Deployment Orders



v. de·ployed, de·ploy·ing, de·ploys


a. To position (troops) in readiness for combat, as along a front or line.
b. To bring (forces or material) into action.
c. To base (a weapons system) in the field.
2. To distribute (persons or forces) systematically or strategically.
3. To put into use or action: “Samuel Beckett’s friends suspected that he was a genius, yet no one knew how his abilities would be deployed” (Richard Ellmann).


Full Moon Sextile Mars

There’s a full moon in Capricorn at 27.4’ on the 19th/20th of July and it will sextile Mars direct in Scorpio.

I’ve been sharing a lot about Mars energy in 2016 (its even got its own tag in our word cloud) and so, though the tempo of daily work and the temperature are SO high here at the moment, I just had to pop up on your news feed for a timely head’s up… Hello 🙂

There are quite a few factors that play into the significance of this transit. It’s a big picture window with a 3D view. Your natal wheel, of course, determines the level of available impact for you. However, it cannot help but effect us all, to some degree or another, and if you are aware of the potential in a sextile meet-up, you have full rights to do your best to USE IT. I can briefly explain the meanings of the archetypes and you can take it from there or contact me for some personalized guidance.

Capricorn is all about the structure of a thing in real terms. It’s the skeletal system in your body; it’s the patriarchal system represented by your family tree; it’s the hierarchy of any organization or business from its greeter/receptionist up to its owner. It is your nation’s governing and banking systems. Key point: it is what the entity/the group has chosen to build. It’s not about good or bad, right or wrong (though it most certainly aligns with another group formation: tradition and culture), it just IS what has been made Reality by those who take an active interest and use their power to be as big and important a part of the (insert an example here) system as they possibly could be. Because the higher you are on the ladder, the more moolah you get. Moolah, in this case, could be cash, prestige, inheritance, perks, sex, privy knowledge and such – but I am getting ahead of myself.

Each of us has an area of life in which we seek to build in material terms. We are easily driven, at times obsessive, in this work. We don’t mind how long it takes, the number of hours we must invest…as long as we believe it’s bearing fruit in consistent fashion. Only the mutable-placement houses ruled by Capricorn may experience a lesser sense of this drive. Its still there if you think about it; it’s just not as apparent.

A full moon brings one, some or all of the following: the last pieces missing to form a whole, full-picture comprehension, revelation, an ending or closure on a matter.

A full moon in Capricorn will bring one or all of these qualities to an issue in the Capricorn sector of your natal wheel in the Here and Now. No airie fairie dust needed – or frankly, wanted, right? Just the cold, hard or affirming, satisfying truth, thank you very much. Now I know where I (or my interest/gain in this matter) stand and it IS firm or it IS NOT.

Mars in Scorpio is a critical key to your best response to the full moon news. Mars is your passion, what you want, and how you go after it. In Scorpio, Mars can be patient and unrelenting at the same time.

The Sextile is an easy super easy  energy flow. It’s the autobahn with nobody else on the road but you. (And just by the way, broadly speaking, your matters of personal intimacy and trust have always been in sextile to your matters of reality building. Think about it: there is quick reciprocal feedback when one or the other set of themes activates.)

This is also a good moment to remember that energy is neutral in and of itself. All the time, every moment, you are channeling energy. Your motivation and awareness determines its level of usefulness and benefit. A sextile implies frictionless ease but is not concerned with qualities termed positive, good or best. That’s down to the energy worker (that would be you). Consequently,a sextile does mean that a positive, good, best way is on tap!

If you know that there is a wide open super highway between your efforts and your state of reality, you put the pedal to the metal. But life is complex – particularly involving scorpio house issues! –  and flooring it for you might appear to others like you are just sitting there. That’s just fine. You know what you are doing. Of course, you might alternately look like the ultimate workhorse, inexhaustible now that you have sussed your target with clarity. The Key is: however you naturally use your energy when you want something lasting and materially successful, implement it NOW that you can clearly see the most practical goal and don’t let up. You may need to be flexible in the details, you may need to respect some space bubbles, but its forward march for soldiers and heroes henceforth.

Be wise and strong and well,

  • weaver


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6 thoughts on “Deployment Orders

    • your comment simply blessed me right down to my flip-flops, boozilla; i think thats the best comment ever on this site! of course, now i am intrigued but hesitate to pry. if there is anything you can share about the qualities of chiron in capricorn as you are discovering them, know that it would be appreciated.
      THANK YOU for letting me know that this helped you.


      • well. in a word? OUCH, is how it’s been up to most recently. 4th house IC, opposite Uranus in Cancer. it’s kind of like my mind, words, the Practical seemed always to be at an impossible distance from the pull of my spirit, the Chiron in the dark. i couldn’t figure anything out at all. for the longest time I was kind of stymied, feeling that those two HUGE pieces of my reality were both unknown AND irreconcilable. i did, probably, the exact opposite for most of my life to what I truly wanted to do (but didn’t “know it”) because what I was pulled to was the healing drive, discovery, resurrection we might say? of Chiron but not….described, concrete. the practical aspects of things always seemed elusive. Plus, I am the person the dog/kid/upset individual always walks up to to have the thorn taken out of the paw. My response was generally to do that and then immediately think: i’m allergic to dogs! how’d THAT happen? a disconnect. so i spent a lot of time generating steam. now i see those energies and powers as things that complement each other and can be worked with. not afraid of Capricorn having finally gotten to where i could appreciate its qualities instead of feeling overwhelmed by them in combination with the paw/thorn thing. reading your piece made it all kind of slot together in one of those moments one has of EUREKA! HOLY MOLY! so thank you!!!! and also you are welcome! i think we all really need to let people know when they have helped us because it means a LOT. my clients often will come back a long time after a remedy and say, oh, yeah, that was WONDERFUL. while i’ve been thinking probably nothing happened…..balance is good.

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      • i am going to be thinking about what you have shared when i have a quiet moment. These are quite momentous times, peak and valley terrain. you are so right about needing feedback on ‘service work’. we can not be inside someone else’s experience. have a productive tuesday! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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