Sunday Surfing – 14/02/16

I had some super feedback from my Sunday Surfing post so I want to try to keep this going…thanks very much for your thoughts and opinions on the topics that cross my desk each week (or two). I appreciate it!

– weaver


allegory of the freedom of trade Gérard de Lairesse

Allegory of the Freedom of Trade, Gérard de Lairesse

Remember Aaron Swartz? There’s a bio out about him now (as reported by Tom Chatfield in Intelligent Life) and I thought this news synched nicely with Guy Rouleau’s pledge that  ‘all results and data will be made freely available at the time of publication, for example, and the [MNI] will not pursue patents on any of its discoveries.’ I think Aaron would be pleased.


A Tribute to a unique thinker: Marvin Minsky. Quite profound, that 2nd law…

Minsky’s First Law
Words should be your servants, not your masters.
Minsky’s Second Law
Don’t just do something. Stand there.


‘The quality of time in the Chinese calendar is described by two primary components- a ring of 12 animals and a cycle of 5 phases of energy.’

Check out Austin Coppick’s Monkey Time. [I’m a rare Fire Horse. I know, you probably guessed that  😉 ]


I mentioned back in July that I expected to see feminine/anima energies to be on the rise in our collective consciousness. Thus, I was chuffed and so grateful to see just last week that Kimberly Maxwell has taken the time to gather so many examples of this phenomenon in one place. And the trend goes on.


‘The farther apart the keys are on a piano keyboard, the farther apart they are within this imaginary dimension; a given distance along the keyboard translates into a given distance within the dimension. You don’t see this dimension as such; to you, it’s an abstraction that captures the acoustical independence of sound waves. But it’s a remarkably fitting abstraction. Musicians call the difference between pitches a musical “interval,” which has connotations of distance, as if our brains really do think of the differences between pitches as spatial separation. AdS/CFT duality takes this abstraction literally and suggests that one of the dimensions of the space we occupy represents the energy or, equivalently, the size of waves within the underlying system.’

Yep, that’s another blurb from the previously shared Space piece. Its ok, take your time… 🙂



“When an inner situation is not made conscious, it happens outside, as fate.”  – Jung




5 thoughts on “Sunday Surfing – 14/02/16

  1. I had a dream about this underlying framework or grid that space the distances basic to the universe. In my dream I flew through the universe all the way to the edge of the universe and beyond. I went outside the universe and observed the grid that extended alone into the outer realm. That grid continued, but of course, the universe did not.


  2. Daniel, welcome and wow, what a perspective your dream must have given you (this synchs nicely for me in that i just listened to a podcast yesterday about lucid dreaming). did you consciously want to dream about this or did it just happen? what were your impressions upon waking?


    • No. I did not intend to dream about that. It was not a conscious desire or design. It was simply a dream like so many other dreams. It felt like I was in a video game, really. I just stepped outside the universe, and instead of finding absolutely nothing I found a two-dimensional grid that extended out. Like I say, it was not a three-dimensional grid. It was two-dimensional, like something that could have been created with only rudimentary knowledge of Euclidean geometry. Maybe the spacing of that grid was important. I don’t know. I remember the size of the grid, or the squares themselves. They weren’t terribly big, nor were they small. The lines were separated by maybe a foot or foot and a half, as best I can recall. It seems like they were a glowing, light blue, but, yea, they extended out into the expanse where there was nothing, not even the universe or space, in the sense that I understand it, for being part of the universe. I guess I like to think of it as the outerverse, for being outside the known universe.


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