New Moon: 7 Aries 37

cyp NMaries28mar17


Happy New Energy Year!

For all the buzz of springtime, this Aries new moon will probably be a little more sedate than usual on the individual level and I think we can all appreciate that. For weeks now, we’ve been overloaded with personal and macro voltage in this life sector. Recently, as Mars entered Taurus, we began to feel a kind of internal tug of war about where to channel all this buzz but we’re getting acclimated now and that brings a potential softening to this most-driven of energies. A degree of deliberation may suit before we go on conquest…

Many of us now won’t rise to just any old battle cry. It’s going to have to mean a lot; we’ll have to believe it can take us where we want to go. In fact, some of us will be offered or be offering some proof up front and that is a solid way to get attention and be recognised.

Using the theme of the recent Virgo full moon as a framework, contemplate and formulate your new moon wish. These are Action Fire seeds, by the way! What do you want to make happen so much that you are willing – you are happy –  to fight for it to the point of exhaustion? What would you expect to get when you work for a wish like that? Something awesome, that’s for sure. Go For It.

a prosperous new energy year to all!

– weaver



Astrology is a code that illuminates the timing of both events and issues one must find ways to deal with… there are always cycles within cycles, so that while our minds find it necessary to focus on just one cycle at a time, it is equally important to recognize that any interpretation that only focuses on just one thing must be incomplete…This is important to remember so we are able to maintain a balanced understanding.  – Jim Sher



Growing Your Truth Center

Regarding the battle against suppression, Rappoport concludes, “Anybody who goes after the truth is going to find very positive things happening. It’s not all, ‘Oh, well, I exposed the truth so now there are thousands of people who are after me,’ and so forth. Things are breaking out into a new direction here, and they have been for years because the passing of the ball is happening at a tremendous rate. We’re not the Cold War or the 1930s; our world is different, and so many people are joining, and the movement is becoming a tremendous, positive thing. It’s an invitation to anyone who wants to join the party.”  (Source)

     On Dealing With Systemic Tyrrany

  1. Dont immediately obey.
  2. Dont depend on the institutions. The institutions depend on you.
  3. Love the pursuit of truth.


And a Textbook Manifestation of Uranus in Aries :

Amal Graafstra in Seattle, Washington has implanted himself with an enhancement chip and you can, too. He says, ‘Biohacking is a big umbrella term. It involves everything from hacking DNA and bacteria and people to doing what we’re doing which is essentially not shying away from putting devices into the body to enhance it. They really view the body as a sports utility vehicle for the mind and just like an SUV you can upgrade your body now, too.’ (Source)



Personalised Energy Coaching

7 thoughts on “New Moon: 7 Aries 37

    • Amen! early April will bring retrograde energy into the mix so there will be some (possibly enforced) space for regrouping and sifting wheat from shaft. this will help many of us if we don’t view it as a ‘road block’. aloha, bella 🙂

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      • just a quick note for those with capricorn energy placements: april may feel like one is being pushed down though a funnel and thus quite uncomfortable. it is good to remember that this is yet a further refining of life foundation, a process that has been going on incrementally since 2008. Viewing one’s personal story-line from that perspective in times of feeling down/frustrated opens new dimensions of awareness that a capricorn can approve of/accept. in space-time-continuum, the phoenix is RISING for the capricorn in good Time. xo

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      • Well, right in time, weaver! Mr. Cap just came home from town (1-1/2 hrs away) and about 15 minutes from home had one of his brakes fly apart and valve stem break, flattening a tire. This on his not too old truck! And this is what we have to look forward to in April?! I shall pass on your news – I’m sure it will provide some comfort, for sure. Love to you!


      • oh, i am so sorry to hear about the truck breakdown. sounds like he was unhurt, on the bright side. sending wishes for a good sense of humor and a big-picture perspective. xx

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      • Thanks, weaver! Yes, all was repaired – just in time to have a wheel bearing go bad! Same side. So funny, it’s a Toyota Tacoma 2008 with less than 100,000 miles. We have good car karma, and the good story here has been the ease with which all was dealt with, right unto the bearing, discovered last night on the way to the dump. Not on the road hours from home! Not at high speed. AND Chris can fix it! We are both grateful for how this has all come about and see how lucky we were and are in all of life, really. Cheers, sweetie! ❤ Crazy times!

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