Special Offer for the Month of February



Moonrise over Cyprus


Special Offer for the Month of February!

Its eclipse season now and these are like SUPER full and new moons. The arrangement of planets and lights during the month of February is such that just about everybody is going to be affected. No matter who you are, these are teachable times.

The key is to learn how to ride with what’s working and release that which doesn’t…but you may want some help unknotting it all. Take advantage of this 2-for offer and receive both February eclipse readings, along with an overview about eclipses, in an easy to understand format for the price of one: 20euros

Simply send an email to (weaver@neptuneandtheoak.com) with ‘February Offer’ in the heading, your name/date of birth/place of birth in the email body and we’ll get started. If you should be one of the few that won’t be impacted, I will let you know and include a short note, at no charge, on the life sectors these energies are working in so that you can still watch and learn.

Here we go!





Personalised Energy Coaching     weaver@neptuneandtheoak.com

3 thoughts on “Special Offer for the Month of February

  1. Btw, Weaver? You saying ‘coming to the end of … something about home … maybe project … someone is getting rather tired’ or some such – Chris’ back went out for a solid week. Totally reframing his relationship to his body. 1st house Pluto natally, Cap sun, Pisces moon (recall something about Saturn/Neptune stuff going on) … Wow. Can’t say we weren’t warned! Aloha ❤


    • oh, i am awfully sorry to hear about chris’ back. :/ the skeletal system, the spine are big cap symbols and so, yes, this longer cycle of pluto transiting his 4th (natal sun sq natal pluto conj asc) will clearly call for a reassessment of what he, personally, is capable of and the wisdom of limitation in physical exertion. his natal pisces moon is now sextiled by tr pluto indicating solid emotional support (some of that is definitely you!) is inherently present to serve these latest developments. i imagine you both gently rolling with the flow in this new reality. thank you so much for sharing that, bela, and i am sending you both warm regards.

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