Notes on the Annual State-of-my-Person Exposé.


Sun Pluto Conjunction
This annual divine OM beam carries a most-potent charge; there is great suffering and great joy at the ends of this spectrum’s reach (and I can think of very little out of the reach of either of these archetypes). This blend has the potential to channel ego and identity energy into a face-off with one’s definition of power over Self and Others. The results can bring searing pain or boundless bliss…and I vote we all try to see how the experiences in between hold the potential to distill an essence of universal truth.
A lot of people believe that they never want to ‘have power over’ another…yet that often ends up being less than accurate. The road to hell is paved with good intentions comes to mind. There are subtle power plays in every exchange we experience and over the course of our life, we are adjusting the spectrum of what is ok (or even great!) with us and what is not and whether we can practically afford to slice and dice that which offends.
On that note, it would be a good idea to check and double check the calibration of your personal power scales at frequent intervals in 2017. If we are out of balance in our estimations by even a degree, that could be a sorely felt degree for an Other. And I don’t suggest this because it would mean, by some kind of default, that you are wrong on the issue, but simply to be conscious of how our actions and attitudes affect others. You cannot determine the validity or correctness of something you are not aware of.
Our physical bodies are continuously in the pursuit of homeostasis – balance – and it is continuous because elements both within and outside the body’s boundaries never stop changing. We are rarely conscious of this work. I think it is the same for the mind and since reality is conceived of and, by extension, unfolds from the mind, it makes good sense for the symbolic Sun to meet with the symbolic Pluto – slime and gems, all – in an annual private state-of-my-person exposé.
In just a few days, the sun (and fractals of Pluto) will form an exact square to Uranus in Aries – which means that now the energy is building, now is the time to evaluate how to bust a move without being your very own wrecking ball in hindsight.  There IS a progressive empowering move to make but it may not seem the most attractive at first glance. And it has to be deemed risk-worthy by your best inner judge.
As Above, So Below
Pluto in Capricorn expresses in concrete terms which means that in its purest channels, it will not conceal its structural reformations. Its motivations in many of us will feel quite obvious and even what’s best for all involved, whether others can or want to realize it. Pluto in Capricorn leverages changes with authority and proves it is real. Conversely, it demonstrates one’s lack of authority for change in a situation or theme set of life. The sun’s conjunction is the terawatt spotlight on these ongoing matters and in its purest channels as Creative Learning Child is the most potent truth teller we could hope for. Me, personally, what have I got to leverage here in order to feel firm-footed?
As Out There, So In Here
World reality is on a metamorphic trajectory but the actual terrain remains a mystery. Where do I best fit my skill set and tool box if my everyday reality is impacted in (insert your descriptors here) ways? What incoming criteria should I consider when setting priorities? How can I reduce the size of the Wish List, a.k.a. what I really need and what is that information worth to an Other?  What parts of my reality are crumbling in order that other parts can come into existence? (And for an interesting side dish of thought: how long has this been going on, even if I am only seeing it now?)
How are others in my microcosm being impacted by this same trajectory – and how are they handling it? How will their place in my life be altered and who/what decides this?  Who can I network with for mutually beneficial progress and tangible security?
Bar none, I am seeing this play out most intensely in family, home place, goal setting dynamics.The full moon at 22′ Cancer on January 12th will emphasize how important it is to build and maintain sanctuary that isn’t reliant solely on bricks and mortar, to grasp that we are a composite of our ancestry and thus responsible for honoring and using some traits and discarding others, and to include some play in our definition of resting.
in the meantime, I am wishing us all a peace of universal truth.
 – weaver
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7 thoughts on “Notes on the Annual State-of-my-Person Exposé.

    • hello, boozilla! just a note on pluto: its good to keep in mind that this is long haul energy work. one-off incidents should have a connect the dot quality that becomes more obvious over the course of *years * (and we are halfway through so the chances of the light dawning ‘more’ in our minds get better and better). so glad you are ‘in the stream’. 🙂
      thank you for the recipe offer but it is awfully hard to find a cypriot that likes spicy food. can you believe i can only wave the black pepper over food i am making here? i made the veggie burgers – wahoo 😀 very good, but i still can only get them to stay together if i make them very small. (and that is just fine with me; gotta pick and choose those battles lolol) so Thank you xx


      • o my. well! wave on, in that case. we eat a LOT of spice…and a 1/4 cup measure usually has worked best for me with those patties….many disasters before finding that, let’s just say. still wading with pluto too…picking and choosing battles moment by moment, hahaha…..

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