The Dog Days and a Special Offer for Subscribers

where I will be spending the hottest hours of the days ahead

where I will be spending the hottest hours of the days ahead

We are preparing here for yet another week or so of 40-42′ heat which means we are preparing to live and move as efficiently as possible; in fact, there will be a lot of not-moving… So I just wanted to pop in, see how you are and share a few things with you.

On the heels of this post will come two more as follow-ups.

1. I am going to reblog a post from the Rewriting the Rules site that I think is an accessible and helpful read. The content can be a profound part of comprehending your wheel and is used in some kinds of coaching work. I also want to give a shout out to a most articulate post on depression, one which gives the sensations their due but doesn’t let them take over the entire scene, over at The Belle Jar. Please do click the link and check it out. (it is not all doom and gloom – the twitter feed has been pretty funny lately!)

2. I am very happy to offer my subscribers a FREE GIFT! When ordering a Natal Reading, get a FREE Moon by Moon Reading during the month of August. How cool is that?!  Simply click on this link to check it out in more detail (see the section on Coaching Services) and send any further questions you may have along with your date, time and place of birth to (copy/paste):

You may decide you just want a Here and Now Reading for a more specific issue; that’s fine, too, of course. I look forward to hearing from you.

I close with the following food for thought from Dr. Cambell:

The static state is one of three possible states of being; the other two are evolving and devolving to include descriptors like living, i.e. the gathering of data/learning for survival and the process of organic death. While the latter two are stable in their existence, it is the static state which is UNSTABLE. And yet, how many of us feel the most stable when we are simply maintaining the status quo?


street art found in a tiny little village north of Paphos

street art found in a tiny little village north of Paphos

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