoever may read here looking for ‘the genesis of the madness’.
    when i switch over to chart work in a little while, i will have a re-look at yours. it is certainly an astro principle that we spend a span of time experiencing and ‘being’ the polar archetype to our natal sun and chart ruler…slowly grasp the all-one of the axis…and thus become a more fully developed and adept wielder of our natal energies. so what you say makes sense to me. 🙂
    cheers to fresh intent!

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  3. Ai yi yi. why can i not get your posts in my email instead of on the reader which i never have time to visit? i suddenly felt as if my brain had ripped itself out of my head and was floating somewhere above the yurt with that full moon. this is so helpful, even after the fact with a heavily bandaged head! xo


    • hi there, bozilla 🙂 i am no techy so i am not really sure. (remember all the trouble i had getting your email address right?! 😀 )but i know this will work for email delivery: go to the homepage and type your email into the box on the top right side.
      so good to hear that this helps – and sometimes a bit of distance is necessary with this kind of energy. did you actually hurt your head or are you being metaphorical – i hope you are ok! xxoo


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