Full Moon: 22 Taurus 37′




Tip: Don’t Put the Cart Before the Horse


Well Said

‘Taurus is a sign of the Earth element, suggesting works of solidification, stabilization and relaxation.  Seek for a moment mineral consciousness, and take comfort in gravity’s steady embrace.  Then, like a plant, search with your roots.  You will find purchase below, an anchor which will keep you from getting buffeted about by the winds currently howling.  Then, ascending to the busy world of animal consciousness, locate and the meet your creaturely needs. If you want to be capable of great efforts, heroic exertions, then you must be taken care of exquisitely.   Soothe and nurture yourself like a prize-winning race horse,  like a beloved pet— like the valuable beast you are.’  Austin Coppock  (link)


8 thoughts on “Full Moon: 22 Taurus 37′

  1. Its interesting last night I had a dream that I cant remember fully but what I do remember was that I was down in the soil with a lot of little animals getting in touch with them. The dream just came to me after I read this. Thank you so much for posting


  2. Damn, this post and the post about empaths makes a heck of a lot of sense. Lots of people I know, myself included, are asking themselves “What the fuck is going on?” For me, an internal divide that is leaving me quite distraught.


    • hi, josh. i know what you mean. talk about swamps needing draining, yea? its like everywhere and everyone is ‘swampy’. if you’d like to step back and get a little intellectual until the vapors clear, i recommend the following talk. from the ‘eagle’s perspective’ we can see whats happening and if nothing else decide how we want to be and act. this, of course, needs symbolic application but that is right up your alley! i would love to know what you think.

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  3. Good grief. I need to fix it so i get your posts in my email and not reader….the crunch of Time and all. Had i looked at this when you posted it IT WOULD CERTAINLY HAVE HELPED. As it is i’m just now picking up all the exploded pieces of my head. However just knowing you’re out there is a huge help. Thank you!!!!!

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    • thank you so much for your kind words, it really means a lot. i know exactly what you mean re: Time and finding enough of it to check in with all my ‘news sources’. but from your recent post, its clear you just knew to ground yourself – bravo you! (still, i would probably be happier in your email, just the same ;D )


      • thank YOU. still. must upgrade my techno skills and fix this. *ahem* but really: i looked at the chart you had and OMG. it all made sense. i was even able to remove the eyepatch…….


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