Full Moon: 21 Libra 33


Libra is the life sector wherein we most comfortably relate on an intellectual level. It’s those situations that bring a natural pause for reflection on the actions and reactions of others, whoever they may be to us, and the effects of our own. Libra is how we strategize for justice and equality. We present our case, whether to our BFF or a high court judge. Here we use language and gesture to convey intent and draw satisfaction. The archetype ruler of Libra is Venus and to catch her drift for us personally in the here and now, we need to check what she is up to.

At this full moon, it would be very true to say that Venus is between a rock and a hard place. Relationally, we may feel we are role playing more towards one end of the spectrum or the other in our daily interactions, i.e. the Martyr or the Overcomer. Obviously, there is all the difference between these two…and it’s notable that we can be either one of these with different Others all in the same day.

However, it would also be very true to say that Venus is most potent at this moment in time and so whatever agenda or point you are projecting is sure to draw great interest. (There will, however, be no commitment made that you should count on until after the 15th; Full moons are for getting the full picture, not necessarily signing on any dotted line. That being said, any project or mission you have been continuously working/re-working on since late January should yield clear results – including contractual obligations. Memory prompters can be found here.)

Mars in Taurus sextiles Venus at this full moon and that adds solid, hard-working, persistent and fixed efforts to the agenda of the Martyr or the Overcomer. Make sure you have double-checked your position on matters because whatever you decide to do, you’ll be entrenched.


“Plowing never occurred to me. I live in an apartment.” – IRS Chief of Collections upon being confronted in court about seizing and selling a man’s horses during planting time, effectively rendering him helpless to provide for himself and his family or pay off tax debt. (source)


A new client said that life feels like death by a thousand paper cuts lately and that sounds about right to me. In other words, we aren’t in mortal danger but there is a jostling, a hurry-up-already vibe in the air: we’ve got this list of things to do and every time we turn around, somebody or something is slowing us down – and it stings! These are the times we are living in. You have only to look at events on the world stage. Fortunately, our own little hiccups, messes and/or crises will require far fewer diplomatic summits.

At this full moon, it is highly likely that you can find respite and harmony with that small group of Others you would define as family, with those who appreciate All of who you are. Spend some time in an atmosphere that feels secure and safe to you. Just walk right in and tell them how much you appreciate the Space they provide for you. If you can, host a Space for others. They may need it more than you know.

–          weaver




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6 thoughts on “Full Moon: 21 Libra 33

  1. And some years it can feel like ‘thousand-death-march” but I am happy to report that thanks to my “weird-ness” I have a 100% success rate for getting through alllllllllllll the BS! Thank you for posting, much appreciated Weaver! 🙂

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  2. Hahaha, love the cartoon 😉 “It’s those situations that bring a natural pause for reflection on the actions and reactions of others, whoever they may be to us, and the effects of our own.” I do this far too much as it is. I’ve learned that I cannot possibly know how what I’ve said or done is interpreted by The Other. And I try not to overthink it, as long as nobody’s asking any questions. Alternately, I cannot know what the look this guy gave me today in response to something I said while we were in line at Costco meant. I thought my comment innocuous. Good lord – it gets to the point that I want to retreat from society more than I already have. Just me on one of the pillars and Chris on the other. Respite and harmony are in short supply in this crazy world. Aloha, weaver! Great post, as always. ❤


    • i also have the urge to retreat fairly often, just to give all the ‘strings’ a chance to untangle, so to speak. (and I DO as much as i can 🙂 ) i like this: ‘I try not to overthink it, as long as nobody’s asking any questions’ aloha, bright bela!

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  3. Yes! I’ve re-read this today and wow, weaver, you are right smack dab on It. Over comer is the place of so much insight, and then martyr creeps in and I get to nurse her wounds. Which requires a retreat. And what if I consider the human tussling as being just about as meaningful as kittens rolling around in their mock battles? It takes the sting out of the tiny claw marks I’ve collected in my mind! X

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